Playing for FREE is HARD in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. I’ve been playing my PlaysforFree account for over a year now and here’s what I’ve figured out!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Wao video on my birthday … I must pot LIKE then to start it …

  2. **But wait, wargaming doesnt fucking listen.**

  3. Seems most of your replays while very instructional, are against opp teams playing very poorly. I’ve been trying to determine if your map positioning is forcing errors on their part, or is it just posting the big performance results vs poor teams?

  4. get gud quickie

  5. Hey QB could you do a tier list video but for crew skills? Cheers

  6. Many moons ago, I played WoT, on such a moon Wargaming released the KV-5. I decided to make an investment. By buying the KV-5, I surmised, I can make tons of credits forever, which is often what was lagging behind for vehicle purchases and better consumables. But as the moons passed so did the usefulness of the KV-5. Now I have a giant account with a bunch of old bottom tier trash. The thought of grinding a new tier 10 without premium and the KV-5 as the ever needed money hauler keeps me from playing this game again.

  7. Game gives a shitton of prem consumables for doing little missions

    *fucken sells them all cuz I need the credits*

  8. please make a video about ALL hte camo and viewrange stuff:D

  9. i used to play wot, but now find war thunder has lot more fun than wot

  10. yeah, so true man, I’m a new player and I play for free because I don’t have much money to spend on this game.
    1) almost everything in this game is expensive, let me give you an example. in Indonesia, the 30 days prem account cost about IDR 159.000,- (rupiah) or the STRV S1 cost about IDR 675.578,- as a college student, of course, I don’t want to spend money on this madness, I only got about 1 million rupiahs per month (sounds like a lot right? convert it to USD it’s only $72 in December 2019). I’ve been playing a lot of games form PC to smartphone, and yes I purchase some premium things on the game, but this one is just so expensive.
    2) not only the price of thing that you can purchase with real money, the in-game price is also expensive. That binoculars cost about 500k in tier V tank (KV-1) really? why so expensive, how many hours you should spend to gather coins to be able to purchase that? while the coins needed to purchase the next tank.

  11. Andreas de Villiers

    Thank you for thinking of the rest of us sir. I thank you.

  12. I watched the livestream

  13. I play for free on ps4 but I am enjoying it!

  14. @Quickybaby how did you get the Lorraine 40t on your free to play acount?

  15. I have always played for free. It is really annoying when someone spams premium ammo from a premium tank. But there is nothing I can do but try and play better.

  16. I’ve been running my play for free account for a couple years now to get my hands on a handful of 10s to have fun in pubbies without tryharding for stats. And i have not been able to get anything for like a year. It takes SO long to grind without premium. IMPOSSIBLY long. So I grabbed $10 of boxes on it, breaking the play for free aspect, and with the 10 days of premium now have about 4 tier 10 tanks. Why does wargaming make playing for free not just not fun, but a complete chore

  17. This reminds of my time when i was grinding the D.W 2
    Edit: i think you are able to manage since you have experience new players have no clue what to do they try to snipe with IS beside SPG, WG should really give new players hints as to where to go on the map

  18. The OverSaturated Gamer

    Also the strv line is just super good…

  19. In case you play for free, you only should be play around Tier 5, it would be fun enough for you to relax.

  20. When WOWS doesnt have much of these problems…

  21. Now how about QB try playing stock ARL V39?

  22. Welcome to reallity!

  23. I have a F2Play Account with Jg Pz E100, and Bat Chat arty(T10). The problem that i have, is money. I can buy 5 or 6 Tier 10 tanks, but yeah… 25k battles and not even enough for more T10 tanks

  24. thats right you miss the hidden % like the soft stats on tanks takes a genius to figure that out but the payers will throw that discussion under the bus

  25. Now he will know the pain ..

  26. This is why the Premium M56 Scorp, given for the tank rewards is so nice. It is like a light tank with a working gun. Much better than the RAMII from November. Thanks WOT…

  27. Username : Range_Ace
    So i’ve been a free to play player for a years. I can tell you, you have to plan a strategy very well. I don’t fire premium rounds in months, i use my premium tier 8 tanks to farm credits a lot, use personal reserves for free xp (for modules mostly), and yeah played wg’s events (frontline, steelhunter).
    It is hard but you can do it. ?✌️?
    And last, I don’t use any mods what so ever, even managed to anonymize my name just because of those xvm heroes. I can tell you it’s the best idea WG came out with. Cheers quickybaby, been watching your videos for years. ?

  28. Which is why WOT performance ratings and ranking are generally not worth shit.
    I’ve lost count of the number of times an OP vehicle was released and the cashed up go stat padding while I grind away, only to have it nerfed by the time I unlock it.

  29. No sh!t Sherlock. xD

  30. Adel Shahali Macugar

    Free to play players? Where are you? ? We are used to this already ??

  31. Lol back in 2013 I was still playing some tier 5 without repair kit.
    That’s why I played the t57 arty a lot, you don’t need consumables and still could have lots of fun lol
    Also I remember having an awesome game in the m6, then the last enemy tank was a hulldowned is6 or tiger 2 and there was nothing I could do.

  32. Also starting playing in the tier 1 with 50% crew and no consumables and no tutorial whatsoever was brutal!!

  33. Actually I also created a Free to Play account last year after watching your first Free to Play video. I totally agree with you that we need to choose tanks when you play in Free to Play style. When you meet a good tank, you really don’t feel that big gap between Free to Play and Pay to Win. So far I have successfully reached P.44 Pantera and T44, just by following your recommendation: Italian line, and Russian T34 line. (to get Obj.430U) With the reward of Winter Op., I will be able to unlock directly to tier 9, and half tier 10. (Standard B, and then Obj.430).

  34. I have always played free for the 5 years that I am with WOT. Can’t believe what had passed…

  35. I’m just a very average player but all these 5% here 6% there calculations are useless when the team is full of bots. And I mean true bots not inexperienced players. When they all die on the side they all went to, you stand no chance against your oponents even with 10% here 12% there. However, I like watching your videos – they keep me from quiting WoT as you make the game look so good (while the reality of it is going down the south)..

  36. 4:02 hungaryan gentlemen on chat

  37. WGing is Pay to Win and has been for a long time.

  38. It is much more frustrating if you play no TDs. Go play meds… when the are slower, when they don’t turn that fast. When they don’t see that far. When they bounce a lot.

    I once had my main acc (had 95% of the tanks researched)… and played a second for free… for fun. A hard way.
    Now I play the second acc… and try at least to invest only what is necessary.

    But: I can’t understand someone who plays a lot but doesn’t buy premium time.
    Hell, this is just like the monthly cost for other online games earlier.
    You use this game, you like it, you support the developers… at least with that.

    But yes ?, would like to have no premium ammunition in the game. No special equipments. All the same… this would be fun.
    At least in Tournaments and Clan Wars this would be great… but will never happen.
    It is all about money ?.

    All those Stat-Whores think they are the best … Most of them just use money ? and op-tanks to push stats.
    They are no bad players for sure… but without advantages it would look different.

  39. i have only freetoplay account ?

  40. If you purchase premium consumables during discounts you would turn a profit using it (considering your level). If you are an average Joe, purchasing discounted premium fire extinguisher you would also turn a profit. I am talking about free to play account.

  41. QB’s been watching Breaking Bad Yo …

  42. Without fast advantages and privileges there wouldn’t be a single free to play game out there. Thousands of people get their salaries because we pay for a quicker way to get things. It works on both ends. And to be honest if you play a game for hundreds of hours without giving something back you’re just a donut.

  43. Free to play player here.
    Yes, stock grinds are absolutely a necessary part of the game. Nothing makes you appreciate a golden tank you’ve earned more than actually earning it.

  44. In all battles i get around 25-15 k of credits

  45. Francisco Javier Diaz Estebanez

    Its not a good example, man. Its really a very bad example, ( but a good game, i must admit). Try the same with a IS against a tier 9 tank , or a sarl 42 against tier 6 tanks, and NOT using premium account… Then we can talk….

  46. So get stock Struer Emil, first 10 battles upload to yt in one video, would you accept the challenge?

  47. yeah recently i decided ill try grind a tank while not using free xp conversion… picked is-m. gun is stock turret stock anyways its fully stock. so the thing turns like a bloody maus and here im speaking battleship turning speeds xD. the gun… unless you get the sides or rear forget pening a tier 8 heavy let alone tier 9 or 10. (im not including those lucky moments one gets to shoot and actually hit a weakspot with 0.45 accuracy). and the turret oh god the turret 100mm all round and a massive commanders hatch ment that if someone somehow did not shoot me in that massive hatch they just fired dirrectly at the gun mantlet and penned no issue. honestly as much as i hate throwing money at wg id rather continue converting that free xp than experience stock grind again.

  48. Welcome to the club !

  49. Playng for free 5 yrs

    Only last year I start to buy premium days and some gold

    And yeah you are free to play player there with prem account

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