Playing the BEST tanks of the USA in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the 's including the T95, , M4A3E2 and T29!



  1. Very good presentation, letting that certain result in was a good choice!

  2. It is a disgrace that the T32 is not represented in the statitics. it is the hidden gem of tier 8 at the moment. with the last two buffsin its base pen it has become a well rounded tank (for the tech tree ones, a skoda t56 still is op for example).

    its my first three mark high tier tank and it works better for me than the t29 has done lately (last couple of years, havent even played it since it got nerfed)

  3. At 8:40, that’s illegal what you did to that man! XD

  4. Willybaby

  5. I always preferred using the M1A1 76mm on the Jumbo Sherman, was never a fan of the derp gun at T6. Is it still an option for the tank? It’s been forever since I played.

  6. While it might be better now given the new Equipment etc. we have to boost tanks, the T29 while a “good” tank, the problem is it’s mostly ONLY “good” when it’s hull down, and it’s so slow that given the tiers it plays games are OVER often way too fast for you to actually be able to “consistently” do well in the tank.

  7. Another QB is human vid. Thanks! I really enjoy these.

  8. Well I am a casual player because my reflexes are too slow to be useful. I am a bad player 11K battles and 45% win. been playing for 5? years and still do not have a tier ten as I can’t afford it. I have a tier IX Swedish medium and German TD, as well as American Piggy.

  9. I really liked seeing the mid tiers played. I odn’t own a 9 or 10.

  10. Amazing video, thank you

  11. Day seven of asking you to do a colab stream with aeg

    • Hey Thelighning444 while I appreciate your tenacity and determination and thank you for the feedback I’m not looking to collaborate currently.

  12. I loved the T21 when playing through it in the tech tree, the tier 7 was very disappointing after it. Now I’m going up the British lights with QB as my commander.

  13. 27:25 wild Turkey’s are actually quite smart QB. But the domesticated ones are like dodo birds

  14. watercannons collaboration

    One of the first tanks I grinded to when first playing the game was the T71 (DA), I saw Vechs playing it and it was such a cool looking tank (the LT rework definitely felt like it was pretty competitive, I just hated that they switched it to the historically accurate hull, it made it look very ugly)

  15. Any advice for TD 15 mission,8K dmg?

  16. QB is so good, he won a game without the need to do any damage, lol

  17. Always a good day when quickybaby posts

  18. I love always when I see a T95 helping us.
    I feel so powerful in my medium then.
    It s win win situation.

  19. Back in the day when I used to play WoT I got the T29 and quit the game because it was so bad stock.

  20. One of the best games I’ve ever played was on wide park in my Super Pershing

  21. the T21 is my most played and favorite tank. ive got 5 skills on the crew and a 3 mark. love to see it featured!

  22. American Tech Tree should be one of the most balanced ones in a whole if I’m not mistaken. Sure some stinkers here and there and maybe some broken lower tiers, but nothing completely game breaking anymore. IMO the E3, E4 and E5 lines were some of the most fun to grind and I’m soon starting to rebuy some of the tanks from there. Also the Arty line is probably one of the best and pretty good for doing campaign missions

  23. You should try the t95 with a bond turbo. For me it felt like a zoom turtle. I am not the best of players but damn I was killing it. 10/10

  24. Suuuuper stoked to watch this! I’m a new player and I’ve been focusing on the U.S. Tech Tree and premiums. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Renegade some day.

    • The American artys are fun to play and if you ever see a premium arty on sale starting with the letters lefh just buy it as it’s fun to irritate people with it as it’s reloading way to fast haha.

    • Also enjoy the T-28 TD( one before the T-95) as it’s camo is super high with camo net and camo paint and camo skill, i can spot and bounce more with the T-28 then with the T95 😉

    • @Gamer_Life Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind. I was curious if artys came in premium. I’ve yet to even try one.

    • @D-Dub the lefhe is the best one, do not ever buy the tier 2 or 3 premium arty as it’s way to slow with shooting haha. Best thing you can do ATM is buying premium boxes to get gold, premium days and if your lucky a premium tank. The rest of the year you will be paying way more for the gold while in the boxes there is more gold then what you pay for with real money. Everyone stocks up on gold and premium days during Christmas time by buying boxes so no one has to buy it during the rest of the year.

  25. Mate the M4A3E2 was a hidden beast of a tank before the HE nerf

  26. Honestly on the top of your commentary QB, very entertaining!

  27. T21 is such a hidden gem, its sad its forgotten now… tho I understand why its forgotten, heck I know I did forgot all about it, but when I rediscovered it some time ago I really did enjoy the hell out of it… I mean, whats not to love with a tank with good view range, decent speed and a very, very good gun with 10 degrees of gun depression?

  28. No best arty game here? 🙂

  29. Always nice to see somebody learn about the T21. As the cliche goes, it’s a hidden gem.

  30. I have a hard time deciding which is better, T95 or Tortoise. Which has nice DPM but the armor is struggling against higher tiers.

  31. i drive a fiat punto and also watch bottom, also did the same degree, perhaps i am quickybaby

  32. “Right Glute didn’t have this lady on the side of a vehicle, he prefers brunettes, where I… (just remembered I have a wife)……. didn’t really customize my vehicle… Nice save.. bro!

  33. E3 is way better than t95 has way better pen and can actually go hull down

  34. I hate that you didn’t call the m4a3e2 the jumbo


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