Playing for FREE in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing on my -to-Play account in World of Tanks where I don't spend anything, only my soul, and boy is it painful… sometimes?



  1. Wojciech Borkowski

    Why not using bigger extinguisher? It’s easy to get, idk how would someone use normal one

  2. Oh man. you seriously need advice. We never visit the X-in-laws. We always try to avoid them. like when the mm curses you with enmies like the obj279e, or t95fvs. Please reconsider now before its too late.!!!!! 🙂

  3. If this a free-to-play account, where did the gold come from ?

  4. cUpola, not cupOla

  5. I’m an ordinary player and have never bothered with the mission marathons. I usually get 10% or 20% off, occasionally 30% but I don’t need yet another vehicle for so much effort. Plus, I have a day job that’s not WoT.

  6. Sebastian Fernandez

    I think time just passes so fast when life is a grind

  7. One extra tip when choosing skills:
    Aways go for off road driving! Not only it will provide better traverse speed than clutch breaker(most of the times) but it will also increase your mobility on all terrains.

  8. You could consider it work. Unfortunately we cannot. If you have a job and/or partner family these are unhealthy. Its better you get 40-50% and pay the rest if you definitely want it, rather than playing all this time. you calculated down to 1-2 pounds an hr in the end… I would prefer pay this amount and go out meet friends or family. This particular I just ignored it. Dont like the tank.

  9. love your fashion sense

  10. During my existence in this game I bought a single premium tank that don’t even play anymore (Strv S1). Everything else I have has been grinded for. I don’t think it’s really that of a pain unless you are used to pay for everything. I’m able to consistently spam gold in ranked and during marathons without even thinking about credits at all. Not in every game outside of those two cases though.

  11. Wanna try blitz?

  12. i mostly play f2p and find its been really swingy lately. Its either amazing days where everything goes right or its utter dross and utterly agonizing.

  13. arty_lover EBR_hater

    F2P casual bad player here. Do I do the marathons? Hell no!!
    And yes yes YES , players should thank arties and help instead of letting them die alone against a wheeled cancer.

  14. The mission marathons, on your f2p account, are clearly bad for your mental health and watching you on twitch was painful at times. why do you do them? you can just ignore them in the future, right? you have done so many now, you don’t have an obligation to do more. On the spectator side, it is no fun to watch somebody stream content that he is obviously hating, i heard “I am wasting my life” too many times. Do everybody a favour and consider skipping the next marathons?

  15. Marathons in these days for me means not event loging in this game

  16. Again such a bullshit video. If you have the benefit to play WOT professional for 10 years and know every trick, you know nothing about pain and suffering.
    Having 12 tier 10, 29 tier 9 tanks and 172 tanks in total is not what every F2P player have in his garage, i believe. Not every players is a tryhard and have the benefit of play WOT 24 hrs a day, so stop whinging about having a hard time with your F2P account. It is very discouraging.

  17. Full stock prototype? Man, thanks for nightmares. I remember it in 2014 – no repair kit reuse, 5deg of gun depression, atrocious gun handling especially with stock turret, turret rotation speed of TD with huuuuge dispersion. I recall losing to Comet 1vs1 – he ammoracked me twice, i had 17s reload and he circled me cause I could not hit him with that dispersion values (I could not even turn turret fast enough tracked). And Comet is not especially famous for it’s agility. So I lost almost full hp tank to tank with third of hitpoints who decided to yolo me at the end of battle. And when I played it, I think it already had reload buffed.

  18. dude i like the outfit

  19. Finally someone who understands our pain of grinding

  20. He plugged his T-shirts and got plugged at the same time… 😉

  21. Cyrus II The Great

    imagine trying to Unlock new tank then realise you are out of credits

  22. I’m not playing Free2play, But since i never have enough free experience stock grinds are so awefully painful and sometimes i feel like loosing my soul bit by bit. Especially for lines, where the new stock gun is worse then the top gun from one tier lower.

  23. ridleymane quarterchops

    at 26:30 would u say that time was flying because u were happy talking about happy things?

  24. How tf u have 61k bonds lol

  25. For the F2P players grinding the Leo PTA: get the turret rather than the big gun! Both guns are inaccurate without the turret, so you’ll do much better after getting the turret – even with the small gun. DPM increases significantly too, 20%, and you get a 10% health boost.
    Another thing: get the tracks before the engine, you’ll free up an equipment shot and improve traverse speed and gun dispersion (!) and terrain resistance gets much better. Yes, it is stupid.

  26. I play f2p on console some days I just have to leave wot or go crazy.

  27. Being totally F2P player since i startet in september 2012. Need to play 10 hours a day to complete mission marathon – never going to happen. F2P has just gone harder and harder over the years…..

  28. We all know that Wilhelm Berhoff was the true MVP of that leopard PTA match

  29. I just gave up on getting 100% on mission marathons. If I like the tank, the discount is awesome. I only got the A.P. AMX 30 because the gold was at a discount from how far I’d gotten in the marathon. I’ve never liked the marathon vehicles all that much since the Bourrasque though.

  30. Once you have kids Quicky you ill see time go by alot faster than you feel now!

  31. i’m free player since 2012, i have premium when wg do the event
    premiun tank only patriot

  32. If you aimed decently you would have gotten the top gun on the 704

  33. Life is going fast, no matter what. I’ve asked some 90 year olds: The most important is that your days aren’t the same.

  34. Times fly when you get older 😀

  35. I played the first ones because they were pretty casual and weren’t too frustrating but once they became tier 8’s and 9’s the requirements demanded way too much time and the game play standards drop so far that it’s wasn’t fun to play so I didn’t and wont.

  36. I started a second account, on a different server… it’s hard! starting those grinds all over again. It’s returning to hell hahaha
    I quickly decided to only do the lines which I like most, therefor going the E50 and Leo line, the AMX13-105 line, the T100LT line and the Obj140 line…. And that’s about it for now.

  37. I think the Leo PTA game shows how wrong the players and WG are about the WOT. This is how it looks if you use your brain, take your time to learn the maps, learn strenghts and weaknessess of both yours and enemy tanks. Instead of doing that, the crybabies decided to whine the **** out of WG and WG, fearing to lose the money, started a whole rebalance campaign, with the introduction of Defender, then buffing the superheavies, making them even harder to pen with standard ammo(which is not a problem for gold ammo obviously), giving up on weakspots more and more, making game faster, going for the hulldown meta, making gold ammo for credits and finally introducing more p2w mechanics, so the whiners can finally pay for their victories and win the games without any effort, because its so exhausting. I really don’t care about it these days, i’ve managed to buy with credits and win every tank that i wanted without a single gold shell and i just play for fun now, the mission marathons are nothing more than a laughing stock and a time extortion for me and i’m happy to ignore them. It just saddens me that this game could’ve so much more, but both players and WG made it impossible.

  38. There is no denying. Game is indeed pay to win. While it won’t make u excellent player just by spending money. Your performance will increase substantially from where it already is if u pay for it. And on top of that… It’s mentality more rewarding and more fun to play with fully spect out tank. So you perform even better.

  39. Yes this “nudging” way of earning money needs to be made illegal. Just give the opportunity to buy the game and make the game equall for everyone.

  40. The insight into marathons is exactly why I don’t bother with them – whatever I accumulate during regular/casual play (a few hours here and there) is about it.

  41. Playing for free is not that painfull, but grinding IS

  42. Greetings from Germany 😀 Your German is very Good.

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