Playing the HEAVIEST Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the HEAVIEST tanks in World of Tanks!



  1. QuickBaby on a Maus: “Singing” Mister Tiger II i want to protect you.
    Me: Ohhh…. How cute : ) !!!

  2. Now do the lightest!

  3. Hey quickly baby, could you make another forgotten maps video.

  4. “Expecially” Quicky? Really?

  5. Sleuth hat on for the JPz vs IS-4 fight. Does the JPz’s hatch on the rear left of the tank serve as it’s point of spotting? If so, that explains why when he poked his gun around the corner, the hatch was still hidden and he couldn’t spot the IS-4. I’m guessing if he played off the right hand side of the tunnel, he would have had them perma lit. Sound reasonable?

    • No, the way spotting works is that your gun mount needs to have a line of sight with one of the spotting points of the enemy vehicle (front, back, top, gunmount). The IS-4 was putting his turret sideways in order that his spotting point situated in the gun mount could have a line of sight with quicky baby (front) and spot him in a safe way. In order to spot the IS-4, the gun mount of quicky baby should be able to trace a line of sight towards the IS-4, but as it is rear mounted, he has to expose a lot of the tank to achieve it, thats why the IS-4 could shoot him and get in cover faster than the JgPz could peek

  6. Only 2 battles with one arty each side so yeah they destroyed arty and you never once got hit by one !! how the game has changed

  7. I figured we’d get a 10 minute video today after your bad luck on your stream yesterday, but man… a 40 minute video?! Thanks for all the content right now, qb. Hope you can enjoy the holidays at least a little while the cpm is high.

  8. I am a bit disappointed… I was waiting so much for him to play the heaviest british vehicle as well. (It’s the TOG, if anyone is wondering)

  9. Tanks with the lowest DPM?

  10. Simeon Apostolovski

    QB I have noticed that you put a turbo charger on every tank in the game LOL 🤣🤣

  11. Maus is my first T10, the things you van do is just crazy and extremely funny

  12. old inactive player here and I see a frickin AA guns on them Maus and Type 5, is that customization or mods? looking like a ground battleship lol

  13. Hey QB, I’d really love to see a masterclass video on the T95

  14. Type4-5 are much better with another gun

  15. i have been playing this game for almost nine years and I have NEVER had the game just set itself up for me like this video. I can play my absolute best and still go ten losses in a row. What the fuck is your secret?

  16. 27:05 BING CHILLING

  17. Waiting for a rating tier x for 2021


  19. Qhat about the fastest tanks except EBR?

  20. Play the worst tanks of certain statistics in the game (ie. DPM, alpha, weight) excluding low tier tanks

  21. One and only SILI man

    The IS-4 player for sure he was searching the acc to many years for having with 6.500 battles the beta badge!

  22. A4 steam enthusiast

    Most accurate tanks would be fun.

  23. New map seems to have some sight line issues.

  24. Maus is my favorite tank

  25. Ive been loving my kv 4.

  26. Man that maus 3D style is garbage. I hate that i cant see the gun at all times from the shit on its turret, it annoys me so much that i cant see the gun when driving forward

  27. Hey Mr Quickybaby can I have a 430u video because I’m so close to unlock it… Yes I know I am 3 years late or something… By the way thx for the KV IS video… How about an old SU100 video u know this is the last fun tier 6 from the old days after wg nerfed all tier 6 to oblivion… Thx for every thing ❤️cheers

  28. Maus with the 3d style is as big as a 1 flor building :))

  29. Men vents are so overrated and you really shoud not replace gunrammer with it…for that measily 2,5% increase in ALL stats is like nothing and you really would notice without it.

  30. Play the same tanks without violet equipment , totally stock and 50% crew

  31. wholesome IS3

  32. shoulda played the G.W.E 100

  33. Nice vid but if you can do just 1 more game in the TOG together with Jingles…
    Now that would be a true gift to the WoT community….😊👍

  34. Off topic, but hey. QB, while you have many focuses (entertain, progress, highlight content), for me, your most engaging play is in light tanks. I loved the recent Twitch stream start where that is what you did. And, you seemed to love being back in lights. Yes, the arty/HE nerfs have made it more difficult. But, to me, it seems that is where your joy is. As a long term viewer, I like seeing you have fun, and lights seem to be a place in which you can find that joy.

    Have fun!

  35. “If I had loaded gold I would have killed that E100” … No, even your APCr would have been absorbed. Also that’s not the way a good player should approach this imo. If you would have aimed properly you would have killed him with AP too. Statements like these just give wrong impressions to your viewers (or anyone else’s viewers of course)

  36. you use intuition to change out to different type of gun? 8:21

  37. quicky pls tell me how to get big boxes in holiday ops cuz i wanna get bret panther 🙁

  38. Марио Петров

    that skin is disgusting …. absolutely tedious…

  39. 29:43 That small IS-3 had done 6 dmg and killed 1 tank 🙂

  40. 10:24 evil Santa Clauss laughing

  41. Marcel van Genderen

    please play the Japanese heavy s, are they still enjoyable? O-I and onwards.

  42. U forgot the tog2?

  43. I would like to see you play the lightest tanks!

  44. Love the Heavy’s

  45. At 26:15 he said E-100 instead of T95!!! 🤣🤣

  46. Waaiiiit type 5 has a 3D style ???!!!
    How the F can I get this style cuz I WANT and NEED this style ??!!!

  47. even though that IS4 had like a 52% win rate (which is also really really good) he played way better than that… they knew exactly where the view ports were in the tank and outplayed QB quite well.. so props to them

  48. Next video: play the lightest tanks in WoT

  49. Thank you for showing me that I don’t get bullied in just in my jpe 100

  50. JustARandomPersonWhoLikesFnaf

    I don’t know whats more mysterious
    The IS-4 insane vision mechanics
    What the crazy scientist is saying inside the tonk

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