Playing the BEST tanks of the UK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing UK's best tanks in World of Tanks including the Manticore, Cromwell, Super Conqueror, Tortoise and AT8!



  1. Complaints Department

    “How could I have predicted both of their tier 10 heavies would be spanking gold?” you ask.

    That’s a stupid question, QB. No offense, but it’s damn stupid. EVERYONE spanks gold at tier 10 in this game.

  2. play the worst tank thats wut we love to watch~lol

  3. The Legion is not Amused

    Great series. Make the next one ‘The Worst of …” lol

  4. QB I have the tier 8 medium tank centurion and well it sucks how the hell do I play this tank

  5. great way of showcasing different tanks.

  6. the first map what is it called. redshire i think. it has major issue. nobody wants to go to north of the map to hold the corner cause all you can do is hold it and never push if there’s no tanks anymore for defenders. south is better for being able to push for defenders so that’s where all your meta tanks will go. on the other hand for attackers it doesn’t matter where you go, you can push with same ease from north south or middle.

  7. Jean Jarod Arielle Dizon

    Hey Quickybaby just a suggestion after you’re done with this type of content. How about do this again like live gameplay and best of the best per nation but change the server like look for top% win in RU, NA, or ASIA. ^^

  8. Naaahhhh, best UK tank is Churchill I or Cavalier

  9. It was Thomas Beckett lol you right

  10. Assault game mode is trash . I know some like it but dam .

  11. Can you play the Chimera that is a good tank . One tank ive aced the most . Big boy alpha and decent armor .

  12. FFS QB, you can’t give way to the LTs? ALWAYS give way to an LT, seconds count for them to get into position. That was a dick move.

  13. When you mentioned that you might feature a premium tank at the end, you got my hopes up, so thumbs down for not featuring the most famous UK tank, the Hot Tog.

  14. Love these series, QB!

  15. That S. Conq game was INTENSE. Love these live vids qb

  16. I love/hate the Caliban, it’s awesome/terrible.

  17. qb being honest seeing you play games getting in the grit and dirt like the rest of us is refreshibg i would watch more of this

  18. would love to see more vids like this, would hope to see the US version of this.

  19. This format is great and I’m looking forward to all the other nations and that it’s not a best of games, but it is what it is.
    Thanks for the terrible content 🙂

  20. good series. more 🙂

  21. Yes, Thomas Becket was killed in Canterbury Cathedral on 29 December 1170

  22. QB just argued on playing t6 twice while he played t10 twice. Just to play tort (not play the AT8..) xD and he failed for Justice :p

  23. I think part of the reason that tier 10 tanks usually have the best tech tree win rate is just because of wargaming trying to force players to tier 10

  24. QB saying he doesn’t want to feel too slow with a Maus beside him all that time

  25. Japanese tanks next?

  26. That super conq game was such a complete game of wot. Those are the types of games I chase when I play wot.

  27. Hey QB revisit wot console. They added Cold War mode. No arty, all tanks are rendered at any distance and they have modern tanks like the Challenger 2 and M1A2 Abrams. Would be super cool. To see you check out such a different version of wot.

  28. Please continue this series – I love it and its very informative


  30. Can we get this series again but with the top premiums from each nation?

  31. The reason T10s pop up in these videos is that lower tiers are dominated by premium tanks and you want to play tech tree tanks for these videos.

  32. This series are great, really amusing and interesting

  33. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    26:20, actually, it can be bump up 10% more with adrenaline rush but only in game and very situation dependent.

  34. Great series – keep ’em coming Qb ( S.C-battle…WOT a cliffhanger )

  35. ELC Even 90 in a Tier 6 max game?

  36. You won’t read this but you boosted your scone game for field mods but have accelerated Crewtraining still on

  37. AT7 is a freaking beast tbh. Tier for tier its amazing. It def shows its weakness at the higher tiers but I have been able to bounce tier 9s regularly. Even some gold noobs who dont know where to shoot its just *bounce bounce bounce*

  38. Hate to see victories at Lakeville coming from winning the valley. It’s such a wrong lesson.

  39. Georgios Papahatzis

    I’ ve see players having the game of their life with Manticore. About at the middle of the game the start making rounds simply because they have no ammo to fire. Something that has been pointed out by the community like a million times. Still the retards designers won’t address the problem. Like all things that take a lifetime to fix of course. He could have easily reached 8k damage on this game if he had more ammo. Utterly useless to make simple changes makes you wonder how this game still exists.

  40. It is great to see real battle even when it is lost one. Keep going please.

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