Playing the BEST tanks of France in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing France's in World of Tanks including the 54, AMX 30, AMX 50 Foch, AMX 12t the Panhard EBR 75!



  1. my winrate normally is above 52% now its down to 37,30 last 7 days!!!!!!!!!! fuck wg for this kind of scam! its rigged. i didnt bought loots thats why

  2. 34:57 bro chose violence in chat

  3. 34:48 based ambt player

  4. Did you mean to leave out the arty? Enjoyed the video though.

  5. T62a is a collector tank and still has terrible WR. So that point on the amx30 isn’t valid.

  6. im gonna clarify here m4 54 old top speed is 40 and they nerf it to 35 so WG didnt buff it they just nerf it

  7. I think one of the things about the Foch at t9 rather then t10 is the same as with some of the British compared to American. you have less shots so you spend less time exposed.

  8. I fire normal rounds still.

  9. Hey can you do one on the amx 30B

  10. down a slope it would probably have about 50 km/h top speed, gravity ~ 10, 10 + 40 = 50

  11. “garage speed run”…hahahahahahaaha

  12. 14:49 I laughed at this way harder than I shouldve

  13. QB why is the M V Y having such a terrible winrate??? When it seems like it should be as good as something like a a conquerer cause it has an insane turret with same gun depression as conquerer and good DPM still aswell I’m not understanding it lol

  14. God damn was that some great teamplay with the 121B.

  15. 34:49 n word censor pls

  16. No leaf blower? How did you miss out on the lefhlfhlfhlfhlfh

  17. The Foch is still a beast

  18. The AMX M4 %$ is nice to pkay. I lost 5 of 5. Very good tank with small gun.

  19. who was the voice in the amx?

  20. You talk and talk and talk.

  21. Your bicep is the width of my wrist…

  22. 14:50 should be a highlight
    No context is probably the best

  23. Guys you should definitely use improved hardening instead of vents on the AMX M4 54.

  24. Funny how the AMX M4 54 was the worst tier 10 tank and now its basically the best!

  25. Has QB played the worst tanks of all time

  26. Foch has much better gun handling than foch b. I can trust foch gun, foch b i feel i have to use whole mag just to hit one pen.

  27. Nice shot, Screwby

  28. Why no AMX 50B? Was my first T10 tank, well after the FV215b, but that doesn’t count XD

  29. Thanks for the informative video. I can’t make this tank works for me. I use it very badly. Never know where to go.

  30. Hi QuickyBaby, it’s everyone!

  31. I like the AMX 50 100. But definitely not a tank for everyone.

  32. One of my favourite tanks in the game is the
    BDR G1 B it’s gun is insane at tier 5 you can two or 3 shot almost every tank you’ll be fighting except the t7’s

  33. the only reason im clicking those videos is to check how retarded his equipment setup is to screenshot it and post it in the right place

  34. @quickybaby at 34:50 some dude said the n word. censor lol

  35. Where is AMX40?!? Light Tank which can bounce 122mm russian rounds (regular)!!!! S35CA TD impressive gun!!! AMX30B – French Leopard. Borat…..

  36. Screw-B? The bad brother of Quicky?

  37. Hmm, I don’t know. I got my EBR FL from the Black Market last year, when they did the key / random stuff thing

  38. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    AMX 30 is good because it better than most IX med, while the X version is not that good compare to other X meds.

  39. Artillery never deserves respect, only noobs play that.

  40. I think the french tech tree is still one of my favs. Back to the old days, when AMX 13 90 was still tier 8, and there were no other autoloaders, AMX 50 100 and AMX 13 90 are my absolutely boys! I aslo really love the tier 9 Foch when you have a good match making this thing is a little monster. So much fun to play!

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