Playing Clan Wars In The Worst Tier 10 Tank

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I sold my M60 many years ago. Should i attempt to ask for buy back?

  2. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    I cant hear shit :/

  3. Why did they even gave a reward thats even worse than a normal thing?

  4. Is this one murican?

  5. Good job Lemming Rush

  6. Wait, that’s not a 121B.

  7. Killed 2 artys, **likes**

  8. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    If anyone went through the french light tank line I have a question for you…
    Did you free xp through the amx 40 or did you just bite you lips and grind the tank? It is so shit and soooo annoying to play and to grind. Pls tell me

  9. good morning my canadian neighbor…thanks for the vid….gj:)

  10. What u mean M60 is so good. It has one of the best guns in the game. I will remember this betrayal.

  11. Object 268 would surely be worse in clan wars.

  12. I want an M60

  13. Lemming u make lots of helpful videos of maps, and how to play.

    I think that it would also be great, if u did just a couple of videos, on what kind of things to look for in tanks, so that whilst grinding tanks u can know how to use them without having to watch a vidio directly for that tank, and also possibly some of your favourites

    If any one else like the idea, give it a thumbs up

  14. Hey, this is not Rhm Pzw

  15. Video is too loud, would remove another 20db so only my dog can hear it. Asshattery aside, wee bit gain on the video would’ve been sublime.

  16. >worst
    Still better than Leopard 1.

  17. Hey Lemming.
    first off your vids have helped my gameplay a ton.
    One question. Could you do some video lesso s on calling stronghold battles. ive been looking and not a lot of people make instuctional videos for calling.
    im in a clan (NMBS)
    but i need help with calling.
    or do you know of any instrutional stuff for calling.(other then wargamming net)
    thanks for all your videos.
    you are the BOSS.
    and sooooo helpful.
    as a side note i think u should have game where we count the number of times u sigh in dismey during your games.could be fun


    M60 OP, pleez nerf. Actually, dont nerf because I’d love to play mine again.

  19. why such a title? M60 … really you think is the worst tier 10? Play a obj 268, so u can feel a real pain.
    And, great audio!

  20. What is your system specs?

  21. the worst tier tens are 121 and 121b

  22. At first i thought it was a M48 Patton, like, lemming you’re sending mixed messages here

  23. damn i thought that was the M48

  24. From OP to very good to… somewhat competitive. By not a single change to a tank itself

  25. goddamnit this is how uncoordinated people are when we don’t have our main callers and I’m in the other battle…. not surprised.
    “guys let’s repeatedly poke the type 5s and see what happens”………. bold play, Cotton.
    Thanks for flexing around and carrying that. You made me laugh with the “I don’t want to lock my M60”.

  26. U should of made the title how to kill arty in clan wars when there so good

  27. You know how to play, great to look at.

  28. bro you forgot the 121b but nice try

  29. Not even close to being the worst tier ten.

  30. Obj 268 is the worst tier 10 tho

  31. Chandler Kristoff

    “B Zed”? Nah, It’s pronounced “B ZEE” 😉

  32. Chandler Kristoff

    I’m not too familiar with CW, so at the beginning i thought it was a 15 v 2 XD

  33. Could you make more clan wars video

  34. It's not what you think

    Type 5 and Maus are OP.

    1 Maus.
    100% more BC.


  35. Even looking at this replay of killing those clickers feels so good.

  36. I wish our caller let me play my 121

  37. wow notch pro calling keppa

  38. nah fam 121 is the worst. Thing has pitiful armor and nothing good about it… Well except alpha damage but that’s not a huge thing.

  39. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Nice clickbait

  40. Wow couldn’t of aim for shit the enemy team

  41. Really wish they would buff the M60 the same way they buffed the M48

  42. Lemmming rush 2017, “can you repeat that i wasn’t listening” i love you ???????

  43. Thought is was a Patton the whole vid, then noticed the raised bit in the back of the hull and realized. I have it on 240p tho

  44. Herr Schicklgruber

    This is what I hate about CW; everyone _constantly_ talking over each other, useless babble drowning out relevant communication.

  45. Leopard 1 is much worse in CW

  46. why is the rof so bad

  47. Clan Wars should be restricted to Normal Ammo only. Using “skill” rounds in this is a joke. This is about tactics, not about how much money you want to spend.

  48. I found Reunify, XD the old treasurer from CHAI. CHAI is sort of dead now with all the elite old members going to other top clans

  49. i was like ” DAAM m48 IS SO GOOD DUDE ! arf this is an m60 i can live in peace “

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