Playing the HIGHEST Damage Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the HIGHEST Damaging tanks in World of Tanks!



  1. Casual player here… how exactly am I going to get all those field mods and bond equipment…

  2. I think the VZ55 is just the Chernobyl version of the 277

  3. From the beach you cannot spot tanks, shoot tanks, flank tanks, or assist your team on anything on the entire rest of the map. And you cannot get off the beach unless you go all the way back.

    Even Zeven used to say “beach is the worst play on any map in the entire game”.

  4. Play an American Tank once in your life please. Maybe make a video about it. I know it is not the meta but do you need to play the best or worst tanks every time. Just play it because you know American Tanks are very good in real life.

  5. I thought the random disconnecting was just me. I have been getting so irritated about it

  6. Maybe a good title would’ve been “Think before you go beach”

  7. As far as “damaging” in a cheeky way id mention the Chieftain.

  8. 4 games in a row on this channel on mines?!?!?

  9. Did yall see the new damage record with the kranvagn? Over 14,000 damage and 9 kills or so. Unreal game

  10. Nothing says “we have a healthy game” like deleting a tank at tier X in less then 2 seconds… maybe that shit flys in Europe, but over in NA theres a reason WoT is basically dead

  11. THE HYPE TRAIN NEVER ENDS . As my man Orzenals says Ignore the hype train and just play the tank and see how you feel about it . Tanks are hyped WORLD ending op to get views on videos . Dont be a bot make up your mind by playing the tank if you can then decide . QB said the Badger would be op .

  12. Did you seriously look at this list at the end and say “tanks with decent turrets are now dominating the meta”? Qb, please do not pretend that the hulldown meta is somehow new. It’s not. It’s been this way for years now. And there’s a lot of weird false correlation in your statement as the list of highest average damage dealt by all players with any given tank doesn’t mean that a tank is on top of the meta when you consider all the appropriate factors that goes into it. If that list meant what you seem to imply that it does, then you’d think that the 50b is also dominating the meta or that the rino is apparently better than the 60tp and the obj 277. I mean c’mon.

  13. Its not the highest damage in the game . Its the highest out of the REGULAR tanks that isnt saying much .

  14. Shivanandh Rajendran

    I appreciate your content. I’m just wondering what would be the reason you aren’t even talking or putting your opinion on the rewards tanks. Why are you not talking abt chieftain, 279e. You think they are balanced?.. I have been following your content for the past 7 years and you never educated the community on how to get one of the vehicle. I dint know abt this untill 2019. You failed to provide knowledge to us. I felt you’re selfish. However, I’m still watching your videos waiting to see if you talk abt those tanks.

  15. How cant you not understand why some tanks dont have higher win ratio? Cause you are not playing alone and you are not one man army…

  16. I’m sorry about your lag issues. I experience absolutely the same thing as you did when I try and play during the day. Low ms everything green then next game my tank starts to twitch :D. I’ve sent a report to wargaming with tests from my network and they say everything is looking good…

  17. I can hear Steve from Honest Gaming raging from here.

  18. Yep, beach doesn’t work.

  19. I’m insanely surprised that the Tortoise isn’t in here….

  20. I think you should have learned to never push the beach. You lose access to 80% of the map. Bad QuickyBaby.

  21. WG has to fix those super lag spikes

  22. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    Introducing the new Kitchen Gun©! *BANG BANG*, and next game for yoouu!

  23. World of STUPID heavy tanks

  24. 6:00 same problem yesterday. Had a chick dc and the next 3 shoots after reconnecting just did not connect. It was my demise…

  25. Lol love that he goes beach in his Heavy!!!

  26. downvoted, because you went to the beach :< noob play

  27. kranvagn play demonstrates exactly what is wrong with Wot and why it is so good at the moment. It has an unpenetratable turret even with gold, but loading gold yourself just reduces the armor of most other ones to useless. All superheavies are just meatballs for HEAT, but kranvagn, chieftain and 279e can just go hulldown and blast everybody to pieces

  28. QuickyBaby: gets 4000+ dmg on Vz.55

    Wargaming: NERF THE Vz. 55 NOW

  29. I love the live gameplay. Really enjoyable.

  30. Never play beach

  31. OP powercreep
    wtf, the AMX is up there?!?! I’m disappointed you didn’t show us that tank!!!!

  32. I think he is the Lewis Hamilton of WoT without the part of being one of the best to play it. He’s trying to blame so much on his team even though he chooses to go beach, just like Hamilton when he lost a race.

  33. ‘where the hell did the Badger go’ – I myself was like, what sort of camo does that guy have, and then I was like, ah yes here we go again.

  34. I gave WoT another go after leaving for eight years. Game is too overly complicated now, full of new stupid tanks that make the old tanks redundant (like this monstrosity) and the maps have been changed for the worst. Don’t know what to think of the game now.

  35. do within the last year. or all time. would be more nostalgic i hope

  36. Can anyone tell me what website is QB using?

  37. TD’s are lower on the damage list because believe it or not players don’t like driving down corridors that have hidden campers at the far end who you cant spot but can slap you with gold shells all day long.

  38. A weird one for you??? This is the typical game for your average player!

  39. Sure, the set up helps good players to reach that another level. But I think that the MOST important is the WAY you play and the DECISIONS you take while in game. Sitting in the back, idling not knowing what to do, take no risk and looking at what other players are doing in your team is surely the wrong way to get nice results.

  40. krav vs krav so it will lose half of the time.

  41. Team doesnt advance? Wow, Im shocked… 🙂

  42. Man, tanks don’t have damage and health they are machines

  43. do know it’s wednesday my dudes?

  44. EU server is such an easy mode comparing to RU by average skill of enemy team ))

  45. oh now I know where people learn stupid plays like going to beach on overlord…
    also how can you not use hardening on s conq…

  46. Dealing a lot of damage does not mean op.

    There was an amx 50b on 4th place.

  47. I like how Qb constantly complains about terrible balancing and gold spam but one of his favourites is Kranvagn.

    A vehicle that is only OP when spamming gold.

  48. Qb is lately only playing mines i guess. last 3 videos every time mines 😮

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