Playing the BEST PREMIUMS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the BEST Premium in World of Tanks!



  1. thats not mouse, mouse have tail, your is wireless so it is hamster

  2. RNG: op tanks ,you’re sure ?

  3. Just bought the 703 II yesterday, it’s my first ever tier 8 premium, and it’s the last time I pay WG money, just wanted a decent credit maker and crew trainer.

    • The tank’s armor is ok, but the cannon, with the apcr projectile, bounces on or around ridiculous things. As if I can’t overmatch with this caliber, it’s ridiculous.

  4. That last game gave me ebola.

  5. Hey quicky baby, we love you, but could you please set less ads in videos?

  6. I enjoy these kinds of videos. I’m able to watch a game or two whenever I have a bit of free time. I’d love to see you do this for the tanks at each tier (the larger tiers should be broken down into different parts for sure)

  7. Do a video on the pay to lose tanks! And id personally prefer to see a mix of these longer videos and your standard shorter ones

  8. Wheres the Wireless Maus mouse?

  9. 24 mins in and it’s good to see normal play again. Age creeping up on you as you seem to be getting slower (or is it the mouse) 😂😂

  10. 1:16 Logitech G? Superlight?

  11. 19:25 you can see that the right half of the prep time circle is dashed, it means that the right barrel will not hit the target.

  12. My AMX 65 t started crying because of this video

  13. I find that mause QB comment funny…. from what understand it…. it is not sponsored… so I wont tell you what brand it is…. funny. Maybe its me and how I see all these internet influencers only sellout mentality. Who knows.

  14. You are a great entertainer so these unscripted videos have their charm! However, the structured ones are nice as well but for my taste I’d say that the structured ones are best served in a <30 minute duration while these, "casual" ones do well >30 minutes.

    Keep it up, QB!

  15. Rate T9 prems and play them through.

  16. A comment for the algorithm

  17. Where can i get that modpack?

  18. Great video….it certainly isn’t a waste of time…keep it up QB

  19. I don’t mind either the long or short format, but I do like the long formats if they’re all on the same topic.

  20. the mouse is the g pro x superlight and it’s amazing btw

  21. Hey QB, can you make a video about all the t8 techtree vehicles would be very nice. also u missed the bour in ur previous video

  22. I would like a mix of the older, shorter vids and this Format, I enjoy both

  23. i dont agree with renegade i think its more of a decent choice and not a pay to win

  24. Who is looking foward a video of the pay to lose tier tanks?

  25. Great video QB and what a final match! TS-5 game shows how aggression can really change how a map is “expected” to be played 😀

  26. I watched this to kill time

  27. More like this pls.

  28. I don’t mind tho I think it would be best to have both

  29. +QuickyBaby I noticed Naraka on your desktop the other day. Are you going to put vids of that on YT as well? Or perhaps another YT channel?

  30. Oh, i just love seeing these streamers who take food instead of fire extinguisher burn in a clutch game

  31. Would we see a day that QB stops promoting a rigged game?!!!
    It needs dignity and Humanity.

  32. Love the vids keep it up

  33. Yes, more of these long videos plz 🙂

  34. Hey QB, what is the ISU130?

  35. QB, bond mouse is way too OP! I hope you are going to use normal one playing on plays for free account 😉
    Have a nice day!

  36. i like the long vids

  37. Why is the MOE for a T78 soo high 1200 compared to my T56 of only 600

  38. Why QB is using Commander Viewing System that much?

  39. QB I like these long videos you’re making keep it going! 👍🏼

  40. Which not-P2W-T8-tank managed to sneak into the thumbnail from the right?

  41. Just Hide!!!!!!

  42. I love how 703 2 is considered one of the best but I still play like a donkey inside it

  43. longer videos are good

  44. i like this video but why has YT got rid of dislike counter

  45. I use SteelSeries Rival 3 wireless. Works awesome!

  46. I think 2 games are the sweet spot (as for the autoloaders)! Merry Christmas!

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