Playing on Patch 9.19.1

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  1. well lemming for the screen thing just tell them to go to YT gaming since its the same thing as twitch as far as theater mode.
    Edit: also dude carry some HE in any T-34-85 variant, 280 alpha and 43mm of pen at tier 6 you do have some use for it, ESP since you dont tend to burn through ammo quickly.

  2. Great stream vid. Don’t worry about doing so many uploads… 2 per week good videos would be awesome enough.

  3. I’m glad I have sub notifications on for you Lemming; otherwise I would not have been able to watch this stream, cos I missed it again due to AUS timezones 🙂

  4. Gotta love those 48% pubbies telling you how to play. If you do what they do you would lose more.

  5. How do you get an enblem in-front of your tank? It looks cool, I wish I can get one.

  6. stefan paraschiv

    best premium tank?

  7. Lol I played high tiers yesterday and you’re right it wasn’t fun

  8. In that case I had realy amazing luck today…
    I played like 3 battles without arty.

  9. I playaed revalorise yesterday and it was epic dmg battles lol even had 80% WR

  10. Any winrate below 60% is you doing something wrong anything above is mostly getting lucky with teams

  11. never play on patch day!

  12. Wargaming wants to make armor more effective in game, yet they will tell the average player the whether they will pen including angle.

  13. this was my experience, day one of patch i had 70% win rate in like 30 games lol.

  14. Thank you for slumming it in my tiers! The struggle is real. 😀

  15. hey i was just wondering if its only me having problem playing on fishermans bay without stroung turret,i can see playing mid ridge only idk ;/

  16. try putting vents on the leopard and then try sniping. makes a HUGE difference

  17. cool vids man…i hope they fuck up xvm i get focused by clikers and rushed by moroons all the time just because i have 2 670 wn8….

  18. What are your thoughts on the amx 30 and 30 B?

    EDIT: the supertest changes to them that is, sorry for the lack of clarity.

  19. It is my opinion, that the change to Tier III match making (Essentially making them all preferred), has had an effect right the way up the food chain. Tier V no never can get the “ideal” top tier match making and this rolls on through the tiers above.

  20. I noticed that you do not have the accelerate crew training turned on your Super P. Do you do that on purpose? If so, why?

  21. I’m learning SO MUCH from your content. Many thanks. Good luck.

  22. hey great video! why don’t you run xp/credit boosters? and do you grind free xp and pay gold with the preems?

  23. It's not what you think

    “Thanks for the videos” – Removed from friends.

  24. I don’t understand how the penetration indicator taking angle into account is cheating. I never use the thing. Why do you need it? All you need is a general idea of how much armor a given target has, and if you don’t know just shoot lower plate or sides. Why would anyone need that indicator?

  25. Very good advice…. Thank you.

    Stay alive and stay in good position.

  26. Padding winrate in my experience can be done by doing alot of damage as early as possible while wn8 is done by surviving to do more overal damage towards the end game (win or loose). When doing a lot of damage early you will more often die early but your impact increases the chance of victory for the team while careful play early reduces win chance overall.

  27. that 13 75 , obviously 1 of those dicks that are looking at the stream same time or a real pubby baddy gone in 30 seconds suicide scout .
    @Lemming your : is not clickable in the description ( not turning blue )

  28. i gave you a like for your credit loss on the m3 lee xD

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