Playing the BEST Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today I’m playing the BEST tanks in World of Tanks!



  1. Can we get a low tier video like tanks to use for tiers 4-7

  2. How do I send you a clip, I have a really great one that is amazing

  3. Emil/Krang meta needs to get nerfed to the ground asap, endless tools driving around spamming full gold while having better effective dpm than most mediums

  4. stick_to_the_shadows

    The Manticore looks like the recoil of the gun would set it back 20 or 30 meters😅

  5. Old Deformed Soldier Tortoise….it hates pizza.

  6. How the hell is the Manticore near the top of the list? 😱

    • cos it’s sneaky af, perfect for ambushes. Really like this tank, although I’m an experienced player. And I think it is mostly the experienced players who play the Manticore, cos if you don’t have the means to skip every other tank in the line (via blueprints and free xp) I think it is not worth the hassle for most players. I think it is somewhat of a hidden gem, only good and experienced players will know how that tank actually is. And the stats on the tank are rather deceiving, most people look at the tanks horrible dpm and decide it’s not worth the grind. When in fact, like QB highlighted, the dpm doesn’t really matter, since you mostly give off ambush shots after which you need to fall back immediately. Good dpm doesn’t matter if you need to fall back after shooting.

  7. Just saw how much quickybaby is poor lol the new field mods are costing some big bucks

    Edit: The moment you realize that he actually has more Gold than credits… lol

  8. Quacky the feisty little tortoise

  9. My biggest mistake playing this game is when i was playing it at NA server while im from asia with russian TD line lol its hard to hit something when your ping is 300ms +

  10. Which field mods on Manticore?

  11. Love this so much awesome to see you having fun and laughing in game lol

  12. Love the laugh

  13. Meanwhile the tortoise in blitz: **complete pain**
    I just don’t like how much the blitz version differs from the pc version in tanks, you can’t expect an op tank in WOTpc to be op in blitz.

  14. I suco at this game. So I watch you instead

  15. Did u notice that, most of the highest win ratios are on armored TD’s? Isn’t it all about just using them in frontline to PUSH lanes instead of camping behind in glasscanons TD’s. Seems like it makes a difference on the battlefield when u have more bruteforce to push with HT’s

  16. Tortoise game is why I stopped world of wanks, RNG is just to damn stupid, takes the skill out of the game.

  17. When QB gets karma

  18. russian bias hah?….and in the top 5 we have 3 british tanks. the irony

  19. war thunder is better than world of tanks
    cs war thunder is much more realistic, its much more fun, it has planes, armor exists so you can kill someone from a first shot, you can bounce an enemy’s shot, if your round has less pen than the enemy has armor pen then your shell wont go through

  20. so tortoise would be almost impossible to pen in war thunder unless you find a weakspot

  21. 0:21 0:25 No pay to win detected.

  22. I dont like the playing the Tortoise as I find it boring but I have good games in it.

  23. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    Man, all these tanks perform like a hot knife trough butter. wish I had one of those performers…

  24. Quickybaby: I am going to take a risk, I know its a little bit risky

  25. QB QB !!!
    Just a video idea perhaps, but videos on collectors vehicles that were once popular and now are forgotten like Jagdpanther 2, (you already did T-62a recently), Hetzer, firefly, T71Da and AMX30/30B would be cool to see

  26. I know people like to bash the amx m4 54, but i have more fun games in it while sporting 58% winrate in it.
    The 130mm cannon is my go to, so when people just don’t respect it you can abuse that fact.
    Being able to overmatch have come clutch more than i thought it would when i got it.

  27. In the AMX game, seizing that position and causing the entire enemy team to futilely concentrate on you was definitely a key play. Half a dozen opposing tanks just wasting shells bouncing off you while the rest of your team shot them.

    • Yeah, but let’s be honest, QB made a mistake there, but he got lucky. He was in a scary crossfire and he said that it is to his advantage, looooooool!

  28. QB winning every round, showing exactly why they have the best Win Ratios along the way.

  29. I’ve been playing Wot off and on for over 7 years according to them which sounds about right. I have played every tank up to tier 8 and have a few tier 9. But I will not go any higher then what I have now. player tier 9 has shown me everybody at 9 or higher mostly only throw gold at you. I only have 3 or 2 tanks to play to get them from being stock. Which make this question even more pointless but never the less here I am. What are you tips for lvling up a stock tank? Its like WG is making push the 2 key cause the new tank you just got its gun is worst then the tank you just lvled up. Its not so bad with TD or lights but med and heavy seem to have the worst time lvling.

    • easiest and most obvious answer would be to use free xp. Use free xp only on stock tanks and don’t use it otherwise. Apart from that, use experience boosters (personal reserves) when playing stock tanks. And if u are a free to play player like me, wait with the grind when you get free days of Premium Account. Through events, Battlepass, Daily missions and through the campaign rewards you can get them. With the Premium account u get 5 times plus 3x experience which you can activate for every battle of your choice which you have won. Use those xp boosts on stock tanks. That way the grind will be A LOT easier and shorter.

  30. anyone else sitting here, watching QB and listening to him say “rather medioacre game” and you are thinking “damn, that would be one of the best games of the evening for me”. anyone? no, just me?

  31. When I see QB jump from that cliff, I know I have to spank the like button.

  32. vents are garbage module compared to others, funny how qb uses them on everything 😀

  33. the matches. 15-3. 15-5. 15-3… hmm.. team balancing at its best.

  34. As much as I enjoy daily QB videos, tired of seeing high tier tanks all the time. Like to see more videos on mid tier tanks..

  35. MANTICORE!!!!

  36. Rating tanks by WR is utterly, utterly stupid and wrong. Such experienced player like You should know that…

  37. Drink a shot whenever QB says helistic

  38. Great video my friend

  39. Launch world of gold after 2years, launch a game t8, get explosed by t10, desinstal this garbage

  40. Look like all my shot that WG does too me QB get used to them when you play on USC server money money money is what they want

  41. Well.. The “top” gun not being the best choice seems to be a running theme on French vehicles – when you get more raw power but usually at the massive expense of handling.

  42. The best tanks in world of tanks….. but only if they are Tier 9 or 10 and QB likes them 😀

  43. can you do a best and worst video for each group of tank classification in the future

  44. quicky where did you get that Manticore camo and add ons?

  45. Blaming Tortoise of hasty shots that miss…

  46. Play the best ramming tanks tier for tier: afkpanther, kv5/kv4 kres, e50/e50m

  47. twin turbo is always better. it’s even proven by keisuke in a rx7 vs rx7 battle. keisuke in a twin turbo against kyoko’s single turbo

  48. i like how he skips the t-34-1 for mediums lol

  49. Meanwhile Tortoise in blitz: second worst tier 9 td in terms of stats

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