Playing the BEST tanks of China in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing China's including the T-34-1, , WZ- 5A, WZ-111G FT and BZ-176!



  1. Quickybaby, can you please review the T-34-3? Or at least another video on the T-34-3.

  2. Two games in a row? QB has definitely identified a desirable tank!

  3. I give cred for QB to 98% not using any premium ammo in this clip. MORE OF THIS QB!!!

  4. Can’t wait for Ho Ri to be added as a Tank Destroyer Free to Play players are gonna love that

  5. that game in the wz TD game was INSANE! maybe it wasnt a win but it sure was entertaining, so perhaps you should consider it a win 🙂

  6. Lol already grinded the type58 awhile ago now, great tank for shooting fast!

  7. T34-1 was good but not stellar, my best tier 7 medium is the vk30.02D with over 3k battles with 60% win rate

  8. you have turned sideways with that wz 111 like a noob … what was in your head ?

  9. watching this made me buy the wz tier 9 Chinese td, and holy cow is it fun. Cant believe this tank flies under the radar like this lol

  10. “I’ve actually got a terrible win ratio in this vehicle, only 57%” The casual flex lol

  11. 27:00 Lol… that platoon of TDs dispatched with a reaper HE shots.

  12. did he say strv k for strv 74? at 12:45

  13. Untrue about the 58, I’m a below-average player and have had a 54% win rate since before the new line was mooted and maintained it while grinding it for the points

  14. World of long videos…. I stopped after 30 seconds… no thanks

  15. Syahareen Sha Rani

    T-34-1 has the highest camo at tier 7 tech tree tank …..

  16. poor is 2 🙁

  17. Mihai Sorin Daniluc

    To overconfident! Sorry!

  18. I actually like the Type 58, or did back in the day at least. It was the first tank I ever got a second MoE on. Unfortunately considering that its biggest weakness is its absolutely pathetic standard pen, I can’t even imagine how painful it is to play nowadays with dozens of tier 8 premiums running around with their 500+ alpha and armor that can’t be penned even with gold rounds

  19. I’ve never been so hyped and invested in a WOT match as I was in the last game lmao so fun.

  20. Hey QB. Can you possibly do: playing the least played tanks?

  21. Tomás Chefel Polli

    QB do a video showing that bourasque 10k perspective

  22. The 110 has a terrible win ratio lol

  23. Bourrasque’s curse :))))) 13:20

  24. Running2 StandStill

    awesome td game qb!!!

  25. First two battles summize my experience at tier 6. You can play good, especially in sweet spot tanks like AT8. And then you meet tier 8 with their much-much better counterparts. Bourrasques, who can outspot you even in light tank, ShPTK, who will outshot you, or BZ-176 with its insane premium HEm that makes tier 10 tanks crumble.

  26. love your content, QB.

  27. 14:10 Sure it was a good game. Sad though that the player had nothing to do with it except to open his purse.

  28. QB, just got the Obj 283. NO MONEY SPENT!

  29. why did they introduce a BZ to the game ? Was anyone asking for a tier 8 that can 1 shot most tier 6 tanks ? Were there not enough OP premiums ? I just dont get their marketing this sort of tank makes people want to quit. The number of dejected comments in chat about being 1 shot 2 or 3 games in a row is really concerning. I’m convinced Wg are just dumb about whats needed in the game

  30. one mistake in the WZ and it costed you everything xD idk why you would give the tnh your side

  31. qb becomming an average player. Progress

  32. Bloody hard lines in your TD great game

  33. Babe wake up QuackyBaby just posted a new vid

  34. Seeing OP premiums dominating feels much better when I don’t play the game anymore.

  35. 59-16 used to have 6 round autoloader

  36. Throughout this video aside from the BZ, QB always died from a two shelled autoloader tanks

  37. You will feel a lot more pain as Wargamming continues to release utterly broken OP premium vehicles. Get ready it to be new normal for you.

  38. The wz 113g ft game was awesome, sad it was a defeat

  39. I disaggree with you type58 very good tank and i have so much fun with it 🙂

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