Playing My Favorite Tier 10 Medium :)

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Source: LemmingRush

out a ton out of this, its basically a livestream without the waiting. Worked on the mark a bit, GPU died in game so only ended with 2600 damage and that lowered it. it happens.


  1. Purple Stingray

    you like cars lemming? what do you drive?

  2. why do you preffer the patton instead of for example 50M. Seems like a 50m with worse gun, worse armor, worse speed. Is woth it the extra 20m vision range?

  3. So are these comments live? Man, you keep your mind supercool! I get so hyped.

  4. Love the longer vids with commentary

  5. Yeah I appreciate the vids, gives me insight into better play on mediums, plus also how you play different maps in them. You talking thru out also helps see you tactics of game play as well. I will have a lot to catch up on as Im off travelling till the end of May.

  6. Name your favorite medium tank. Mine is the M4 Sherman.

  7. I love seeing the way different players process situations or matchups or what have you. Seeing when some situations you ran into looked rough or bad, you just kept your cool and were so relaxed. Do you have any tips for three marking the M46 KR? Not necessarily tank specific tips but just tips in being consistent enough with the shitty tier 8 MM right now to go from 93% to 95%. I notice I will have a decent game with like 3-4k damage, and then get shit on the next game with only 1k or less and then not get anywhere with the mark.

    Also, idk what it was about this video, but your voice gave me chills down my neck at some points like an ASMR video does.

  8. Do you only play mediums and lights? I’ve literally never seen you play anything else

  9. So lemming, any tips for 3 marking the Cent 7/1? I play it pretty well, but Id really like to get my consistency up in it for the 3rd mark.

  10. lemming you need to play 62A i just got it i need tips please

  11. You should lower your in sniper sens. You seem to twitch around alot. It may help with leading some of those quick snaps as you don’t overshoot stuff as much with the flicks.

  12. only 109 games in the patton? thought it would be more

  13. I just got the M48 Patton,

    the tank is way too slow, with subpar armor, the gun is excellent though. seriously though the top speed of 45km/h is absolutely awful and its more difficult to get out of bad situations than the 62a or the 140.

  14. “I’m just going to put a shot into him… *sigh*

    ..this game”

  15. Lemming, you are my fav tier X medium. xxx

  16. Why are you always so calm, lemmingrush?

  17. What GPU do you have? And are you in need of any PC upgrades anytime soon?

  18. when is that AX vid coming?

  19. Lemming, what is the best spot for heavies in this map?

  20. my team…. ah no its not. you dont own it

  21. May I ask why it’s your favorite tier 10 medium?

  22. AllistairTenpenny

    Both you and qb love the patton

  23. I love the live gameplay, I think it’s more interesting to watch

  24. Fernando Herrera

    M48 Patton strengths are all in areas usually only best utilized by skilled players. Mostly the gun handling. Being able to snapshot like that with good alpha and DPM is just heavenly. Most great players do love it and it’s nice to see you are no exception 🙂

  25. Marshall Allshouse

    hearing the thought process of another (better) player while they’re playing shows the flaws in my own play. How you stay aware of what is going on around you is a skill that you clearly have honed very well.

  26. I like your commentary. Very relaxed and informative. I wish that I could be as consistent as you in gameplay though! haha

    I think my biggest problem is map awareness and knowing where to commit a push and how far to push. I pay close attention to the map but I often find myself tunnel visioning when things start getting intense. I also find that I’m just a little too aggressive sometimes and push too quickly to try and get an early advantage over the enemy team.

  27. So you 3 marked the FV4202? You mean the Tier 8 one or the one that was Tier 10 before the Cent. AX? Will the marks stay at the Cent AX or are they “lost”?

  28. Having the best DPM in the game, complaining about bad reload xD

  29. I wish I could figure out positioning even remotely as well as you D; Also I like this style of video a lot. Keep em coming 🙂

  30. 18:05 “so i go for the “Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a pirates life for me”

    srsly had to laugh so hard

    Btw, i realy like that you share your thinking about the situation! i think it helps me to improve my Gameplay alot!
    I only have 3.5k Battles (WN8 1254 / 30D 1854) yet but thanks to you and other Tubers my Learning Period for the basic Gameplay mechanics was very short. I still do lots of stupid things that bring me to the Garage but i can learn from them and improve constantly 🙂 Thx for the great Work you proviide to us

  31. I love how you commentate during your gameplay. Commenting on a replay instead of commenting while playing is nice, but with your type of commentary, it really helps one be exposed to and understand the mindset and thought process of a good player and such.

  32. It's not what you think

    How am I supposed to snipe you if you don’t live stream these.

  33. Lol, you’re canadian. Thats why you’re so nice! :))) best wot channel!

  34. “Clicker”….that’s racist 😉

  35. These videos are great

  36. Good vid cheers

  37. These narrated, live videos are fantastic. You’re like a slightly more feisty Zeven (patience of a saint, but some cursing – not a bad thing btw) and I love it.
    Circonflexes and Foch are great to watch for their personalities, but they don’t really explain their thoughts like you do.

    Canadian accent is a bonus.

  38. I far prefer the live games that show your avg games. The highlights reel of normal Youtube games give unrealistic expectations and I learn far more when things do not go to plan and you have to adapt to do the best you can.

    Keep up the good work dude.

  39. NoHomeLike

    In World of Tanks Blitz, the M48 Patton currently has the best turret of all the tier 10 mediums.

  40. NoHomeLike

    if you don’t end every game on 1 hitpoint, you aren’t using your tank effectively enough :^)

  41. Joakim Paldanius

    your pronounciation of Emil is pretty funny lol. good vid tho, the live commentary is great, keep it up

  42. Hey LemmingRush how long does it averagely take you to 3 mark at tier 10. I’ve been trying to 3 mark my tier tens but I get stuck around 93%.

  43. In the last game; I see your point why you dont want to talk shit… BUT how do you do only 170 damage in a top tier heavy with a derp gun. I mean; you dont even have to aim for weakspots or anything, just point and shoot and you will probably do around 300 damage each shot..

  44. Great content. Length is good. I watch all your long videos on 1.5x speed – the narration is still coherent and I get the info I need quicker. (Tip for those who think the vids are too long)

  45. I like these videos very much, they show tips and ideas on how to be a better player, and, like in the last replay, they show that even a very good player with a good tank and good strategy can lose. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but so often all we see from YouTubers are the one in a hundred epic games. Thanks for being honest.

  46. Leming….. doesn’t assisted damage also play a factor in the 3 mark system?

  47. you are vary good at the M48 Pattom i love playing it to 😀

  48. Matthew Edwards

    eeyyy i was in that video…..and did horribly -_- <--Naramsin

  49. Gotta be the Tesla

    Dang you are 18? I would not expect you to be younger than me with that voice.

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