Players MAD about Kranvagn, No Chieftain in CW, Special Code | World of Tanks 1.17.1 Update

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Rebalance, No FV4201 in Campaign, Update 1.17.1 Patch Preview, Special Code, Frontline Changes New Game Mode.

Rebalancing as expected is a hot topic all the time, specially when a tank gets nerfed… Community seems to have a lot of ideas how to rework Kranvagn better than WG. Also, no Chieftains in the upcoming clan campaign Iron Age, update 1.17.1 is sneaking upon us, a free special code and more!

What do you think about all of this?


  1. The weakspot under Krans gun needs to be 200mm because its only visible when the kran is pointing the gun up to cover the cupolas. And no other tank can hide its cupolas like Kran, so either hide your weak cupolas but show this weak plate under the gun or hide the plate but show cupolas, but thats for noob players, good ones will be able to cover cupolas a little and hide half of the plate, with skill you know. So this will make Kran balanced it most hands and weak in noob hands.

  2. Kran wasn.t a problem in random but…because of their fault,choosing only hull down maps and making it 10vs10,their mode has become kranked and now they have a motif for the nerf.but don.t worry,the next season will be again kranked;)

  3. @Martin V.w Cobra is a medium tank though. I’m thinking about VZ. 55

  4. There has to balance. You can’t keep taking a knife to tech tree tanks and leave the reward tanks broken.

  5. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    I think it is maybe realistic mode like in wot blitz

  6. Nerfing one of the only decent free to play heavies sucks. It’s one of the only tanks that’s able to stand a chance against chieftains and 279e’s especially on ridgelines where the chieftain has so much gun depression. The whole point of the Kran is to brawl on a ridgeline. Having such an obvious weak spot completely ruins that

  7. The only nerf I personally would be happy with, is a longer reload for the Kran. I’ve only just got the Kran and to be honest, as a green player I’m not that good with it. But also I haven’t noticed any problems going up against it. It fires 3 times, you go and shoot it’s sides or keep it busy until your team can take it out. Unlike the Chief or that other 4 track monster which are both much more OP.

  8. Yuri B HacToyashchiy zhizn

    seriously wg are you going to nerf kranvagn? while the t95fv cheiftan and the artys ? is not fair

  9. Xavier Dugas-Frenette

    I don’t get why Wargaming are doing nerfs this way. They select one of the top played/winrate and put a lot of nerfs on it. When a big nerf hits, it feels bad for those who were enjoying it and those who were grinding to get it. Why not do small nerfs/buffs and often instead? And to all tanks, not just tech tree ones. I’m guessing the answer is that it would sell less premium tanks…

  10. the craziest things is, as a mostly free to play player, Clan wants Krannie… so you grind for ages down the line, it takes a lot longer than prem players… and you figure it is a meta tank, and reasonably competitive against the OP prem and reward tanks that are out of reach atm… but then you finally get to the Emil2… and bit of a long grind to the Krannie, then WG nerfs it… and pretty hard too, so it will prob not be used as much, or will become less useful.. ha ha The strangulation of the game to milk it for as much money as they can is getting so much more apparent… and the game is def getting shittier. The AU server is pretty much just old dogs with all the tanks/reward tanks/prem meta tanks, and cheats… and if you are younger in the game, you are just fodder… the numbers of players is just going on ave lower and lower… and having to play on Asia server with low ping… even worse… but at least fairer population…?/// blerg….

  11. the prem already filled with broken ass hull down meta,we finally got a good hull down tank and what they did? *they take it away*,mate kranvagn not that OP,like it only got the turret + the mobility,the gun isnt that much good smh and the hull armor is absolutely paper

  12. i don’t understand why people are happy at nerfing Kran and some are talking about nerfing VZ55. All nerf at good tech tree tanks is buffing ob279 and chieftain. WTF

  13. WG reaches bottom even more…

  14. Jari Heimoluoto

    The mobility and dpm nerf are good but making the gun handling in to kv levels of shit is just to make it anoying to play so people will buy premium account time to grind the vz55 that has nearly as good armor similar mobility and arguable better firepower because you only expose yourself for 2 seconds. Adding a little more visible commander hatch is a good idea. Also weakening the flat part under the gun might be a good idea. I just hate the idea of giving it shitbarns gun handling.

  15. they must keep there greedy fingers of the( new nato members) swedish tanks..make those smoke launchers work en smoke shells

  16. I always said. Nerfing tech tree tanks is meaningless when you have OP reward tanks that can just do what they want to do.

  17. The way the Koran can pop over a hill and unload on you then do it again 21 seconds later (which is nothing at all) is just ridiculous, but top that with it being faster than some Meds and close to some LT just makes this a clown tank.

  18. Gvozden Stankovic

    rip kran legeend!

  19. 279e and Chief nerfs needed pls

  20. Yes he need that. They nerfed HE so tanks like kranvagn could be op, now they nerf it and i am very happy to see that

  21. I m currently on hiatus, so i dont care much about this nerf, but i dont think i ll come back to WoT anytime soon for sure if WG keeps widening the gap between tech tree and premium/reward tanks

  22. Something unusual for July???………..suprise!!!……its another cash grab !!!!!1

  23. Nerf and Buff are both bullshit. People spend money and time to work for these vehicles. Test them properly….and ask for feedback. I am really loosing patience with this once great game. All seems about money now….crap!

  24. When returning to the game I had a massive hateboner for the kranvagn. Then I met the others.

  25. Has World of Tanks ever tried the Capture The Flag game mode? I wonder if it’d be fun. 🙂

  26. No nerf of techtree tanks , with 279 and chieftain and Cobra and bourasque etc etc in the game All thextechtree tanks should be buffed so much !!! There are other tanks concept b etc they are so strong, not one techtree nerf is fair !!!wg is braindead, they dont play their own game!

  27. WOW they nerfing kran??? Good thing I stopped playing 3 months ago. Kran was one of my to go tank to be at least competitive against OP premiums/reward shits.

    This game really went to crap in resent years….

  28. The changes you suggest for this are outrageously small. These small changes are negligable the further away you are from the Krangvagn, because you’re guaranteed to miss it at minimum 80% of the time. The Swed can just clip anyway and still pull back because there’s huge distance between him and you, and the closer you are, the better it is to simply roll around the corner and shoot at the hull

  29. you cant nerf a tank based on the fact that some players are running full bond equipment.

  30. Just add a cupola to the kravagn and thats it. really really simple

  31. FFS…..WG nurf yet another tank as I’m working towards it….wankers

  32. new game mode? hope its like the portal from bf2042, you create your own rules of engagment. like 15 kv2 vs 1 ebr 😀

  33. the fun fact that they will never destroy cheiftain and 279e like Kranvagn just because it’s in the tree line. The Kran will not make it through Super Test like this

    rest in peace of Kranvagn if they will nerf it. i will legit quit because that’s the only X tier i have in my garage and i’ve been grinding it way too much time to just lose the hype

    if you have problems with reading this then i’m sorry i’m trying my best

  34. Tomas Rusakevic

    Yeah,NERF it I uninstall the game …
    This tank helps to fight chieftain and 279e.
    So I thought,why wasting time on world of tanks?Im starting to play other games on pc,so FACKOFF WG!

  35. My kran will be another tier10 that just sit in garage. Congratulations idiot wg f up a good tank that is not op it have weak spots thanks for totally idiot thought’s.

  36. gun was trolling now its accuracy will suck more and shot look up then shot again thing will kill its accuracy totatlly, what wg should have ddone just cut dpm little bit that was enough

  37. Karolis Urbikas

    Look how they massacred my boy

  38. @makemap
    Cobra as an op tier9 medium .that can rape tier10.
    VZ55 isn’t that good, armour is meh.

  39. Or they go back to it’s old model. 400dmg a shot, 4 shells in mag, 30sec reload and 3sec between shots. When it was like that, it wasn’t such a big deal

  40. I am MAD AF. I only play OP meta tanks. If WG nerfs Kranvagen I will cry like a baby for the rest of the year !!!

  41. Good video, but I have some comment: the turbo is available to any tank and anyone can use it on any tank he likes. So argument that Kran will always use turbo so we have to slow him down more, is invalid in my opinion. You would need to slow down all other tanks or you can just remove turbo… They opened Pandoras box when they introduced all those field modifications and new equipment we all know that, but nerfing speed of some tank by 15 Km/h just because people use turbo on it is not OK. people use low noise exhaust on lights and nobody is nerfing their camo either. … if you know what I mean. there are more balancing issues than just Kran. and also we have to think about Kran as a competitor of chiefs. if you nerf it too much then chief dominance will rise again and players without chief will have no chance in clanwars.

  42. Bring back the old he and Type 5. Problem solved

  43. Before nerf is made on a tank check MoE requierment, A nerf means waste of player’s time and most cases money on premium acc
    Kran has commander hatch , has weak lowerplate ,can’t sidescrape
    Buff weaker tanks if needed but when you nerf something you also screw the player

  44. Real problem is the overpowered reward tanks been left alone

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