Playing Germans but with no German Tanks (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. *BIG SUCC Mask* –
    I’m surprised Teespring is letting me sell this.

  2. There are photos of Ferdinand that was hit during the battle of Stalingrad by SU-152. It had its entire 200mm front plate ripped from the welds and launched towards inside of the tank. KV-2 has the same gun so if this gun can disasseble 200mm armoured tank, it should also disasseble any tank. Every Gajin math on this is wrong.

  3. Phly do Pz 2 + He 112 A-0, the glory of 20 mil!

    attempt #2

  4. Which AP shell is the best in the T-34 r ? It has so many I never know which to choose.

  5. Minecraft music throughout the whole next video, please?

  6. Yeah, the KV-2 just doesn’t one shot anymore. Because 152mm HE hitting you directly definitely won’t kill your Chaffee..

  7. Germany cant suffer if germany isn’t germany

  8. T-34-85 OR T-34-100 plssss

  9. my family will not skip an other meal thanks to ,, b e s t h o m e j o b s .c l u b

  10. Your video is fun and enjoyable. So the vid made me wanna play War Thunder. After I play the game myself, I realize I hate this bullshit from the bottom of my heart.
    I’m repeating this routine more than 100 times.

  11. Gosh Phly you killed me in a KV2

    It’s an honor 🙂

  12. Why dont u have 3million subs yet u deserve it

  13. Hot tank but no german in german line hell no

  14. Yes! God that music is so guuuud.

  15. goddammit I had to check if I opened Minecraft or not

  16. spidertank XXD

  17. Алексей Кошин

    This is what 4.3 looks like today, Soviet technology and Soviet technology (only better) on the German side 🥴

  18. I love making germans flinch with the volverine.

  19. Imagine taking that lineup into sim battles. No one would ever hear from you ever again.

  20. The intro is the definition of he’s beginning to believe

  21. Phly: plays Russian tanks, but as Germany

    Germans: That man is a Communist sympathiser! Shoot him for preferring Soviet crap over superior German engineering!
    Russians: That man is a traitor fighting for the enemy! Shoot him!

  22. I usually get night battles when its actually night time outside

  23. MisterDoomHimself

    Phantastic tanks

  24. *Radiator* Gods i wish over heating was a thing…. XD

  25. USS Tennessee (BB-43)

    8:53 did anyone else hear minecraft music?

  26. 9:28 just proves how broken and underpowered HE and HESH are in the game right now

  27. pranali tawsalkar

    First t80u was Scarry

  28. Wo sind die deutschen🇩🇪?

  29. Next : playing chinese tank with chinese tank

  30. обычный человек

    Новая серия.

  31. come play simulator guys its got even better with all the new italian tanks yay

  32. Phly needs to do an AB 43 vid. The thing is a beast!

  33. Phly you have to play the kv2 with the old “let the hand of stalin guide your shot” sight!


  34. Those tanks are stupid broken- amro and guns are busted compared to the russian counter parts. No only that but they are spammed by pay to play players who im usually ok with but not for those stupid ass tanks

  35. ILikeThemThiccc —

    I love how you hit a heavy tank in the front but still that one shrapnel finds it’s way to the ammo, but when you hit a light tank directly to the side next to the ammo you take out its track and one crew member lmao

  36. Konrad Orzechowski

    Why is the KB-1B a Finnish (I think) tank? 1:40

  37. Nikos Papasotiropoulos

    just so you know I almost lost against a Wirbelwind while I was on my M60 AMBT yesterday that thing sneaked up to me I got a hit on it with the apfsds-t but is bounced(or when through with no damage) and he got my barrel so I had to run and use my smoke to repair and I made it just in time before he popped up again and thankfully this round didn’t bounce the t-80 on that match were easier to deal with and all that thanks to you !!!

  38. I’m scared of that, yes
    We are all scared of M10’s

  39. Communist milk man

    I’ve never seen a vid so sad

  40. Kvas win (kv-1s)

  41. Spacial Sonic777

    15:05 / intro
    Bot Phunder

  42. Congrats on your new beast of a rig from GeForce Garage!

  43. Nicholas Campbell

    I normally use the anti concrete shell on the kv ll


    I’d suggest that you just beg for subs

  45. Lol! Tlos is my clan, I was not expecting to see them in one of your videos.

    They so lucky

  46. intro was great

  47. Patrick Rosendale Jr

    I feel like you really regretted loading HE in that KV-2 😂

  48. Hi Phly, how to discover enemy fast? Notice you didn’t even need to use binoculars and you are able to find enemy far away.

  49. Bring back the m22

  50. Micah van Everdingen

    That’s Illegal

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