Playing the BEST tanks of the USSR in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the 's best in World Tanks including the 268 Version 4, KV-2, Object 430U, and Object 279 (e)!



  1. The best imaginary tanks. Since reality has shown that Russia has a penchant for lying about its military capabilities.

  2. brezposelni slovenije

    U and klaus only worth ytubers .blocked rest gold yt wot sellouts ..untill i still play world of f2p humiliation

  3. QB was finally playimg against plsyers who actually play….this is how the games be in NA server in the TD and Medium tank match

  4. The rng on the t100 Lt game is exactly what I’ve been experiencing lately, skill4ltu has asked people if something seems off during the event. Rng wise, but also he said he saw a maus fighting sideways, and then I see some memegod channel or w.e 1 dollar tank vs 10,000 dollar tank, they never played wot but got given promo accounts and they use a maus sideways, type 5 heavy sideways. Watch that video, t95 platoon 0 dmg, that’s how it happens.

  5. I have been waiting for the Russian line, QB. I finally get your proclivities and can now perpend the tank destroyers in the Russian line. As always, thank you for your time with this video.

  6. i have a 576 vr in my hwk 30

  7. QB for the 140 and 430u the VS seems to work better, turbo can really help to counter CS63s.

  8. HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar

    Putin Style.

  9. Will Wot be adding a Ukrainian tank line?…….too soon??

  10. Unstoppable force goes through unmovable object.

  11. Where’s the ARTY???

  12. Maybe it’s just me, but I would prefer to see you play the worst tanks of any given nation to see how you try to make it work. The best tanks are mostly p2w and already surrepresented within the game

  13. 14:30 Kinda feelin Walter White vibe :dddddd

  14. You should play your most favourite tanks from each nation!

  15. For some reason I’ve dropped from 55% win ratio to 50% with the obj 268.4 with over 200 games on it and I can’t bounce or hit shit. Its a fucking mistery for me.. I can’t make it work anymore.

  16. Did he do the German best already or not yet?

  17. Please play the worst tanks of every nation.

  18. So, where does the driver sit?

  19. A bunch of QB-commanders with ‘jack of all trades’ should qualify as any profession on a vehicle to form a five hand crew like the ‘Ankou’ Girls!!

  20. It’s like bite-sized streams for people who want to watch the streams but don’t really have the time

  21. I use my kv-2 with he ammo only

  22. The Grille 15 has the worst gun as a tier X TD not the 268/4 KAPPA

  23. T57 Heavy had that perfect RNG, no skill there

  24. that t100 rng is normal for that tank, the gun on it is not as good as it seems, its fricken very derpy and misses a lot of shots (mostly when you stop to aim).

  25. Bensan litrahinta on liian korkea

    I wonder when they add taran from console and how broken itll be

  26. Qb can you tell us what field mods did you choose for the obj268/4 ?

  27. Sebastian Buus Jensen

    What happened QB in the 100-LT match, was you end up in the end game on the losing team, so the WG algorithm, gave you the debuff to rng. You know, to get the game fast done, earning more $ to the game.

    • Yesterday I bounced a gold round off the side of a Char Futur in a match where we lost 2-15. Just nothing went in. The RNG in this game is toxic sometimes.

  28. 12:46 noicemissmate

  29. I wish wot would get open mic and you van choose to have it muted or not

  30. is Germany next

  31. 02:55 My BIGGEST bug bear in this game, the nose diving shells.

  32. And these are most of my games in the 430U, I just can’t hit nothing with it

  33. Why did he play the 279 e and not the Udarniy at the end?

  34. your hulls was already wedge its just with high pen there is a small part between the tracks and the hull that you can pen

  35. 23:30 is a great resume of QB:
    1. Not using vert stab in almost any t10 tank
    2. Being owned by a WEAK E50M…

  36. Oh, and being owned by a Type57 heavy in the obj279e…. While shooting him gold xDD

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