Players really “love” New Experimental Equipment in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Experimental Equipment – New Set of Equipments – Fire-Control Systems, Mobility Improvement System and Survival Improvement Suite. Get Experimental Equipment and How good is it? Steel 2023 Rewards.

After couple months of a delay, new “Experimental Equipment” is here! So let's take a how good or bad is it.

What do you think?


  1. You know what… How would you design 5TH set of equipments in World of Tanks? 😀 Because why stop here?

    • 5th equip unit should transfer your tank into a chieftain no matter which tank you re mounting it on.

    • How do you see the dislikes?

    • my idea is
      – new enchanted optics extend max spotting range over 450m and view range over 573meters…
      -new enchanted gun adds 5% of penetration and 5% of shell speed
      -only for real money in premium shop [ Tier limiter ] allows you to mark one of your tanks and limit it`s matchmaking to +1/-1

    • You know, we can always have bounty experimental equipment, bond experimental equipment, experimental experimental equipment.

  2. Fire control system is basically useless since it has the least bonues. It was always the most useless, even on test server. Should have at least gotten a reload bonus

  3. Soo say good bye to your bonds

  4. For now free to play, soon parts for real money in cash shop.. I dislike this

  5. And now, we MUST play the worst mode, to be more cempetitive….

  6. All who like Steel hunter and is good in the game will always get them, I am not so often do 2,5K dmg. Keep up the good work Dez.

  7. Wargaming breaking their game even more, while giving you another thing to grind for. We don’t need this. The game doesn’t need this. There’s plenty of other things that need fixing.

  8. How can new players hope to compete with the sweaty nurds

  9. why why why = $$$$

  10. I think you need a PhD to figure this out. The explanation sounds incredibly complicated. I would bet a cryptic crossword would make more sense.

  11. Luís Augusto Panadés

    They do not even fixed the fucking balancing that is a piece of shit and are creating other problems to the game balancing.

  12. I don’t mind it… so far. They seem pretty straight forward. More options, and they seem a nice side grade. At least for now they don’t seem to be overpowered. However, if we are forced to play certain modes to get them, screw that. Not a steel hunter fan, so if they are locked behind something like that, they yeah, then it will be a thumbs down.

  13. NICE so 1st equipment are for most of them useless now or what? Also? since PRIME and and BOND are better than the “normal” AND can’t get the boost from “special slot what’s the point of the “special slot” if it works on only 1 type of items? Is the second special slot that you get with field mod any worth now? With WG it’s like doing 1 very patch THEN fire a bullet in their own foot the very next patch… WHY?!? it’s like they are trying to OVERDO it every time

  14. Why? Because people like having more options. I think they were trying to stop meta min maxers by offering bigger bonuses to less popular equipment but it didn’t work. This helps players compromise. For instance NO ONE except td players run GLD because they can’t run Vstab. But they gave IAD and now people want to use GLD even less. So this gives players an option to negate bad stats.
    Well that and it seems like people are pretty much done grinding field mods so they want them to have something else to work for. lol

  15. All the Obj 279e owners will be fapping right now, 100% to Ammo Rack Durability & 11% to HP in 1 module, meaning they get to use 2 others. Cause who didn’t need more mobile and higher dpm 279e’s in battles, that can’t be ammo racked right?

  16. Gah, just another thing that will probably make games lopside even faster than they already do, separating the gap between the ‘top’ and the ‘bottom’ of the player base even more. We don’t need more ‘stuff,’ we need the issues like the poor matchmaker dealt with, and the cheating companies Claus talks about.

    Also, why wouldn’t you put a fire control system on your super conq or other highly accurate tank so you can cupola snipe all day?

  17. Nice. Only EU is getting them for free on login. All other servers don’t – at least the news does not contain the offer on other regions.

  18. One more thing to grind… That is not good for the casual player.

  19. Not going to play other mode’s than RB and recon.
    But i am a paying player all te time.
    So hope they think of me to

  20. FML I just pulled a Dez on myself and disassembled my survival improvement …wish WG would have a “are you sure” (YES or NO) Screen like other games

  21. Very usefull equiment for tanks with many weaknesses like modules damage speed gun aiming,i will make my second set up in my BZ 75 with this experimental ones!

  22. No, we don’t need this… match maker’s needs improvement, some new maps, some maps reworked… this will just unbalance the game even more… how about a chief or 279e fully upgraded?

  23. Upgrade them to level 2 is enough to give you good value out of it so close to level 3 but never close to standard equipment in the right slot

  24. add more complexity to an already system that was simple enough. plus this is going to add more power creep into the game because not every one plays game modes

  25. increases gap between the sweatlords & the casual players even more. Unnecessary introduction to the game & the dev effort should’ve focused on game balance issues instead of increasing the complexity & grind.

  26. Oh, another special currency, that they for sure will sell for real money and otherwise only be avalable in special modes…
    Good think I stopped playing this trainwreak last year…. After 9 years it really became stupidly grindy and p2w BS game.

    If in the past unlocking all modules on tank and getting crew to 2-3 skills were enough to compete with almost anyone on same level(except for some hardcore uniqucums), then now with more and more extra fluff/juice systems it’s impossible to do so unless you concentrate all time/resource on few tanks… Which destroys the main point of this game – playing many different tanks.

  27. Let’s hope those components will be collectable at events or random games only…

  28. its about $$$$$, always is with WG. Milk Milk Milk

  29. I see the fire control system potentially on the WZ114 where I use gun laying drive and stabilizer at the moment. Will be lower value but I can add vents.

    Btw. Dez is my commander in the WZ114

  30. How do you see dislike count ?

  31. This is going to be nice buff for Object 780. Hardening with fire protection

  32. Chieftans and 279e will be much stronger….yay…just what us low class plebs need to face.

  33. That fire control should be mixed rammer and aim speed, cus for now it’s worthless

  34. no brain , just pay

  35. didnt get any

  36. maybe I am wrong, but I think you can get one T3 equipment. 700+1400 and dismantle 3 T1 for each 100 (you receive 3×2 T1 equip). So you would have 2400 to improve to T3.

  37. hmm, in the beginning they said twice “you cannot put the turbo in the neighbouring slot”. However, only slot 2 is a neighbouring slot to slot 1, so in my opinion, the way they said it, it should be possible to put the turbo in slot 3, because that slot is not neighbouring slot 1 ?

  38. More and more I wish they just let us stack these equipments. let us go comletely nuts, its not as if balance will be upset n this game anymore anyway.
    Imagine putting 3x aiming unit on an FV4005 just because why the ef not.
    Or mount 3x hardening on a maus an truly be a moving battlestation.
    I surely would prefer by now that they embrace what a shitstorm on a core game they have and let us go wild.

  39. Aaaand the dislike count got censored… WOT really going full-on authoritarian with their decisions.

  40. How can Dez see the dislike ratio on the WG video?

  41. I dont like steelhunter….. now i need to play this….

  42. fire control system: hull down tank with terrible gun handlings? Or make mediums into 500m laser snipers
    At least TDs get the mobility kit, which stacks with rotation mechanism, but that’s two slots
    Compoments from missions without massive grinds? Very good idea.

  43. The game is just a joke and is ridiculously over-complicated.

  44. Game is rigged, WG is a corrupt company, I hope someone destroy them all.

  45. what the fuck is this guy sayign ?

  46. they force me to play steel hunter… i hade this mode 🙁

    Well i also think this new Equipment is a bad idea… but what do i know.

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