Playing an M48 Patton in Clan Wars xD

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Source: LemmingRush

Maybe I didnt get permission bring my patton, but thats ok because it looks amazing.


  1. Are you planning on staying in otter? Now that they’re a middle tier clan
    and not what they used to be?

  2. So personally I think you guys attacked too wide a flank and lost at the
    end because of being too spread out. Covering the 1-2 lines was a good idea
    but then for some reason you all move over to the 3 line and then moved up
    to about f ish area below the mid ridge letting the reds come straight in
    through 1-2. And thats what they did, and when you flanked they simpled
    turned to meet you all and crushed you o.O if you came in strength from the
    back whilst making them face you from the center (or 1-2 lines) you may
    have forced a dps race in your favour but attacking head on in all
    directions allowed it to become an open brawl and from there it was a
    kind of brawl fight. You were trying to do a hammer-and-anvil but lost the
    anvil and the hammer swung out of your hands o.O Agree with the dude at the
    end you should have left the meds at 1-2 and when the caller told people to
    flex the rest of the map that is when you gave up ground control and lost.
    You willingly gave up a strong position to go into a brawl: rule 101 of
    warfare is don’t do that!

    P.S if you look at the map during the game you’ll notice their
    hammer-and-anvil worked, killing your meat shields whilst your
    hammer-and-anvil sputtered out after trying to cover way to much ground.

  3. Yo my clan needs some improvement

  4. When are you gunna leave fam, Lemming?

  5. ‫عبد الهادي‬‎

    show us ur face :c

  6. You made Georgie yell didnt you?

  7. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Its CW and Lemming doesnt even go with Rations :DD

  8. reaction speed was a tad bit slow this match. Oh well, not every match is a
    guaranteed win. Thanks for the video :)

  9. OTTER in 2016 LUL


    fam teals eks dee

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