Playing it smart..

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Gotta do that pre game math!


  1. Who wouldn’t go bananas on Gwen back in the days

  2. Gwen is 50 now. But hey, age is just a number…

  3. Just another day of the entire team on the backs of 2 players, great game and well played to that Panther II

  4. Man I wish that people would just be worse than me

  5. See you those 15 tanks at the start of the battle,and wondering whos paying to look a purple tank(jk ofc)

  6. Yes, we have no banana!

  7. I blueprinted WZ-111 1-4 100% just to skip this piece of crap. Even Tiger II laughs about this tank

  8. Always funny that Circon picks some crap tank, shames it (justified), and then provides such powerhouse gameplay in it.

  9. the one thing i notice is that circon is always wasting premium ammo lol

  10. I just had the worst wot session in memory, with the worst teams and miserable RNG. And now here I am, watching Circon owning everyone in the most trivial way possible. Life’s not fair

    • I just restarted playing after a couple of years out of the game, and I feel your pain. One night I had seven losses, one win, then a couple more losses. Just quit out of the game and turned off the computer. Are you finding a lot more roflstompings as well, where the team gets annihilated in about three or four minutes? I don’t remember that being so common.

    • @Andrew Lale I reinstalled the game a few days ago, as far as I remember my last match was in 2018, I got sick of wot and deleted the game. The first 2 or 3 days after reinstalling were normal, a few matches were absolutely unwinnable either due to RNG or team mates but I was having fun. Today it was just miserable. 5-7 games with nothing but bounces or misses and then 1 game where I can hit and pen around 90% of my shots for 4-5k damage. Sometimes I would change the server and the very first game after changing was a cake walk.

      The roflstomps were normal in 2018, the “neck to neck” games would only happen once in a while. What I do remember is missing a lot of shots but nowhere near as bad as today. the RNG absolutely ruins this game

  11. This shit is BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  12. Oh wow, the 110 must be a really good tank, I’m gonna go play that now

  13. when you get clubbed by a guy in a shitty tank you know you fucked it up pretty bad

  14. This one cracks me up when you go all Sherlock Holmes/House to open up the game. That’s some high quality content right there

    • Given that the game is 90% about positioning on the map, he spent good seconds devising a solid move. Seems a trivial thing, it was not.

  15. Sick tank skin!

  16. Gwen Stefani and Eve in that one music video…. *circLewd*

  17. Syahareen Sha Rani

    110 really needed a nerf is too OP

  18. How does a KV4 get to tier 8 and still think driving out sideways is a good idea? Is his name Steve?

    • Weirdly enough im a unicum (atleast thats what stats say) and i still do shit like that

      I blame it on overconfidence and a big ol slice of stupidity

    • Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

      All Russian heavy drivers are named Steve. In their outside lives some may go by other names, but behind the wheel of bias they are all Steve

    • Hey, don’t knock it – that’s how I learned where to shoot them to set them on fire 😉

    • I have a friend like that… you can teach him about sidescraping all you want but it just goes in one ear and out the other

  19. Kv 4 driver was like… I have nice armor at tier 8, how do I engage circon? Mmmm yeah sideways on and still should be perfect yeah

  20. The XP system in this game is so fucking stupid. You can have a great game, but lose due to a bad team and a 0 damage ONi will out XP you. So stupid.

  21. World of Drunks - Best WOT Replays


  22. Circon, thank you for talking through your reasoning about where to go. It helps me evaluate my own play and get it more thought based rather than reactive.
    P.S. That moment when you realize Gwen Stefani is like 13 years older than us, but still just as smokin’ hot as back in the day. (Insert CircStare here)

  23. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    Love you, Circon. I hope you are well.

  24. Agreed i’m so old i saw gwen on her SNL debut i was jaw dropped in front of the wife lol

  25. Love how he saw the weakly armored tier 7’s on the Hill and loaded gold. NFG

    And then ran out of gold for the tanks with armor.

  26. Bad news Circon, she’s even hotter.

  27. Video starts at 2:20 btw.

  28. T29 is coming, KV4 is coming, you know who’s not coming? Your 53TP teammate and his buddy sitting at the empty end of the Banana. Did they just give up cause you were doing it all yourself?

  29. GOOD GAME, I have one question….. WTF was the Pollocks in the Polish tanks doing behind you?

  30. The Real Killer B

    Less than 5000 damage? It’s OK buddy, we all have off days occasionally.

  31. lol i want to have enemy bots like that

  32. nothin smart to kill seals

  33. Hey Circon thanks for always posting videos that entertain me and make me smile on a shit day Thank you and please stay safe

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