Playing the BEST Tier 7 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the BEST Tier 7 tanks in !



  1. t29 is my all time favorite. it always does a great sucsesss

  2. Corridor map for the T29.

  3. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    It’s okay to not play the SU-100M1, It’s just as good as it gets.

  4. man you can shit talk arty all you want but if ur like me and like to multi task being able to watch quicy baby and alt tabbing every 30 seconds is pretty nice

  5. Gee, I wish I could go to battle in a Tier 7 tank and get into a Tier 5 matchup every time….

  6. With the T29, you feel the 105mm at 1ksilver/shell is more free to play than the 255 silver/round cost of the 90mm? If you are free to play, it is less likely you will have premium tank and you are grinding through tiers and thus losing credits with the T29 (at least t6 tanks make you more profit).

  7. Had the video on 1.25 Speed and didn’t notice until it was almost trough… xD

  8. GiantBaby

  9. Just dont play any russian tanks

  10. QuickyBaby have you figured out that you’re getting special MM and RNG yet? 4 matches and never bottom tier! top tier 3 out of 4! lol

  11. My fav tier 7 are my light tanks, AMX 13 57 and T71.
    I uploaded some new replays today if anyone wants to check them out 😀

  12. I have read a lot of comments here about Belarus assists Russia in Ukraine invasion and get mad when peoples don’t actively boycott Russia. Some of you even accused that peoples that not boycotting Russia are Murderers/Killers and should be die as well. Geez control your emotion a little bit, everyone are sad about Ukraine fate you know.

  13. I from Malaysia. We understand your feeling Ukranian because we also have received same fate as you( Another country assisted the Invader to invade your own nation) in Malaysia history. In 1943, Thailand helped and support Japanese troop to invade our land ( Tanah Melayu )Malaysia old name before Independence. Not just that, Japan also take some of our land and give to Thailand as part of gifts for helped Japan during Invasion. So we understand your struggles, dear Ukrainian friends. Pray from Malaysia.

  14. “defile” was the word you were looking for

  15. Delete the game. They are killing all garage chat channels in light of the invasion. WG doesn’t want us to talk about it amongst ourselves.

  16. Su 122 44, t34-1, vk30.02D, challenger are my favs

  17. The t29 on Xbox is truly easy mode. I play mainly on PC but there was a time when Xbox was the only way I had a reliable connection and i 3 marked the t29 with ease there. Can’t get more than one mark on anything in PC.

  18. Remove your CC info!!!

  19. funny how QB completely forgets the St. Emil had 12 degrees of gun depression and has been out since the Grille line was added

  20. connor olson-carsons

    Stop thinking what you could of done…for that given game …you do what you do within thought process at the time…in the moment…sure learn from replays but no need to beat yourself up about it. After all we are here to watch and one day aspire to your level and beyond.

  21. t29 accuracy is rather inaccurate mounting aiming device can hit shots more when fully aim

  22. Bro i can not believe you still play this game lol

  23. I think it’s time to boycott world of tanks until they pull out of Ukraine

  24. Comet rocks…pc or console!

  25. And I’m on console-xbox one

  26. Will you continue to play WOT now ? Afterall WG is a Minsk company funding Lukashenko and Putin

  27. Example you were playing the leviathan LTM for holloween

  28. Hey Quickybaby, I saw your game with the T29. I love this tank is my favorite T7 tank, I have played Wot console for the past 6 years free to play, and is absolutely disgusted with higher-tier gameplay.
    I hope that you will revisit the T29 and play it again. You did not give it justice. I would love to see another video in which you cover your favorite tanks of any tier but on each episode, you can only have 1 country to choose from.

  29. Tier 7 is too high.

    Go play the duck, you won’t

  30. At 7 u did only 168 dmg more than i did in my t1 heavy. But really good game on at7

  31. You should really stop copying other CCs….. :/ :/ :/

  32. AT7 is a beeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssst!!!!!
    Edit: And TONS of fun too!

  33. Everyone just buys bots for this game. Its not fun anymore.

  34. I adore my AT 7

  35. Stop promoting this belarusian game.

  36. Accelerate crew training for AT 7?

  37. i stopped playing wot cause of the ukrane conflict im not supporting invaders

  38. I like British tanks particularly the Cromwell but the Comet seems a lot slower and only average at T7. Cromwell far better medium for T6.

  39. Since you like the turbo’s so much, can you make a fast TOG II for fun and do a video on it?

  40. The T29 game was a pure example of when the RNG plays the game instead of you.
    If the shot goes to the edge of the reticule due to the dispersion RNG and also receives a +25% to damage, where it happens to be a weaker area of a tank, it will do damage regardless of where you intended to shoot thus helping you > KV-2 giggles!
    Or, the other way around, aiming at a weak point but getting -25% to the penetration thus the roll is lower than the armor… ding! > frustration

  41. Nice bloom without those vstabs on the t-29 and comet

  42. Boycott – Sorry but does anyone remember their history lessons? Germany annexes Austria (Russia – Crimea) and then invades Poland (Russia – Ukraine). QB – time to stand up for what is right. There are plenty of non-toxic games out there. Maybe show us some of them vs supporting (direct or indirect) what could be the start of World War III. I’m sure WG will take this opportunity to introduce the latest Russian tanks into the game to show Russian domination over all.

  43. Grow some balls QB, take a stance, worst case you have to work like normal people to make a living.

  44. What is a durability module?

  45. Boycott Wot fuk russia.

  46. Did anyone notice – yesterday not so many Russian tanks, also 1/3 less players?

  47. Qb: the comet was the only high tier tank with insane gun depression before the arrival of the swedish tanks
    “Cries in Sturer Emil”

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