Playing the BEST Tier 6 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the BEST tanks in World Tanks!



  1. I was that Tiger boy playing War Thunder and got f’ed

  2. Did i saw the churchill GC on the top 5 At tier 6 ?? damn

  3. isn’t the sideweapon of the at-8 a weakspot as well? hmm doesn’t look like it anymore… it was one back in the days when i grinded it… i’m sure of that…

  4. Great video QB, since T7 is a bit of a sweet spot, could you do the same. Just the best of the tech tree tanks. Thank you sir.

  5. I recently started the badger čine i can say at 8 is good i even got Master with it but at 7 is so bad idk how i got thru that tank

  6. He… He didn’t play the Churchill Game Carrier or the BUGI… Those were the two I wanted to see 🙁 I can’t believe those two are so high on that list

  7. I can’t believe you didn’t do an honorable mention of the Conquer Game Carrier! 🙂

  8. Try it with the 6-pounder — while it requires an entirely APCR loadout to be effective, you can unnerve unsuspecting enemy tanks when they get hit literally every second for 10 consecutive shots 🙂

  9. yea nice video.

  10. Woah woah woah, clam down bro. You sound like you need some time off.

  11. 1:35 That’s where I got my 2nd mark of excellence QB. In a bottom tier matchup. 😀

  12. Review the tier 7 premiums like the Steyr WT and AT 15A, they aren’t nearly advertised enough and can be some decent credit makers.

  13. Campy campy he says to the e25 after sitting motionless in a bush for 8 mins. Typical QB

  14. LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone

    Quicky is so funny saying that using a Large Repair kit is too expensive, but he uses food on every battle! 🤣🤣

  15. do t5 plz. t67

  16. After the HE nerf, AT8 is a horrific opponent to my KV-2-152🤣

  17. I love your videos my guy, they are definitely why I have got back into the commandrs seat myself. I would like to see you start a series starting with tier 3 all the way to 10 from each country and each type… wishful thinking? Lol

  18. The first time i got 6th sense. It was on the comet. That opened up a whole new layer of game play in WOT. I should rebuy the comet after 10 years and get thet mastery badge on it.

  19. Yes quaky baby the OI is a tier 6 medium tank. Not a super heavy tank.

  20. Rather sus that you’d quit right before the Churchill GC… 😆

  21. When you can a player doesnt play arty:
    -sits in open
    -accepts a multitude of arty rounds
    -moves back into the location they were last shot at

    What to do against arty when you are mobile?:
    -move around
    -hug buildings/walls/rocks (you will find out which side to be on)
    -dont sit on the ridge line if any arty is focusing on you

    The T21 game could have gone better, simply by understanding that you have to scout differently on the map than trying to catch the most arty rounds the fastest award. (I may have played arty a filthy amount. Damn I miss the td, FV304)

  22. Anybody remember Talkie Toaster from Red Dwarf? WG offering you the same thing after you turned it down, repeatedly….Talkie Toaster. Anybody remember what happened to Talkie Toaster?

  23. The AT8 has a crazy 239mm of gold pen.

  24. Funny how that works. If I check my winrates on (techtree) tier 6 tanks, the top 3 would be SU-8, P43Bis & VK3601H. (which have winrates from 63% tot 80%)
    However my most played (therefor most fun) tier 6 tanks are entirely different: T-34-85, Hellcat & Jg.Pz.IV. But the average winrate with them is short of 49% hahahaha. Far lower than my average. Wich clearly indicates I play for fun, not stats. (Which is true, I don’t give a f**K about personal stats in games)
    But, if I were to included prems, my most played tier 6 tanks would be the Type-64 and T-50-2, with an average winrate of 52,5%

  25. That T21 game sums up that map entirely. You get the dip, the heavies die, and the mediums wont advance even if you put a gun to their head. I’ve had so many frustrating rounds on that map go exactly that way. Stuck in a position that requires your team to have basic understanding of how to win.

  26. Death by Destruction

    These types of videos are great

  27. Andrés Mármol del Amo

    Noooo. The VK has a great 88mm gun. QB what are yoy doing!!

  28. What would i like to see you play?
    How about a TOG game?
    Together with Jingles?
    Now that would be awesome!!!!

  29. I absolutely hated playing against the At-8 until I got the su-100y. Great penetration can go through the upper hull with ease and the cupola as well.

  30. 16:34 Oi best medium tank confirmed 👍

  31. The one of the main things I’ve seen in this video is that the M44 is still a OP Arty that just ruins games.

  32. Not playing the churchill game carrier? For shame QB

  33. vk 36.01h was allways tier 6 heavy, vk 36.01p was medium and then changed to heavy when they changed the line to tiger P.

  34. U were definitely too nice for WG. Why? Cuz it came to the situation that whenever WG has that kind of events like this one I’m not logging in as am afraid I will fall into it and spend terrible amount of credits for something stupid!!

  35. Not playing the Churchill Game Carrier was a crime QB!

  36. It is funny for me to read in game chat on QB videos… IN second game on t21 there are some folks from eather russia or ukraine figting with each other in chat lol.. Funny to understand it and watch unbothered QB face

  37. Vk 30.01P used to be a medium with somewhat decent armour (25:12)

  38. 16:36 O-I is a tier 6 japanese medium tank

  39. tier 6 is my favourite tier. I remember when I managed to harass most IS-tanks with all my t6 mediums. Before (2014) you was actually rewarded if you aimed for weakspots and back then you could penetrate soviet heavies. there were no defenders and such. Even today the t6 mediums has a special place in my heart

  40. That t21 game is me every game.

  41. How to insta turn off hand break

  42. Why skip the fifth win rate tank in tier 6, I really looking forward to watch that one. 🙂

  43. I would like to see u playing the VK.168. The last video you did about it was two or four years ago

  44. The second gun on AT-8 with HE,
    has more DPM then Badger with HE

  45. 700 dmg is not bad for tier 6 tank- qb 2022.

  46. Thanks for your videos. Learning a lot 👍🏻

  47. One time my friend and i had an absolute banger while playing AT 8. We were on “Mountain Pass” on the south spawn and went down right. We were alone, so everybody else went to the bridge or left and they still lost, although we alone were in a 2v6. So we returned to base and killed of most of the enemies that were trying to push. Again it was something like a 2v6. They could have just pushed us and flank us and we would have been fcked, but luckily they werent that smart. Map, enemies and Top Tier were on our side, so i assisted my friend to a Pools medal. Im kinda jealous now cause he just started playing and already got a pools now and i after 5000+ battles dont xd. He mainly got all the damage cause i had to defend the light that was gonna flank us from behind, so for 2 min or so i was just standing there, watching if he peaks and my friend could do most of the damage. Then it was 13:13 and 3 minutes left. We decided that he stays in base and i push. The enemy still had their arty, because ours drove out in the field…gj arty. With only a few seconds left i approached the enemy base. And since the arty spotted me, way before i could even reach her, the light (who tried to push my friend to cap) came back and they both got me because the arty yoloed down the hill and perfectly hit me. So i died and it became a Tie.
    Wow if we would have won how crazy would the rewards be😅.
    I ended up with 2500 dmg and 3 kills and my friend with 3600 dmg and 10 kills. Again i made clear that he could hit most of the kill shots since i want him to have a good round. I would have never expected that.

  48. This was totally going to be a top 5 video until QB saw the Churchill GC in 5th.

  49. It was really refreshing to see some mid tier gameplay. I’m not all that good player, and haven’t yet gotten that many tier 8+ tanks, so I’m much more comfortable in tiers 5-7. I would love to see some more videos from these tiers.

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