Playing the BEST Italian tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing Italy’s including the Minotauro, P.43 ter, Carro d’assalto P.88, Progetto 66 and Progetto 65!



  1. Game voice is way too much high.

  2. Minotauro, or just the whole Italian TD from tier8, are just braindead tanks

  3. Pls play luchs

  4. It’s so nice that QB is so transparent about when he is playing with his actors, it’s refreshing to have an honest gaming YouTuber

  5. Great video man thanks for making content.

  6. Not played tanks for ages, was wondering on your second build do you need a new module if it is the same in both? So for example if you have vents in slot one in both builds would you need 2 sets of vents?

  7. Lol, he Said the minaturo takes 36 sec to dump the mag. He was close, it’s 40. Math is hard.

  8. QB’s commander during that Progetto 65 game after defeating the Foch. Sounding like a soccer (football) announcer after a goal.

  9. 20:32-20:53

    An underhanded insult for the Rinoceronte? How positively British of you, Quickybaby!

  10. The Italian tds in blitz are op but not broken

  11. Damn it cant stop laughing at 05:08 , 🤣 might actually die and might not but wait 😆 , please put this on QB moments ☺️👍🏻

  12. love this video and been waiting for this branch

  13. i like the pantera 44 the best. even more, than the progetto 46.

  14. Funny thing is, I was not excited about the P 43 ter as well, but when I was done with that tank, I literally ended with over a 60% win ratio.

  15. Funny, whenever I get a Minitauro in my team they’re the first guy to die. Literally every time

  16. 39:25 your good laugh plays very well always World of Tanks 🤣👏✌

  17. Focus 155 has high HEAT pen, no? That’s probably why he rushed the 279e.

  18. The difference is youtubers with their own tank commanders get paid actors that score at least 60% fresh on rotten tankmatoes.

  19. Never played the p43 ter, i might have to get it like the cs44, i love the vk30.02D for spotting, brawling! I do amazing 😉

  20. I really enjoyed the P.43 ter. It’s a fun tank because it has mobility unlike the ones before it. I ended up keeping it.

  21. So the Mino is like Bobject on Steroids(the nerfed verision)😂

  22. I have reached contraticco, that TD is a beast

  23. QBmaybe your next series could be playing the worst series of each nation bud? The struggle is real my friend

  24. Love my Italian mediums not started the td line because i don’t like td’s sorry

  25. Prety sure that Foch 155 had 395 heat pen loaded

  26. Balanced? Every time I play Skoda T56, I get eaten alive while hull down cuz every player I face just lolpens me, either in the cupola or the hull and I die cuz I got shit pushed cuz the tank really isn’t that OP QB

  27. you should do a video about your worst tanks (by personal win rate)!

  28. Hmmm Skoda t56 I hate you I hate you. Try play tier 4 tank and need to fight pz. V/IV 😂

  29. Any game where a 279e loses is a good game.

  30. wanna comment on the tier 7 and tier 8 gap. yes there is massive gap between tier 7 and 8 but they shouldn’t buff tier 7, they need to nerf tier 8. i play alot of tier 6 games just cause the game is actually enjoyable and mostly fun up until tier 7. and even if there’s only 3 tier 8 in team matchup then that fight gets so horrible and ruins all the fun. i don’t feel the same when playing tier 5 tanks in tier 7 matchup tho.

  31. i love p44 pantera more, but somehow i did better in p43

  32. 22:53 that’s just poetic

  33. I grinded this tank for sole purpose and that is screwing chiefs and 279e’s when playing hulldown, and i successfully did that, feels good man 😤

  34. In 35:00 I can hear Samuel Jackson say: “This was a mother*uckin miracle and I want you to acknowledge it, Vincent…” 😀

  35. It’s so weird to have a tank in the game that you own that is literally your own name (Leo).

  36. Did he play the carro? If so what time please. I am a wotb player and I watch every video I can on tanks that I enjoy

  37. Confirmed all paid actors

  38. stupid question : does crew keep the original training of the previous tanks or not ??

  39. QB forgets the Foch 155 has like 400mm of pen

  40. I always like seeing the differences between wot and wotb, they added them to wotb too and the minatoro has an extra weakpoint (one more cupolas) and a 3 mag auto-reloader with a 3.5s intra-clip reload.

  41. Ah if only you were a blitz CC then maybe you can actually get the devs to get their shit together

  42. Damdinsuren Ganbaatar

    QB ive been thinking about this for some time, but never really did the calculations, lets say youre constantly shoothing with the Minotauro, instead of shoothing the 5th shell, what would happen if you shoot 4th then insta reload. Someone do the math would that increase the dpm or nah or in this case damage per x amount of minute cuz i would recon shooting 5 shells will result in higher dpm for only 1 minute. And i just thought 4 and reload might be higher damage result in 2 or 3 minutes

  43. Bro first vid where qb doesnt have intuition on a crew GIVE US OUR QB BACK PLIZ

  44. I honestly dont envy you having played 12hrs a day for a week. I played for 8hrs one day to complete the last frontline and was busted by the end lol

  45. “Not sure how thick that bush is?” 😗 If it was the 1970’s you could hide a platoon of Type 5’s in it without ever getting spotted. 🤣 I’m sure that joke will sail over many peoples head, because they weren’t even born yet. (I’m old) Rock on QB 🤘😎

  46. Thank you very much for these series and I would like, if possible, to make a review for the KV-1SA ?

  47. @QuickyBaby , why do I hear Mario kart noises in the background? xD

  48. When was this live on you tube? Quacky keeps talking about playing these games live.

  49. recon shooting 5 shells will result in higher dpm for only 1 minute. And i just thought 4 and reload might be higher damage result in 2 or 3 minutes

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