Playing the FASTEST Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing the fastest tanks in of Tanks! Including the EBR 105, Pz. 1C, Rhm Panzerwagen ?!?



  1. i wonder what tanks QB doesnt have?

  2. Today on youtube. Ebr catches some air, borrasque is too short and t 103 does a barrel roll.

  3. Origami Paper Planes And Tanks

    IS-7 the enemy team didn’t even get a kill

  4. Show us any tank, wheeled clown cars are not tanks . Wot has confused Need for Speed as being the same .

  5. I hate the Borrasque

  6. ram beasts ftw

  7. I miss doing 75kph in the Chaffee

  8. Isn’t the cs63 the fastest medium tank?

  9. Ah QB, you played the Pz1c wrong…. stationary and trading? Mmmm….. let’s set you the challenge that we used to do in the old Tank Company days…. how many times can you circle the map in your 1c before dying? Our record was three times, including us shooting on the run (no stopping). Absolutely hilarious and it gave the new players something of a chance to get some experience at shooting moving targets. Great for the LOLs and no seal clubbing in sight.

  10. Great video. Had a lot of fun. Thx man.

  11. 40:22 his laugh so funny

  12. Where is the CS-63 in the mediums’ list?

  13. that is7 game was diiiiiirty lol

  14. lmao best heavy fast tank. chasing that small tank was like the fat guy chasing an annoying teenager.

  15. the is7 was the best part of this video

  16. In Love With Goats

    I see qb has been watching iyouxin lol

  17. No FCM? 🙁 I do love being the speedy irritating tank sometimes, if the edelweiss wasn’t so tall it’d be the most fun tank i’ll always play

  18. Best IS7 game ever

  19. That ram was insane hahaha

  20. 38:50 what ?? looks like u are missing that shot … but still hit ???

  21. If you turn the volume high enough, you can hear muffled russian bass when you’re overtaking the light tank on your team.

  22. To be fair, you’re in a light tank. Your job is to spot, not sit in a bush and snipe. The fact thay some light tanks can do 400 damage is just stupid. Speed, spotting, and high damage is just stupid on light tanks. The nice thing about having stupid view range and CVS on my Leo just removes most of that advantage on lights.

  23. The IS-7 load up kit and ramming tactic was wicked..

  24. 24:23 You should ram him with rhm it’s twice heavy than amx. I made 1842 base exp on Rhm. The most exp on wot replays.

  25. 90km/h is not that much, I usually go faster with my car, they should buff the EBR top speed to 120km/h at least.

  26. 25$ only
    this account created only for having fun and I don’t care about win rate
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    by the way my win rate 43 right now

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    steyr Wt


    t34 shielded


    also you can recover some tanks which is collector




    pz.kpfw.s35 739

    M3 lee

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    Up to mt25 ——tier vi

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  27. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012


  28. Im so sad i didnt go for IS-7

  29. God damn it… the last game with IS7 makes me jump out chair because I was laugh so much 😀 Amazing video, QB, as always! :)) And yeah, please cut this IS7 moment for best moments EP 😛 God bless you and all your close people 🙂

  30. I am really disappointed that you, as a british person forgot to mention the absolute marvel of technology and by far the fastest Bri’sh vehicle which is FV304. This beast not only has the stock top speed limit of 72.4km/h but also a field mod which can expand this limit by additional 5km/h, which with normal turbo allows to absolute crush enemy vehicles by reaching 81.4km/h (83.4 with bond turbo). This setup allows you conquer the hill on karelia without being spotted which i once done and then i managed to deal 1000dmg from this position. Probably it would be twice as much if I wasn’t busy being proud of my achievement.
    So as a compensation of this oversight I expect You to make full video about top speed FV304 (with fuel, full field mod, at least 3perk crew etc.)
    And I am really sorry about my english. I should really focus on my english classes instead of being proud Polish man.
    ANd good video thou

  31. The Super Hellcat is faster than the Hellcat 🙁

  32. Fastest arta is FV304 with the turbo.

  33. Play the shittiest most under powered power crept tanks in the game.
    (Really any tech tree tanks)

  34. ivandra atmawijaya

    That IS-7 Clip makes my day, thanks mr.Quackbaby

  35. It’s funny how you stole that is7 speed loadout from a certain well known streamer who made it popular (actually, 2 streamers), and you don’t even mention their names.
    It’s actually not funny, it’s disgusting.

  36. very nice video
    i really like those top of smthg videos 😉

  37. Tier 3/4 is fun remember that QB

  38. That IS-7 game was hilarious. You could play this tank like a absolute clown and still come on top. Honestly one of the most fun Tier X tanks out there.

  39. Clown cars suck. But nice vid.

  40. Speedy IS-7 was hilarious. 😀

  41. IS-7 should drop the spall-liner for grousers and really see the difference in how fast it is, not to mention turns.

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