Playing the BEST tanks of POLAND in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing Poland's in World of Tanks including the CS-63, Pudel, 50TP Proto, 53TP and 60TP!



  1. If you need a gold round to go through someone’s “weak point” and you’re equal tier (or in this case, in the same freaking tank) it isn’t a weak point.

  2. RNG without random, premium ammo as a credit drain and a matchmaker with premium tank bias.

  3. Lmao, goldnoob crying about higher tiers shooting gold at him. Hahahah

  4. 37:23 “He seems like a mistake maker” QB accidentally roasting this guy twice with a double meaning of that phrase.

  5. Yeaaahhh keep making videos like this
    Love you QB

  6. Quicky has finally brought the wock

  7. Yes please! More of these videos!

  8. No CS-59 ever…that tank is so cool but nobody plays it

  9. 42:31 QB pushed the M48 out of his broken track, 1st time I see this in the game. I guess it’s just cosmetic and he can repair it like usual right.

  10. a casual day in wot

  11. throughout this video I have extreme difficulty of not shouting ” O kurwa!”.

  12. Great content as always cant wait for next twitch stream

  13. in CW’s i have seen 6 cs 63’s pushing 279’s up hills. it is 100% a meta tank in the right situations

  14. one thing I’m gonna have to disagree on with you is tier 7 is NOT a sweet spot, it is CURSED AF! they just arent competitive, even the tier 6s can handle most tier 7s. They have the worst MM due to OP tier 8s being so common, and even OP tier 6 premium tanks.

  15. I love these videos.

  16. OMG!!!! How does QB stay there and spot and hit things?!? EVERY time I try, I get DEAD!!!! Hit by 3 vehicles looking at me

  17. Takes field modification for higher rate of fire and lower accuracy, gets rid of gun rammer

  18. What a banger rollercoaster of a vid. Never change QB!

  19. Suggestion for a new Video: Playing the BEST artys of World of Tanks with the BEST difference Sandwiches 😀

  20. Your 60tp was committing war crimes at the end there.

    The fv4005 just put him out of his misery, a mercy kill.

  21. I loved that ending.

  22. Loving these videos QB, live gameplay is always a good watch!

  23. Warsaw to Berlin in one tank.

  24. Kamoliddin Muhiddinov

    0:18 Best medium(regular) — CS-63
    7:27 Best heavy(regular) — 45TP
    12:43 Best medium(premium) — Pudel
    17:27 Best heavy(premium) — 50TP prototype
    23:15 About 50TP prototype’s awkward side
    23:30 About side armor of 50TP prototype
    24:30 53TP
    33:45 60TP

  25. I see 60 TP i press like instantly

  26. I absolutely hate those 16:25 moments. Makes me utterly despise my team when they simply let somebody roll up on from an ‘impossible’ position and go to town on you without consequences. Happens more often than you like but I have to admit I might’ve been the Panzer IV H in these kind of situation once or twice too…

  27. BrainlessNukerPerson

    Speedybaby do the “Best Italian Tanks” next week, now or the Italians are coming for you

  28. personally I despise tier 7. almost every match for me is a tier 8 lobby and if im lucky enough to be in a tier 5 match there is nonstop LefH barraging. The tier 7 heavies just feel clunky and sometimes slow with no armor whatsoever with some of the worst stock grinds.

  29. How many different 60TPs there are in the game?
    Mine isn’t anything like QB’s tank. It has awful armor, the gun is totally useless and it ain’t mobile.

  30. needs a poland arty.

  31. Quikybaby: What did i do wrong?
    You trusted your team mates

  32. you take a premium consumable and skip the fire extinguisher…in tier 6…and you’re surprided you burn up 😀

  33. They need to buff the armour on 60TP a bit…at least for that upper plate weak spot…even tier 8 tanks can pen it with gold from any position

  34. Show detailed report aswell….

    Also, the 2nd game is exactly how you should play and win your matches

  35. I completed onslaught with FV shitbarn I love when those CS try to cap those towers and shit and I oneshot them

  36. I hate T7 because they are just so much worse than tier 8 premiums and T9 special tanks

  37. You are playing too much tier 10 so you don’t know how to play lower tiers, same as my friend driving only GT3 cars with good grip so he doesn’t know how to race in standard road cars

  38. Good Job Mate we like the effort in making those videos. wish to see more master classes.

  39. Polish crew voices are unbearable. I speak polish, male voice lines are cringy and female voices don’t really sound female, more like prepubescent boy.

  40. You are not the best player are you?

  41. Ahhh the 50tp my most hated and worst tier 8 premium in the game.

  42. 33:38

    Poland, what are you doing to me?

    Well, I ask that question about 10 years.

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