Playing the HIGHEST DPM Tanks in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

DPM Damage per Minute in World of Tanks is a tanks capability to eliminate foes quickly and in today's video I'll show you just that!



  1. What we got to see he asked when playing the badger?
    1- He was top tier.
    2- I know you can play pretty damm good, but those enemy’s where we’ll it felt like players with my skill not your skills.
    3- You got all upgrades that the average player does not have.
    4- It was nice to look at what my future tier 10 td can do but I would argue the armor should be either upgraded or lowered and that it gets more speed or autoloader.

  2. Very nice. Now do the lowest DPM.

  3. How about you really make a challenge for yourself instead of boosting your ego to get the worst and lowest dpm tanks working? If you really are up to challenges, then try that instead of showing us the neverending cycle of unicumtactics. All tanks habe a purpose, you just habe to find it and excel on that

  4. You can get the 122 54 to 4300 dpm

  5. I keep wondering, why dont you use prem consumables?

  6. Imo the dpm is the least important stat cuze usually tanks with high dpm are having low alpha damage and you cant make fair trades with those tanks and those tanks wich have high alpha damage those usually have other terrible disadventages. ohh and the 10 sec spot on time is another thing wich makes almost impossible the fairly utilize the high firerate.

  7. Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs

    I will start to grind both lines of brittish TD’s. Will be some fresh change for me

  8. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Why would you call artillery SPG in chat but never in commentary? Especially knowing the player base

  9. I think in the 3rd game QB was fighting to secure the hill while a full hp 60TP was still in the base.
    Such players make me quite angry. Who else feels that way?

  10. Is that T18 in the highest dpm list?

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  12. shptk tvp should have the highest with he of 100 mm pen

  13. Syahareen Sha Rani


    Ya know it makes me wonder why hasn’t nobody even once using that bush right next to the Batchat I used it all the time in my LHMTV with exhaust, Optics and vission system it worked for me at least ….

  14. How does the WT E 100 have 152 battles in the last 60 days? I thought it was removed years ago?

  15. 21:06 Little freeze of OS 😀

  16. what about playing the ugliest tanks?
    maybe the audience could vote for the ugliest vehicles and you play the top 3 that got voted? i dont know how it could work or why would someone make such video, but hey, its more content

  17. Playing tanks that you hate? That’s maybe a good idea for next video

  18. uses cvs and exhaust system in a medium tank LOOLL JDBSKANSBDKDJSBHSKAKABDJDA

  19. 152 games with WT E100 in last 60 days? Who has that tank these days?

  20. Lol? 10:10 Who played over 150 games in WT E 100 in last 60 days? O.o

  21. a quote from the one and only will frampton aka shakespeare: “so i’m just gonna put a round into the Kranvagn, he’s gonna focus on me, i’m not gonna go back around the corner for a second, maybe I can even drop back around this tree, he’s still aiming at me by the looks of it, now he’s aiming at other players”
    It sounds so lovely I swear, so melodic and it rhymes

  22. I really liked this video ! Maybe you could to a t9, t8, t7, t6 etc version of this video?

  23. Jgpz E100 is better than badger change my mind

  24. What about arty?

  25. Aren’t there 5 tank classes in wot?

  26. noone going to say anything about about 150 games last 60 days in WT E100? WG possibly considering bringing it back?

  27. stop using intuition QB…it’s dumb and you are missing all the shots

  28. Färlöv Ektorp

    I think you forgot to play the Crusader SP! 😛

  29. Shouldn’t you switch the equipment on the badger to get maximum value (have vents on durability slot and gun rammer on fire power)

  30. The Sheridan is no way as bad as it’s win ratio makes out, it’s just a lot of people play it with the derp which is close to useless and they also usually stack it with gun handling stuff as well so not only do they use the bad gun but they surrender all their light tank equipment as well. On top of that, derp Sheridan players tend to not scout for the team from my experience so if you get a derp Sheridan as your only light on a map where vision is important then you are very likely to lose. If you set it up correctly, use the 105mm, max it;s camo/view range, then its a decent light, sure you won’t deep outspot T-100s and Manticores but your gun is so so much better than theirs so you can contribute that way (and easily win light tank 1v1s).

  31. highest dpm spg when?

  32. Gabe Reichenbach

    Because is extremely boring.

  33. Anyone else slightly confused why he dosent have the bond gun rammer in the firepower effective equipment slot? 0:35

  34. Why did that stats page show one hundred something games played in the WT E100 in the last 60 days??

  35. Illuminator 770

    ayo did anyone notice that there were 300 games in the WT auf E 100 in the past 60 days? should we be scared?

  36. After watching the K-91 and T57 Heavvy battles, I thought this was “Playing the highest DPM Tanks like a muppet”

  37. So, when’s the Obj 259A video coming out?

  38. I would expect the sheridan to have less dpm than a t8 charioteer td or is it that the chariot wants a buff.

  39. On console I could get 5k on at15 untill wargaming realized and nerfed it to 4.5

  40. 6:40 You get out of “Danger Zone”? Come on, we can still have some fun with Maverick, it’s too early mate

  41. Im no hater or anything but the game with t57… you played like a total tomato 😀 the sheridan wasnt doing something unusual at all, most of the lt goes there in the beginning anyway. And that ram attempt … just lol. And it annoyed me that you blamed the sheridan, blamed the tank (t57), the team and everything else but not your stupid decision making that game. (like going throght the field like a tourist, attempting to fight light tank in the bushes (you were expecting to outspot him or what? ) and that ram attempt over the lane) Accept your mistakes and say them out loud cuz everyone does mistakes.

  42. Make a video of non-premium tanks to keep.

  43. Where arty ? 🙂

  44. Do it again but only with tank destroyers

  45. yep, sometimes just holding your shell in the JgPz is all you need to do to prevent a push.

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