Playing the BEST Tier 9 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the BEST Tier 9 tanks in World of Tanks!



  1. QB: I’m gonna play the T95 so as to not upset my NA fans.
    Lady Bird: I’m gonna ruin this man’s whole career.

  2. QB “gonna play the T95 use it’s massive alpha damage… drives off a bridge because i can’t remember to steer do to a ladybug distracting me. oh well next tank”

    love ya man

  3. I think my personal best win rate tier 9s are the e75 and the Emil 2 both around 55%. The e75 is my favorite tank of all time. The t30 gun hated me for a long time but i love it now too. If only i hadnt sold it. Working towards the tortoise now.

  4. Standard B all day long for me!

  5. Ladybird? It’s a Ladybug at least in NA lol

  6. You owe us a t95 game.

  7. This is easily one of my favorite videos of yours. Most of the tanks I love to play. a T95 dying to a lady bug, you complaining about 10 gold demount costs with 460k. BUT you didn’t mention intuition once time so 9/10 only.

  8. no not the lady bird

  9. That T95 gameplay is definitely going on a QBs best moments vid

  10. Still wanted to see the T95. Dang bugs

  11. Tim Conroy-Stocker

    That was very funny

  12. Sorry, but why did you even keep driving the T95 while removing a stupid ladybug from your monitor ?!
    Your credibility just dropped to zero… Don’t worry tho, you can blame the lady “bird” for that.
    I mean, come on…You’re supposed to be a good and serious player with intelligence… apparently not, judging by what i’ve seen here.

    “Oh well, sorry to all the T95 fans”
    That’s all you could say instead of at least playing the T95 in another battle, for the sake of the video…

    Basically, you’re just becoming another youtuber kissing and/or criticizing Wargaming’s behind.
    Not to mention, you’re sitting on 400K gold but 10 gold or a demounting kit is too much to demount 1 equipment module ??

    As if you can’t afford it… Nope, you’re just acting ridiculous about it.

    I think i’d rather start watching more of Kellerman’s videos, they’re as much to the point as yours.
    The only difference is, Kellerman is actually funny…

  13. An lady bord??????!!!!!

  14. so why are you so sh* tty to other content creators qb?

  15. LOL omg that’s so hilarious hahaha I can’t believe that actually happened specially on that map as well that bridge is like the biggest meme that and overlord and for it to happen live on YouTube haha I was like screaming YOUR NOT WATCHING YOUR GONNA MISS THE BRIDGE this has gotta go on quick babies best moments haha

  16. I’ve heard of the butterfly effect, but I’ve never heard of the Lady bug effect. I guess it only happens to tankers in T95’s.

  17. Now you have to make a video, same format of 3 games in the t95

  18. watch out those things bite

  19. and that is how a little bug can take down an american td…

  20. QB so often blames other players when he loses. And now blaming a lady bird. Try taking a look in the mirror when thinking why.

  21. 13:05 Chinese variety, very aggressive.

  22. Bruh did ladybug cover half his monitor so he didnt see thing what the

  23. Jozef Chocholáček

    Wan’t that a Javelin Ladybird?

  24. It was not a curse of a ladybug, but a blessing. You were blessed to turn off this game and go touch grass.

  25. Bro really left the T95 behind, I’m sad.

  26. Lady bird … O Mather …. :-))

  27. You should have done a little ladybird sitting on the T95 in the thumbnail

  28. Hey QB think you should make a video about how out of hand premium spamming has gotten

  29. Quicky you show over 400k in gold and your sweating 10?????? QUICKY!!!!!!!! You Murder!!! Thats KARMA!!!

  30. It’s raining all the time- of course its Spring in the UK!

  31. Kristoffer Johansson

    Return of the killer lady bugs!

  32. I always called it “ladybug” 😀

  33. Has 400k gold, dont want to spent 10 und a mounting kit.. thats how you get rich xD

  34. Suwito Adi Tanoyo

    37:04 = When everything feels suck and all confidence gone away
    41:40 = All confidence back on

    amazing emotional changes there

  35. This isn’t really related to the video that much but I kinda just want to rant about WOT console. Can we just have an overhaul and make the console edition just like the PC edition? I mean none of the maps are the same, console has an entire branch of tanks called the mercenary tanks that don’t exist in the PC version where you have a tier 6 heavy tank that has insanely good armor (you don’t even have to try to angle it or anything, if the shot isn’t coming from a higher tier tank, it won’t pen), a gun that fires quickly and pens pretty much every shot (even on a Japanese heavy) and moves at almost 40 kph. And thats not to mention all the UI differences, where console doesn’t have the feature where it’ll show where a tank was last spotted on the minimap. Or what about how the WTF E100 is still in the game, or how we have to wait like a year before we get the new tanks PC gets. Its insanely frustrating to see PC WOT look so much better than console WOT and I can’t get PC WOT because I don’t have enough money to buy a PC. Wargaming please do a complete overhaul of console WOT and make it exactly like PC WOT. They might as well be two separate games at this point.

  36. Death by lady bird.

  37. QB crying about the funny OP chieftain tank going to the best players without realising 8k chieftains were just given to the biggest bots in the game

  38. Just to be clear, is a lady bug called a lady bird in Britain?

  39. omg,, only reason why i tuned into this was to watch the T95

  40. Nice T95 game, it will be a good clip for you Wife. I see people just go to the water, that was some other level of kill themself. Hahaha.

  41. Lady BUG:))))

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