Playing the BEST tanks of Japan in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing Japan's in World of Tanks including the O-I, , , Chi-Ri and Heavy Tank No. VI!



  1. Yes, QB, you are correct that Japan is getting new tech trees. It will be a new heavy line and a new TD line as well. WG’s rendition of the new heavy from their video looks like it will be more of an MBT focus tank from the late 60s to mid-70s. I’m very interested in their TD line, because the tank they showed on the video for that looked like the Ho-Ri. It looks similar to a Ferdinand in the game, but might be higher tiered and with a larger gun. I played the Ho-Ri a lot in the strat. game called R.U.S.E. The thing was an absolute monster when paired with supporting tanks. Looking forward to the new lines.

  2. Arigato QuickyBaby san

  3. este juego es basura

  4. A hidden gem in wot is the Ke-Ho. Sneaky light with a great gun.

  5. I miss the derp japanese heavies, those HE changes can eat one

  6. Unless I missed it, which I don’t think I did. I’d like to see a video of you breaking down whether it’s possible for the average player to complete all 50 stages in the time allotted. You know, with spread sheets and math and stuff. Unless it’s so obviously impossible for the average Joe to do it, it’s not worth a video. Love your stuff.

  7. john cena e100

  8. The hole stb 1 line is pretty underrated

  9. Quickybaby im sure you will like type71 line when added on pc

  10. Hey you got my STB-1 team, now I don’t feel so bad.

  11. Wait, how is QuickyBaby using a gun rammer on an auto loader?

  12. Nasib Siddique Bissoy

    You didn’t do STB-1 justice! That was not even a proper game. You should have played another one with that tank. I am sad and disappointed QB.

  13. How about for your next “Playing” series, the most average tanks in the game, talking about what people commonly do wrong and how they can do better

  14. Autoloader with gunrammer?

  15. No QB that tech tree just need a buff

  16. Well what else do you expect from the Chi-ri, it’s a sniper MT. All it can do is to provide fire support from the second line. Sometimes you just have to be a backup for the allies.

  17. type 61 is the sweet spot, no armor but the steady response of the gun makes it a very nice support flanking vehicle.

  18. The Chi-Ri is the only autoloadrr than can use a gun rammer!

  19. Imagine not having a Japanese TD

  20. Did you finish Sekiro? Where are you currently in the game? I love that game, so good.

  21. Chi ri is awesome and probably one of the funnest tanks in the game.

  22. 24:45 you were aiming at the otherside of the valley when he was unspotted. Rip indeed

  23. wait… I thought autoloaders couldn’t use gun rammers…. maybe I’m just really stoned, but am I trippin?

    Also, the new Japanese lines are the Type 71 and the Ho-Ri, which are the nations heavy and tank destroyer tech trees, respectively.

  24. Japanese tanks are the worst grinds, BUT you tend to get SOME damage each round. My weakness has always been charging in too fast.

    The tier 10 Type 5 Heavy should just PERCH on that bridge. BE THE TRAIN GUN!!!

  25. Germany send a tiger in twwo parts turret + and the rest and it was transported by submarine but one of them got sinked and so japan must do what they got what was not much!!!

  26. Where are my fellow Type CHADs?

  27. I know im a psychopath for having enjoyed the Chi-Ri…the 390 burst on tier 7 is wild. You just gotta stay behind cover and then assassinate. But imma be honest in a bad matchup you gonna get clapped…big box isnt the best design 😀

  28. 25:40 got bumped by AMX

  29. Personally, I found the upgraded gun without the autoloader a more viable option for the better DPM. People always expect the autoloader, so they wait for you to fire all three then dump you during the reload. The gun is the same with better DPM and turret dispersion. You put out a whopping 17 rounds a minute stock, upped with a gun rammer, BIA, food, and vents, you reach staggering 21 rounds a minute which is perfect for permatracks. Chip away 130 damage every 2.8 seconds meaning 2.7K DPM.

  30. It was two new tech trees for Japan. The Ho-Ri and Type 71

  31. Just gold that you couldn’t even throw your Type 5 Heavy off a bridge.

  32. Does PC has the kaiju O-I? Premium

  33. maybe the Japanese tanks aren’t that good?

  34. If you go on to wot blitz there is already some japaneesee tds and they are like a jagdpanzer e100 but with some changes

  35. chi nu is pretty good… tier 5

  36. Kristoffer Johansson

    Who got the idea to create an Ork skin for a japanese tank? Japan culture is the extreme opposite of Orkish culture. But it is quiet fun 🙂

  37. The Chi Ri is the type of tank that can almost always dominate tier 5 lobbies.

  38. Shouldve played along line 1 on mines.

  39. 8:45 And that is exactly why mines is a shit map. Take the hill or lose the game.

  40. Don’t throw shade at the Chi-Ri QB, it’s a good tier VII. The size fools you in playing it like a heavy, but it’s definetly an opportunity medium as all autoloaders. When you can’t dump your magazine, put one in, fall back. You can always reload all 3 shells since the time for it is pretty low.

    That’s the only trick about it, play it like a single shot unless you’re able to dump all rounds in. Not sure how to explain it better.

  41. The new Japanese tanks are in Wot Blitz already adn the Type 71 is very OP. If it comes into WoT OH GOD !!! And the TD line is Ho-Ri Type-lll.

  42. STA-2….should have played it.

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