Playing the BEST Credit Makers in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Ever wondered which tanks makes most credits in World of Tanks? Look no further as today I'm playing them all!



  1. still trying to suck all the youtube kids into playing a rigged game, what Q running out of money? need some new furniture.?

  2. Me: *Excited to see T34*
    QB: I’ve played too many heavy tanks, so I’m gonna skip the T34.

  3. can u suk more to wg?

  4. I’d love to see more frontline vids, I know its hated on but honestly my fave game mode


  6. “My teeth might of lost a few crew” haha!

  7. In my openion ELC also gets looots of credits. Repairs and ammo almost costs nothing, and that spoting gives you really high credits.

  8. Complaints Department

    Always fun seeing an EBR go splat. The majority of players hate those damn things, and I’m one of that majority.

  9. Best credit maker for me is the revo by a mile!! It is a very underrated tank

  10. Tomáš Pospíchal

    Pain in the……. back. YEP 😀

  11. Wow that 122 TM skin is heinous, and not in the good kind of way.

  12. U didnt even play a isu130! what the …..?

  13. T34, AMX CDC, Skorpion G, Dicker Max make good credit for me. I wish Leopard 1 could be a bit cheaper to maintain.

  14. 24:00 never leave a dead tank alive, especially bourrasques

  15. 26:00 A/C in the background: “Hey everyone its chillybaby and welcome back to world of tanks”

  16. im gonna bring back an idea from a few years ago. not that wg would ever entertain it. but only be able to allocate 20% of ammo as gold. dont have good standard pen? aim better. rotate. play smarter.

  17. QB overthinks the Progetto and Bisonte way too much, like im not saying im a better player, QB is clearly a good player, but whenever he plays these tanks he purposely misses out on free damage just because hes so worried about the reload, like dude, free shots on the Borat, just fire and eliminate him. “No i gotta do algebra calculation to determine my reload multiplied by travel time..”

  18. How to be the msot profitable : buy the most cancer meta premium VIII’s

  19. bz176 fire all hesh and still make 40+k if im hitting decently surprised it isnt on that list tbh

  20. 26:35 1377 avg exp gameplay.😂

  21. cheap molded plastic wading pool, goldens love water

  22. One of the few benefits of console is the silver earning. Cold War premiums + silver earn op + silver multipliers and you can earn millions of credits a game

  23. Ooh the ear is a high earner. I’m surprised I actually have a high earner. I was playing a while back and got an offer for it, and I didn’t have any French and I thought the idea of a wheeled vehicle would be cool so I grabbed it.

  24. The day qb realizes that vents shouldnt be on most tanks os the day he breaks 70%

  25. Naranbaatar Ayurzana


  26. WG needs to make more t4-7 tanks that are fun

  27. Its been awhile QB do youtube raw gameplay , doin multitasking playing , commenteting and where to position ur tank

  28. I use vents aiming device and vertstabs on skoda since i feel like its mobile enough to get around. Skoda is so filthy. The 460 alpha feel more like 500 alpha for me and it just stacks the damage so quickly. I think the 122tm does well because its a well rounded tank. Its got armor and and a accurate high pen high alpha gun. It does not care what map or what kind of match it is in it always works. If i want to print credits i usualy just play 122tm and renegade.

  29. Dear quicky baby I love seeing these live gameplay videos. they are funny and entertaining please more.

  30. I love that even when you make excuses for misplays, it pretty much comes down to “I could have played better” that’s really admirable.

  31. QB when it’s hot, give your puppy ice cubes. It helps a lot.

  32. My best credit farmer is progetto 46. I dont see it even in the comment section.. Not even a single mention.. I think progetto is one of the best tier 8 medium.

  33. Niclas Gudmundsson

    You could have shot the “ears” on the side of the CS turret. When you had your game in the bisonte.

  34. Darius Cartwright

    you made a video about making credits and yet you didnt show the amount you made ….. lol

  35. Hey, I was the bourrasque in your Skoda game, my WTR you saw is counted in the past 3 months, that’s why it’s 10000. Good game, let me know if you’d like to see the game from my point of view 🙂

  36. Memflix Kenshiro KO edition

    Elc 90 is my moneymaker, even if u dont shoot any rounds u will make credits for spotting, love this little thing

  37. Would be good to a see a version of this video for tech tree tanks

  38. would be helpful if u showed tanks that normal people can get, not spending £30

  39. Why not play t34 , playing op skoda but not playing t34 , it would be more interesting t34 ganeplay then op skoda ….

  40. I think there’s a strong argument to use vert stabs on T-56 – aiming is too slow for me.

  41. Hey QB, I’m a volunteer at an animal shelter. Remember, on very hot days, the ground can be dangerous for Thors paws, so you might want to avoid asphalt and cemented or stoney (and especially metal) grounds and carry him over those to grass and earth, or maybe get him little shoes 🙂

  42. If the EBR 75 didn’t have the 2-shot gun, it wouldn’t be that op.

  43. Not killing the bourasque in that bisonte game was a big error. Yea a full clip takes an age but I’d empty it nearly every time into a dangerous tank I could take off the map.
    The bisonte didn’t troll you. You were killed by the tank you could easily have taken out of the game

  44. The profit is gone , the moment you buy 😊premium

  45. Alexander Stoyanov

    I honestly prefer tier 6 for credit grinding, more enjoyable than tier 8, albeit it with less profits

  46. I know that these games are not live on twitch in this video, but some are and it would be cool if you could link vod and timestamp of games you play live that you comment over the video, I’ve been watching like that your vods from time to time and sometimes its hard to find that game on twitch vods.

  47. People who spam gold ammo are low iq individuals who suffer from lizard brain syndrome.

  48. Now how about a video with the most profitable tech tree tanks? Would be interesting to see this from a F2P perspective, and even more so since out of the tanks you showed only the 122 TM is available to be purchased at the moment.

    My premium tank selection is quite limited, so I don’t really have a lot of choice when it comes to credit making. The IS5 has been old faithful for me and King Tiger (C) works pretty well for me too, especially since I’m more comfortable in tier 7.

  49. Syahareen Sha Rani

    When I looked at the tier 8 tech tree tanks is all a sea of reds …. There is no justice to tech tree tanks …

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