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I’m saving up for a new computer, because it’s been crashing while I’ve been streaming and recording. If you’d like to donate to my computer fund, Ive put my stream donation link below 🙂



  2. notification squad

  3. New mic? Sounds better for some reason

  4. It's not what you think

    Superheavies are passive cause they want their team to die so they have a better chance at getting a triangle at the end of the match even though they’ve lost.

  5. ?? Really ? U r calling this ranked ? Dude this is random, get rank 10 and then make some videos about rankeds

  6. Hey can you upload yesterday’s stream on twitch or youtube?

  7. gg. noob. stfu. ltp.. 😀 😀 😀

  8. Your delivery is so perfectly dry.

  9. I tried playing ranked with light tanks. Oh gods no.

  10. Gold Nova Lemming? Playing CS are we?

  11. Watched QB’s ranked guide to get a laugh and he didn’t disappoint. He actually says kills and damage don’t matter as much in ranked you get more xp by surviving longer lol. I’m going to guess he’s why super heavies are base camping instead of pushing.

    • He’s right. If you want to NOT LOSE chevrons you need to worry more about XP ‘vs’ your team mates than anything else. Losing a battle is 2nd to NOT losing a chevron. He’s just gaming the system, not advising the best way to play. You don’t get his w.r. and WN8 by not being a decent player.

    • I get what you’re saying and I agree. But you gotta get that his advice was how YOU should get chevrons. Sadly, heavies camping has been a reality for a long time. Selfish as it is, it might be better just to save yourself.

    • carpethroatius1 yeah try hard keep fanning the QB v’s Lemming embers….there’s nothing to say here. Both have views about Ranked and both are right.

  12. its really sad the fact that wothout a premium account you would have lost credits…. even tho you shot nothing but standart apcr

  13. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    No Tier 10s yet so great watching a master at work – lol. Thx for the vids, really liked this idea.

  14. Maybe could have side hugged the e50?

  15. I would like to see how you handle a tiny map like Mines in ranked. I had a terrible time every time I played that map because the middle hill gets locked down by a Super Conqueror and the side of the mountain gets locked down by a Badger, and pushing the island is just asking to get shit on by 1000 damage TDs. My experience with ranked is that these over-armored tanks lock down entire flanks and then make it impossible to push, so people end up shooting gold and HE at each other’s tiny pixel weakspots. This game was nice because you could make it work without gold, but I feel like not all ranked games are like that. If you make another video it would be cool to see like five or six battles in a video so that we can see how you handle some of these really annoying situations in the campy ranked metagame.

  16. you got 140 first 🙂 are you going for BC next?

  17. Super solid game! Unfortunately the team was way too heavy for you to carry :/

  18. DefendingTheFatherland

    Playing ranked without gold? Amazing, I mean I’ve gotten to rank 9 without it and with 200 ping.


  19. It’s really interesting to see how well you can go with a stock crew, Just shows how much you our skill so many others 😀

  20. I’m rank 15 and I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes in queue.

  21. Might not need a new computer, just a new GPU, CPU, or motherboard.

  22. Yes do that i like it and i have more respect 2players (unicums) who do well whittout gokd ammo 😉

  23. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    People are playing arty in ranked lmfao

  24. Have you tried war thunder? Any opinion?

  25. Excuse me, but hat kind of dumbass doesn’t spam gold in ranked? 😉

  26. Thank you so much you helped me to get my second mark in my 62a

  27. 3:41 I love the reroll comment 😀

  28. a good player hahaha

  29. what will be yur play on same map if they have 5 super hevs and a bunch on meds on enemy team with arty? because at higher ranks, super hevs and the new yolo wagon russian tds are very common

  30. Yes pliz it’s cool!

  31. I don’t have the nuts to do something this crazy. I wish I could play as well as you.

  32. Just completely outplayed an is7 on my team. Did twice the damage, 2 kills to his none. And 700 sporting damage to his 0 and he beat me by exp.
    A couple games before that I played my 430u and placed 3rd above guys that did 50% more damage and kills than me.
    Took this to the forums, and was shown that wg literally acknowledges there’s a Russian bias with regards to exp in ranked. Especially for the is7. Go check out my post in the general bug area. Titled “I got robbed!?”

    • You’ll see what I’m talking about and how retarded the exp tips in the Russians favor. I’m done with ranked till they unfuck this problem. Which they also stated they can’t.

    • many times i did more dmg,assist/spotting and blocking dmg compared to the 2nd best on my team and i still didn’t finish on top by exp….

  33. Love your videos lemming keep up the good work.

  34. Can u upload your streams on YouTube? I live in the other side of the world and I can’t watch while u stream

  35. AM I THE ONLY PERSON THAT NEVER SPAMS GOLD? I never use it unless absolutely necessary, like for penning a Type 5 under an angle or something

  36. more like this plz!

  37. I really like the vids you’ve done regarding fighting “clean” (no WIN8/Unikorn/Skilless Rounds) keep ’em coming.
    When skilled tankers, such as yourself, perform well under those circumstances it highlights just how good you tankers are, you have my respect.
    Battle On!

  38. This was great. Will be fun to see you play more ranked battles.

  39. That was nice play

  40. I’d really enjoy watching some more ranked with shitty loadouts 😉


  42. Can’t really see where you could’ve did better besides the end of flanking the capper from the 0 vs the field reducing the potential from the rear, but the wipe from the city was surprising to me, ranked is passive even on console unless you have skewed teams. console has a tighter grouping of each set of player skills to see the same faces frequently is common

  43. I really don’t get WN8, I only play light tanks as I like a bit of speed, I have a 59% overall win rate and will often rack up 5k+ assistance through tracking or spotting, I have all the tier 10 lights and 28k games but but my WN8 is really bad at 1500. Seems like a bad system for judging your ability.

  44. Would love to see more of these Lemming nice Video!

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