Playing Scouts on Maps Where Scouting is Impossible!

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Aye lemming. Corridor pass always pisses me off. Thanks for the vid

  2. Live is the best luv it content

  3. when are you streaming on twitch?

  4. Are you still sick? Or have you gotten better?

    • Honestly man, I can’t complain about the quality of my life 🙂 I’m really grateful for how well things are going for me, I’m doing much better currently.

    • +LemmingRush Great to hear that. I can’t wait to watch your streams and videos again. Cheers man 🙂

  5. What’s up RUSH ; )

  6. Good shit lemming, I can always come to you for ACTUAL tips on how to play the game.

  7. Hey Lemming, I was watching some of your older videos, like the ones where you post music you wrote. Do you know the music theory behind it? It seems you have an affinity for pentatonics.

  8. lol why arent you sitting on the red line

  9. Lem, you would not believe the ad thst just ran, so so radd

  10. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Thanks for the video, I always learn something watching you play.
    Really enjoy these videos.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  11. I would play same way with MT-25 without gold.
    Idk why you think its a shit tank

  12. Really like the live gameplay commentary, fresh and meaningful insight.
    Just one question. – how many takes does it need? ?

  13. Sup dude, amazing vid, could you make one for bottom tier matchmaking on maps you can’t scout on?

  14. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    2.8 reload time…
    This thing is just broken.
    But perfect gameplay, as always! Just that I (and probably many others) would like to see gameplay from you in less broken tanks. For instance, for this video you could’ve taken out a T37 or an AMX 12t. This way, you also negate the effects of having an OP tank (like the Type 64).

    • Just what i had in mind. Type 64 is just more broken and premium t67

    • A fish with incredibly long legs

      I was thinking exactly the same thing, i love my amx 12t, but i realized that this thing has a 2.8 sec reload between each shell, and the 12t has 2.5 intraclip 4 times, and then a 20 second reload, kinda disappointing now that i look at it

  15. I like the live gameplay/recording.

  16. Now that Zeven doesn’t upload anymore you have literally become the best wot youtuber when it comes to tactical gameplay. With recent unicum stats I can still learn something new everytime I watch your videos. Thanks for what you’re doing. 🙂

    • Siis 2500 recentit on kyllä melekoisen paskat jos totta puhutaan.

    • Feel like all na wot youtubers quit. Zeven doesnt play as often anymore as well as Lemming unless he plays in eu

    • No pointtina oli että hän on erittäin hyvä. Ja en minä nyt muista miten ne värit menee, recentit on 3.3k.

    • +Atte Rahikkala ottaen huomioon että leveilee statseillaan suunnilleen joka videossa niin lemmingin statsit ei edes ole mitkään hyvät.

    • No ei sekään nyt ollut pointtina tässä. En missään vaiheessa sanonut että hän olisi paras pelaaja, sanoin että hän on paras tekemään videoita. Soolona 60%+ wr ja 4k wn8 hightiereissä on kuitenkin parempi kun mihin suurin osa pelaajista pystyy. Siihen kun lisää tuon taidon selittää omaa pelaamista niin sanoisin että hän on paras videoidentekijä wotissa, ainakin mulle ollut Zevenin kanssa hyödyllisin.

  17. yaaay finally more vids on YT

  18. Rastislav Chynoransky

    Not even 1 mark on Type 64??? 😉

    Ok , only 2 marks ?!?!? Kappa

  19. Why you only upload lights?

  20. Hey Lemming, what happened to your streams? I’m kinda missing your streams.

  21. Thanks lemming! This helped a lot for light tanks <3

  22. live gameplay videos are pretty fun 🙂

  23. between you and taugrim, anyone should be able to scout like a pro nice video, much prefer live game play over this was my 1 in 100 game look how awesome i am

  24. great game LR, real live tips , live games,  please continue with this and give us more!!

  25. Lemming can you start streaming on Twitch. I’m learning so much from your replays
    loving the Vids

  26. From France, salut ! I recently found your channel, I just love how fluidly you speak despite being in the heat of the battle. Quick remark : I did not expect you, a unicum, to use autoaim as often as you do.

  27. fuck you lemming

  28. I love your videos so much! I always cant wait for the next one XD. But yeah good work takes long time. 🙂

  29. Fantastic, been interested in learning how to deal with these maps in an LT for a while. People always feel pressure to “spot” early and most expect suiscouts because that seems the norm these days

  30. Franz Benjamin Films

    thanks for the video buddy, I just got my first tier 9 – T54 ltw so i need all the light tank tips i can get!

  31. I completed LT-15 for the Obj 260 on Mountain Pass a while ago by spotting around the lake, got about 5k assist and 3,6k dmg. Still, as you said, not the best map for lights.

  32. How do you play on EU and NA? Do you have 2 different accounts?

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