Playing the BEST tanks of Germany in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing Germany’s including the 36.01, E 50, RU 251, Jagdpanzer E 100 and the and only Maus!



  1. i like the e100 15cm wayyyyy more than the maus because it does exactly the same thing but hits harder which benefits huge when trading/bad luck. you had a few situation where you traded but trading 1:1 is not very good. the 15cm trasdes more like 1.5:1

  2. E50 is front drive driven, the transmission in front of the driver. The E50M has its drive wheels in the rear. Look at the side profile of the M, you’ll see every at the rear of the vehicle.
    The E50 suffers from the same transmission fires as the Lowe, King Tiger, etc.

  3. RIP 3601H was so great and fun back in the day

  4. I did the whole oh I want a tiger those are scary 😂

  5. Quackybabs never fear in your tier 6 heavies against a bz-176 when there is water on the map! You can in fact overpower a bz-176 with rocket boosters in your kv-2 and drown them (when you have a turbo at least)! Proved from experience 🙂

  6. QuickyBaby is like the Rainman of WOT 😛 LOL

  7. I think it is cool to see you play while filming. I would imagine though that it is more difficult being that you aren’t able to quite concentrate like you would normally.
    My first tier x was the type 5 heavy, second was the 60TP and 3rd was the Maus. So far over all I like the Maus for the German heavies.

  8. This maybe sounds dumb or silly but i dont want big tanks with lots of HP (like the Maus) on my acc since the increase in Rigging games.
    For those who dont know “some” of the accounts that rigg games are Hacked ones.

  9. You bringing up the vk36 with the proper gun brought back good memories there was a competition years ago in the na servers for everybody to compete to do the most damage I used this tank with this gun I was very depressed I didn’t win I had over 6400 base damage always laughed at all the morons who used the 8.8 where this gun had basically twice the fire rate and had more penetration Edit This was when this was still a medium tank

  10. Hellcat has the best gold at tier 6…it gets like 247 pen or smth in the 240s on its gold rounds

  11. 38:00 – “remember, that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer”

  12. Naranbaatar Ayurzana

    shaadag sda

  13. The VK 36 HT was my first heavy too and I loved how it was just this miniature tiger at tier VI that absolutely throat fucked tier IVs when you met them 😩

  14. it was pleasure to play with you @QuickyBaby im the guy in ebr90

  15. My unforgettable memory with the VK 36.01H was playing my friend’s account and using the derp gun while he was having smokes and a blast of The Man Who Can’t Be Moved in the cafe. Gosh this was 10 years ago.

  16. I finished Heavy Tank 15 for the Obj 260 in the Maus on Prokhorovka. I found a nice light tank for extra spaced armor to cover my lower plate and angled my turret. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but I got more than enough blocked to add to my dead tank hit points and the damage I had done.

  17. Best Japanese Tanks

  18. Playing best German tanks in WoT, but not playing VK100P, blasphemy

  19. What, no arty there QB?

  20. 40:52 that laugh sounds exactly like his stream notification “huehuehuehue thank you” XD

  21. i love how the pz7 is so forgettable that QB said “both the two tech trees are incredible the e100 tech tree, the maus tech tree is incredible” – he is right to forget it tbh, maus was my first t10 and it was amazing then and is amazing now, and the e100 is also still great – pz7 however…… was ok when it came out and people didnt know how to hurt it but now….yikes for that one lol

  22. U didnt play artillery 😞

  23. I started with German heavies as well. The aesthetic is top notch.

  24. I absolutely loved my E50, I actually used the 88mm more often because of the ludicrous rate of fire but that was before the damage change to 280. I struggle in most games in my E50m since it’s guaranteed tier 10. I wish it got at the very least a 10% DPM increase since everything else about the tank is basically the same besides the engine.

  25. Id say the best part of the VK is that while it is incredibly strong and like that first battle showed can do very well even bottom tier, its still not completely OP when top tier. Perfect example imo of a well rounded well balanced tank.

  26. Its not the motor but the transmission, that counts as part of the motor. Weird as it is. The idea behind it was, that it will protect the driver and rest of the crew of any fire as it is a huge chunk of steel.

  27. gg, I play mostly German tanks, but just play WOT for fun. Happy New Year, QB, Mike in the USA.

  28. Hi QB, I’m genuinely interested if you saw comments on the JGPZE 16K damage game, some guys were making pretty good points about why that game was rigged.

  29. I stopped playing this game because even on good high damage games in your tier Xs, my fav being the JgPz E100 you would always lose credits due to repair and ammo costs, and it just conveniently shows you how much you would have made if you ran a premium account. Literallu 80% of games above tier VI just waste you credits, so how are you supposed to advance in the game if that is what keeps happening…?

  30. I recently learned you can get a Kolobanov’s Medal by capping the point. my last teammate died 2secs before I finished capping.

  31. All German tanks are good

  32. Not the engine, the transmission is in the front lower plate on the E50

  33. *’Are you a man or a Mouse??’* I’m a BABY IN a Mouse squeeks QB!

  34. Yes Very Refreshing to see you doing Live Game play on You Tube Mate, & GG Except for the RU-251 Game But thats WoT Luck for you, I Know your Only Playing Tech tree Tanks But I Would prefer to Play the good Old Black Dog leKpz any day For Fun.

  35. Tiger II is my favourite, i think its op. Tiger I, Tiger II, E-75, E-50, Leopard1, Leopard proto, vk 30.01 h, vk 100.01 p these are the best germans by the way. E-75 and vk p is a little bit situational for me, if there is an arty with open maps for eg.

  36. So I found this out a while ago and I wanna know how you feel about it QB but on the console version, the tanks like the Japanese heavies as well as the e100 and the maus, they have secondary guns now, imo it’s cool that you can now shoot them but honestly don’t think they are worth having since they can’t hardly pen anything, I figured that would be on PC before console but idk , what’s your opinion QB?

  37. Yes QB, continue live game Youtube that is not cherry picking.
    The cherry picking your dear wife can do those appreciated compilations Upses.

  38. Can you give us a maus master-class please quackybabs? 🙏

  39. German got buffed except VK4500A. At least WG should give it Tiger II’s 105mm gun

  40. Horrendous 3d camo on that👎 Mouse

  41. Wait, how can he peek and look while the turret is locked in place in that Maus gameplay? Also why does my Maus not have that as gun on the top?

  42. Why is the jgpz e100 nicknamed jageru?

  43. do you remember the philopilos ammorack save

  44. Man PC WOT looks so different from console

  45. I would have to say the Hetzer was my favourite, when HE still had some punch. Other than that it would have to be the Ferdinand. Something about that TD that just resonates and I love taking it out.

  46. GERMANIY IS-33



  49. 40:08 I really wish I could swap mine from my German line to my US line now I have Arnie’s actual tank.

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