Playing the BEST Czechoslovakian tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing Czechoslovakia's best tanks in World Tanks including Vz. 44-1, Vz. 55, TVP T and ShPTK-TVP 100!



  1. Cookie baby I’ve been watching you for at least 5 years and your knowledge of playing the game and the influence once in acknowledge that you provide is outstanding thank you happy Thanksgiving

  2. how many games do you play a year?

  3. Definitely prefer when you play live and not cherry picked games. Makes me feel better about some of the games I get in and just get absolutely destroyed because I made a mistake or my team just disintegrates or some random RNG ricochet that should of penned and doesn’t (Yes EBR 105 I am looking at you when I shot you with my JGPZE100). Glad with that happening the frustration I feel is also shared even by someone who has played the game since the beginning such as yourself. Keep up the great work and great videos 🙂

  4. Анди Василев

    The vz44 was one of the worst things I had to grind although I managed to get 58% wins

  5. The shptk is just so good at picking up kills

  6. Are we not going to talk about that cheating in 3rd (TVP) game? Not spotted and shot time over time??

  7. And also the players can only move if QB or MJ says it like a RTS but with real players

  8. Hi, quickyboxtank. Do not forget to execute sleeping, eating, and other meatbag functions for optimal efficiency.

  9. WG is broken. I played 60 games over 2 days, every shot was premium even the arty. The game is broken.

  10. So… at about 29 mins you shoot the Super Conq a number of times and say that it will draw fire (with a friendly Char Futur 4 right beside you) – yet you scream blue murder when the Foch is behind you drawing fire. Hmmm… having your cake and eating it too QB?

  11. Holmes Deep? No siree, it was Helm’s Deep.

  12. Nice video qb but i have a request. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls when you play the best russian tanks pls play the IS-3-II. I know that there are a lot of low tier tanks with better Wr% but PLEASE do it for the high tiers. Do it for me.

  13. I think Holmes Deep was a different kinda movie lol, showing my age there. 🙁

  14. Quick is a nice guy and I can’t figure out if he is too stupid to think that wargaming will put him in a situation for wins or if he really thinks he is getting these wins on his own merits. I suppose it does not matter since he is BANKING HARD CORE for his perception of it one way or another . The problem I have with him , War gaming will give him (use code) To put quick and all these other clowns in a position of dominance for his personality . It is NOT a FAIR GAME. Once you kids and adults figure this out ………I may Buy out Wargaming to make it more FAIR for all the Players and not just the Entertainers for cash.

  15. The enemy side on the 3rd TVP game has really good comms. Progetto or obj 268 getting shot from the bushes hence pinging the map on where it’s taking its shots from tells the arty to blind fire. Leopard getting tired from getting spotted so they coordinate with the grille to blind fire at the same time. This is what i think at least.a

  16. It is not pronounced veepera you dont call a snake a veeper it is pronounced viper with emphasis on the I so the tank is pronounced the same v(eye)pera not veepera. Come on college boy speak properly. Just because Italians say it that way doesnt mean we want to hear it that way. You are an english speaking person so speak proper english.

  17. These live videos are your best videos you have made QB.

  18. These live videos are actually some of the best formats imo. Mindset is something alot of people struggle with, and there are enough showcases of good games. With this, you can both showcase how good you are, and educate us on another level.

  19. 22:42 I have never heard you make that sound

  20. Bringing up Jingles name makes me feel so old! loved watching them play WOT together

  21. Shame on QB for blocking the e-100 and blaming him

  22. I love the live videos! Compare to pre-recorded

  23. I think Quickybaby should mention that the statistics are somewhat skewed with regards to the premium tanks. Not to say that premium tanks aren’t better than non-premium tanks but the win rates are certainly not accurate because people who buy premium tanks are better at the game.

  24. I really liked the Vz 44-1. My pick for tier seven heavies. The T29 is too slow for me.

  25. Vz55 really needs an gun handling nerf, it destroys especially all the garbage German heavy mains with the short exposure time combined with small weakspots

  26. Hello Quickybaby! I know you are fairly new to World of Tanks, so you might not be aware of this, but in the bottom right corner there is a small icon that shows how many games you have played in one session.

    Now, I am curious and I have a question: How is it possible that it went up by 2, from “59” to “61”, when you “accidentally didn’t record” footage of only one game in the ShPTK?

    Honestly, I also want to cry right now because of this bug, this game just treats you so unfairly, it’s making me cry fr


  28. Big agree Cobra Commander is pretty obnoxious.

  29. Enemy would be telling arty where to concentrate their fire.

    As for the rest of it, it’s the usual idiot gameplay for late at night with people ramming you or sitting next to you and firing when you are in cover.

  30. I would kill to see you and Jingles platoon again.. Tog and box tank platoons were the best!

  31. I quite like these videos. We get to see wide variety of vehicles and not just the best of the best battles.

  32. I like to point out the vz 55 has an average winrate . Yea its balanced .

  33. How many games a CVS has ruined . Lets give medium tanks the ability to out spot lights of the same tier . Same or better view range and then you add field mods and CVS completely broken . And if QB cared more about game balance then wanting to shop through bushes he would say the same . SPOTTING A LEOPARD 1 THROUGH 5 BUSHES NOT MOVING OR FIRING WITH ANOTHER MEDIUM TANK REALLY BALANCED .

  34. These live for YouTube are great. They make me want to start watching the streams.

  35. You will spot people through bushes with CVS. If you simply backed up and put more bushes between yourself and the Leopard, you will still spot him and he won’t spot you.

  36. Quicky baby, sometimes you just need to chill out, you talk way too much.

  37. Personally I think that all swedish and czech tech trees are the best basically all the tanks are either super fun or decent with 5 of the best t10 tanks

  38. Welcome bank 😀

  39. vz44 is one of the absolute worst tanks i’ve ever played.

  40. The leo didn’t proxy spot you, he was at 82m. It was blind I guess

  41. Cobra has a better burst. 4 shells,1.5 intra clip same as tvp. But 490 alpha

  42. I like these vids but i like more when you play not X tier

  43. 19:30 That’s a pretty standard spot for a medium that they know is in the area.

  44. The Leopard spotted you because you weren’t double bushed and so your camo was poor .

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