Playing the BEST tanks of SWEDEN in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing Sweden’s best tanks in World of Tanks including the Kranvagn, STRV 103B, UDES 15/16 and 1951!



  1. These are my favorite kind of videos you put out. It lets me chillax and watch something entertaining while I’m eating 🙂

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      👆👆congratulation 🤝 you have been randomly selected among my shortlisted winners you just won a prize…..🎁🎁🎁💯..

  2. Keep them coming

    • inbox me on telegram 👉@QuickyBaby_1

      👆👆congratulation 🤝 you have been randomly selected among my shortlisted winners you just won a prize…..🎁🎁🎁💯….

  3. Keep em coming!!!!

  4. I like the longer style video 👍🏻

  5. I really like this type of video. The gameplay plus the mini review helps a lot!

  6. Жарко Тодоровић Валтер

    Kinda lame you didin’t played the monster of tier 6 strv 74 but these repetitive shit tanks.

    • inbox me on telegram 👉@QuickyBaby_1

      👆👆congratulation 🤝 you have been randomly selected among my shortlisted winners you just won a prize…..🎁🎁🎁💯..m

  7. abt first game. how can he say it’s a close game when it’s 9-4 and you have 4750hp more than enemy.

  8. Great vids. Be good at 30mins. Perfect for lunch break!!

  9. Great video , ❤❤❤

  10. Love when you play “live on youtube”. I am super excited for your end of year content extravaganza.

  11. I love my Swed TDs

  12. More videos like these is great to watch

  13. Always love this format. Don’t over work yourself. Looking forward to seeing what you get in the loot boxes that WG will be sending you.

  14. A noob telling him to withdraw from his position 😂😂

  15. Love this type of videos

  16. 21:14 “L+Ratio”

  17. Heja Sverige

  18. affordable furniture country? sure, but I thought that Sweden was all about the meatballs 🤣😂😅

  19. awesome video, can’t wait for other nations, it’s going to be epic

  20. Good Stuff Swedish Baby! And just in time for 103B being top of the Tree in a few days!

  21. With both Kran and STRV hitting an enemy leaving them on 1hp, the roll of the dice…. sigh :O Awesome video and really great idea to go through the nations! 🙂

  22. I’ve been watching qb since I’ve been 12 it’s been 6 years now Jesus time flies

  23. Love the “live” YT gameplay. Thx!

  24. I’m honestly surprised the STRV S1 isn’t near the top of the list. It’s such a solid tank.

  25. Longer videos can be better whit time zones

  26. ONE tech tree tank in the Swedish line with a positive win rate. That right there is the problem with WOT. The worst example of pay to win anywhere

  27. Love these types of videos at this length. Get to have a whole meal while watching your video!

  28. Love it, some mid tier variety would still be nice imo

  29. Good game bro 😎😎😎

  30. Lol.. That T54 on your team in the first battle yoinked 3 kills a split second before Qb could shoot..

  31. Live gameplay is way nicer in my honest opinion, win or lose.

  32. 11:00 QB out of context be like:

  33. Z
    Z good luck!

  34. Find it kinda funny how the Swedish tier 10 Medium has a higher damage gun than the swedish tier 10 TD.

  35. Booooring💤💤💤

  36. All the Swedish tanks you’ve showcased here combined are _powerless_ against my Strv m/40L! HA!

  37. Noooo. Please, no live games. Yes, I’d rather watch a live game from you than almost any other person, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to see one. It’s like going to a new movie that took one shot. People want to see the finished product, not something that can be put together in an afternoon that isn’t the best of the best. If we want to see poorer gameplay, we’ll simply go to a different YouTuber, we come here because you’re the best of the best. Please consider, QB.

  38. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    No light tank gameplay? Shame.

  39. Best most wholesome and consistent YouTuber going. Always a good time with quickybaby

  40. I love my strv. No arty and ridgelines, i put em rounds in them enemy tanks. Frontline “sniper” lol.

  41. u didnt stream yesterday and i was like oh no really all others are boring

  42. I like the longer videos.

  43. Sometimes I wonder whether QB is British or Germans 🤣🤣

  44. Sverige är det bästa landet!

  45. I like this content vry much thx man… And can u make a one like this with USSR??? Just an request…. 👍🏻

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