Player Leaks Classified Tank Documents To Improve The In game Version (The Challenger 2 Incident)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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    • Just play Hoi4

    • @darthkarl99 it’s has been in the news since Friday

    • I’m playing it.. conflict of nations. It’s Good but turns boring quickly 🤷‍♂️ At some point you have nothing to do. Because everything takes forever.

    • @Dave Robinson It’s been pointed out to me since i made that comment that it’s been in the times and guardian. I’ve been keeping my eye on the BBC website and it’s not turned up there yet. But point acknowledged, should have gone back and edited the comment, sorry.


  2. The manual is probably now in the deepest recesses of the Deep Web lmao.

  3. I legit though that ws a table on the challenger 2 Turret with a salt shaker and a couple other things. LOL

  4. for shit like that people don’t see prison as far as i remember. who in the fucking right mind uploads that. i mean i am not a fan of my country but i wouldn’t upload shit like that even if it was some mundane info like what is the status of the uniforms of the soldiers. that shit matters.

  5. 24:53 Now that’s some Purple heart moment.

  6. 130,001st view !

  7. Showing the baby what’s up immediately after birth 👌👏👏 (Band of Brothers)

  8. 100% looked at the Classified Documents

  9. Sounds like a typical tankie to me lmao

  10. do you play DCS? if you do can you make a video on it?

  11. CON is very nice

  12. Wouldn’t it be good if you would be sponsored by warthunder and play warthunder?

  13. That’s treason then

  14. And the tea table on top

  15. Damn daddy phly really is sounding like a dad trying to explain the ammo

  16. Elliott Andersson

    Is the bread finaly out of the owen if you know what i mean?

  17. So the word from the royal tank regiment is he was……. HE WAS, a vehicle mechanic from the REME attached to RTR and lied about all his achievements in the comments .. He is a serving soldier so hes mega phucked and will be heading to a military prison I mean hotel his career in the British army is dead

  18. It’s Chobham armour

  19. Excrement Gaming

    Only in War Thunder

  20. Assuming that the document was real they could actually use it, if it was confirmed to be declassified

  21. Dude a lot of news are saying that you are a ex-soldair who said the Challenger is a bad tank hahaha lol

  22. British line up Stuart 3 crusader 2 Stuart 1 both hurricanes with rockets play tanks until able to get plane use one of planes get a few kills from killing aa J out get in other plane kill till end of match

  23. Liam Christensen

    To the man who leaked the info i thank you. May your shanks stay true o7

  24. 《Frostnova Kawaii》

    13:08 remembering Leclerc British GP yesterday

  25. 18:43 Phly : Look at him go ! He’s still alive !
    Everyone : NO Phly ! DON’T !
    Poor Chooper : *die in the next few seconds*
    There is no escaping the Phly curse.

  26. THe funny thing is that the seat of gaijin is in russia sooo

  27. 《Frostnova Kawaii》

    26:39 You are pronouncing that wrong, It was San, not Sen

  28. ah yes the strongest armor

  29. yarran van westerlaak

    Actually I have the document but I won’t share it tho it’s says indeed unclassified but I just heard its classified so I won’t share it

  30. Meanwhile WoT player in the future
    “A gamer goes back in time to steal a WW2 german document about a secret railgun tank”

  31. “This is what happens when you dont turn off War Thunder for a couple of days” ROFL

  32. Plot twist: Phly actually looked up and read the manual

  33. Day 127: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  34. If they want to sort something they can fix the offroad mobility. On rough terrain it’s almost as fast as the leopard 2A4

  35. LewisDePatserlord

    so this is what happens when you try to make top tier fun tier :I

  36. Gayjin can just use the values but just change them by 1. I mean it’s a fix so simple

  37. Ok phly we trust you that you have not looked at the manual

  38. Phly his gamer tag is not challenger 2 comander he is a comander of a challenger 2 irl they already know who it was

  39. Minoru Kawaguchi

    Who wants to have a classified military manual of a JGSDF Type-90? I just bought it from Akihabara.

  40. as a teenager that have the manual, and have looked at it…well, lets just say that you should have survived ALOT of the rounds that hit you, and lets just hope my VPN is strong enough for the stuff that might happend…..and, dont get in trouble please, cuz i love ur vids and i dont want ur channel to get taken down, take care

  41. There are still confidential documents pertaining to ships, subs, and some aircraft from WWII. This guy is Properly fucked.

  42. Capten Blackbeard14

    MY GOD i’m learning strats from you since i also play war thunder its a fun game i love it you also encouraged me to play it

  43. Capten Blackbeard14

    my gamer tag is PHLYDAILYFAN

  44. Where are the chairs for the tea table on the turret?

  45. Capten Blackbeard14

    canyou give me some war thunder tips

  46. “the new baby”

  47. I’m just going to go ahead to say what a lot of folks are no doubt thinking.

    This guy’s a idiot. If he posted the whole thing there’s a lot of info in there that you wouldn’t want to even REMOTELY risk landing in the wrong hands.

    Personally I think 14 years is being too kind to the guy.

  48. Not only this guy risking his career on the Military he could get Discharge and sent in to probably 10 years in prison for leaking such a Super Classified info regarding the Challenger’s Armament.

  49. Please, RTFM for your tank!

  50. Is conflict of Nations a PVE or a PVP ?

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