Playing the BEST Tier 8 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing the BEST Tier 8 tanks in World of Tanks!



  1. My personal favorite Tier 8 is the Caeranrvon

  2. I think the low win rate in all fairness i the large amount of Skoda t56 on the battle field that tank is super soild from the front and my Tier 10s sometimes have a hard time bouncing it. Yes its O.P.

  3. I know my comment is way off the topic, but I was today on a memory lane thinking about the games when I met some of the best players in Wot and like Sir Foch and they didn’t even try to hide who they were or their stats. I haven’t ever
    confronted you QB myself in a battle, but several times your clan mates yes. I have killed some of the most famous streamers on the Eu server and unicums. And I do not stream snipe. I don’t care about stats. I am the guy who does always the hard work and I am willing to take the hits. I brawl with every class from lights to heavies, cos someone has to do it.

  4. Tuấn Ngọc Nguyễn

    Love to see a “live” gameplay like this instead of casting a gameplay

  5. The matchmaker doesn’t care if ur arty. You still count as a unicorn on your team.

  6. Michael Hornschuch

    I only hate one tank from the new Yoh tank line, and that is the Tier 9 tank, way to many weakpoints, makes it hard to use at any range. While I don’t like the T6, I don’t hate it. Unlike the Tier 9, I find it to be a solid enough tank, just, a massive lack of gun depression hurts it’s usage. LOVED the Tier 7, liked the Tier 8, but, not as much as the Tier 7.

  7. Kenny Martinez Zamora

    The game with the M-III-Yoh is every other game on WOTB

  8. Siddharth Uthayasankar

    what have i learnt?

    QB has really bad days too!

  9. AUZ server: never been matched with tier 8 with lower tiers. Most of the time with 4-5 tier 10’s. Makes 8 really annoying to play

  10. The noob or zergling yolo is very common when ur a good player. They will throw all of themselves at you

  11. Crouching Hamster

    Wargaming is a Belorussian company. Wargaming is a Belorussian company.

  12. Crouching Hamster

    Report Wargaming for sanctions. They are a Belorussian company.

  13. The Lorraine arty casually sit above all

  14. What a fucking indictment on the state of premiums in WoT when every other T8 premium sucks shit because of how common they are.

  15. Mines and Ensk should not be available past tier 6 change my mind.

  16. I’ll be political..please don’t spend any not play..innocent people are being literally murdered..when you play you are supporting death of true..I will not support this..and if you genuinely care you will take a stand..I love qb..but I have to unsubscribe for moral obligation.

  17. Wot Addict Global

    11:38 wrong bush QNB; the tree you were talking about was at least 100 metres behind it.


  19. Mathias Morisbakk

    Make a video playing the WORST t8 premium tanks!

  20. Hope to see QB play the WORST tanks and make them work. (If possible)

  21. And this is why I left wot 2 years ago.

  22. win rate is also cause of playing a lot vs t10 as t8’s

  23. Playing tier 8 is like being the poodle at a pit bull fight. You have one purpose that is to feed the tier 9s and 10s. That’s why there are so many premiums helps make it just a little less painful.

  24. 0:27 people are playing them stock?

  25. John Francis Terne

    Tier 8 is a cesspool. Nothing that isn’t premium is effective or competitive there.

  26. Whrn you dont buff up the tank, fullt research it, you can’t promote it, imho, as you don’t know how good the tank can be.

  27. Hope you see what us free to play players go through. If I didnt grind bonds for months to buy T26 Patton and got lucky with Waffentrager event to have a Cent 5/1 drop from a gate, I would not be playing Tier 8 if not needed lol

  28. Quynh Anh Tran Nguyen

    sometimes using bino in an artillery can be very effective near the end of the battle

  29. World of Premium Tanks

  30. Wot 80% pay to win

  31. I skipped the arty bit. The ‘not like this’ comment at the end made me laugh 😀

  32. This is the moment when u realize that the old game concept of making Premium tanks somewhat underpowered BY INTENTION in comparison to their tech tree peers was actually a very good idea.

    Nowadays we see the consequences of not following this concept any longer.

  33. Just an average guy

    I haven’t had the Lorr 155 for long but I love it. I find that French arty is fast, has good penetration but slow shell velocity and virtually no splash. You really need to be accurate but when you do you hit you hit hard!

  34. QB: “this has a pretty voracious gun.”
    Me: “Nope. you’re gonna do 200 damage every damn time with direct hits.”

    …I was right. French arty t8 and t9 is garbage. Feels like a straight downgrade after tier 7.

  35. Tier 8 regular tanks has always been the black sheep of WoT, even before the infestation of OP premiums. Especially with medium tanks since there has been no good tier 8 regular mediums since forever (as far as I remember there have never been a regular tier 8 MT that was a staple of Tier 8 CW/skirmishes). There are some decent ones (panthera, T-44), but compared to other tier or other class tier 8 MT regular simply suffers.

    HT at least has VK, Yoh, and some decent ones like IS-3 and Tiger II. TD still has RHM, Udes, ISU. LT sadly suffers since EBR era with only brits LT surviving with a super niche camo build.

  36. I was a while ago in a tier 8 battle with only 1 tech tree tank per team… And our team one was me… with stock IS-M…

  37. in world of tanks blitz you pay for premium shells, not only by credits but also by -20% alpha dammage

  38. Donkey play that got you…

  39. Quit dumping Tier 8’s into continuous and unrelenting battles against Tier 9 and 10 tanks. The ratio is usually 80% of the time your punching up instead of all Tier 8 battles or getting lower tiered opponents. Typical cash grab by Wargaming and they will eventually chase a lot of players out of the game. Not sure of the philosophy of milking players for every ruble on the front side, while bleeding players on the back side. I give this game another 2 years tops before it ends up on the trash heap of games that started out with so much promise only to be screwed by the greed of the developers. Kinda like EvE Online.

  40. Wait have they fixed Skoda t56 gun sound?? If so, thats awesome, I was so angry from the 122mm sounding 130mm…

  41. The first game is how it feels to play on console

  42. having to see nigel farage adverts before this made me logout of youtube, i usually enjoy QB videos but that nazi version of kermit as an intro has me logged out sorry

  43. 24:31 romanian push moment :)))

  44. I play with tier 8 and i only matc make with tier 10

  45. Wot Addict Global

    20:41 “A nice map” – looooooooooooool everyone hates that stupid map~!~!~!

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