Playable KV-6 SUPER HEAVY TANK | VOLUME WARNING ( War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Here is the DOWNLOAD

Playable KV-6 SUPER HEAVY TANK | VOLUME WARNING ( War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. *Here is the DOWNLOAD*

  2. Play the su 100 for loving the unloved pls ty

  3. thedogpresident02 gaming

    scrublord lamma has better USSR theme

  4. Trần Thanh Tùng

    Wtf, my head in intro video :v

  5. that was one stronk entro my comrade

  6. intro is……….%100 a killing bomb.

  7. I can feel the Russian bias coursing through my veins!

  8. Russian song is Три танкиста (tri tankista) three tankmen

  9. Hay phly you should cover a object 120 in bushes

  10. Traverse?!
    Why yuo need that comrade, tenk will go straight line all the way to rush B, removing every capitalist, facist or imperialist that stands in its way.
    We need this tenk in game! ))))))))))))

  11. my comrade I cannot wait for the sequel

  12. What happened to STREAM#7 ? It seems to be removed. 🙁

  13. Abrams vs reserve vehicles along with the occasional KV2

  14. the fucking Vsauce music

  15. Phly is now a earape channel and whenever it is happy early brrrrt day!

  16. Tier IV premium at 6.0, watch mywords patch 1.82

  17. Laughed so hard at the vsauce??

  18. KerzenLP SWBF 3 & [Deutsch]

    The Rockets sound like the OUF sound from Roblox lmao


  20. Stalin would be proud

  21. KV-7-2 turret in the middle

    I think =/

  22. Who needs World of Warships?

    Btw, Phly, please don’t use “don’t retreat or i’ll shoot you” and “historically accurate” in a single sentence. I don’t mind that as a joke but think of how many people may believe it and never bother to check if it’s actually true or not.
    *Actual barrier squads did not shoot on sight.*

  23. shit I have ear cancer now

  24. I want to go broadside and shoot all guns..

  25. Good thing I increased the sound volume.


  27. this is warthunder naval mode

  28. Stalinium.

  29. best intro ever

  30. It was land battleship

  31. Best ting and new!!!!!!!

  32. Phly, im sorry for all the shit I gave you before but now that I think about it, your a “decent” youtuber 🙂

  33. Phlysauce….. I’m not even mad.

  34. Red Clorox Bleach

    Ok cool, now try KV-10

  35. I love the sense of humor of this grown man???????????????

  36. level 1000 ear rape intro

  37. Its *blyatiful* Stalin is proud

  38. Hey phly so I just got the wyvern, can you do like a how to fly/set up? I love you dad!

  39. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    I remeber this old epsiode this is the first epsiode I watch

  40. tanks n tommyguns -

    may the hand of comrade Stalin guide your shells

  41. Maybe for April fools, we can get some landship

  42. Needs more guns.

  43. Phlesauce fuck me that cracked me up fly


    Someone please make a video of the Soviet anthem played by tank fire

  45. Haha she so ugly… but dam, thats the sort of thing you tell no1 about.

  46. That was… Blyatiful comrade

  47. Ha, nice V-sause reference

  48. Guys I swear im not working for the Russian army please believe me please;_;

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