Playing the LEAST ACCURATE Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing least accurate tanks in World of Tanks! Including the T49, , FV4005 II and -2!



  1. KV2(R) HE is the only round allowed to be fired from it.

  2. Please play with heavys with worst armor

  3. R.I.P. HE

  4. You destroying that concept in a type 5 felt so good to watch

  5. Abdulaziz Al-abri

    i actually really like this guy 🙂

  6. As someone who plays a lot in the KV-2, I can say the first mistake you made is trying to improve the accuracy.

  7. today got 1 shotted by fv4005 in 400 meters when only a part of my turret was visible and driving 60 kmh

  8. Can you do a review on the IS-5 please Quickybaby?!!!! :))

  9. I got a challenge for QB. Play the least accurate tank with 25% crew but, you are allowed to improve the aim time, and dispersion on the move with traverse only while winning a good game.

  10. 8:20 are those weaker the rest of the armor on that plate? On console its just a flat 270 all across even the corners are 270

  11. All the arty video lol

  12. Video idea, slowest projectiles

  13. Just asking what is better the Chrysler or the IS 6 B

  14. “it doesnt matter if you have bad accuracy” … because i have bad aim to start with

  15. There is only 1 way to play with t49 and sheridan. You mount the derp and derp around. When it works, it works. Snaai 857 in the face of amx 105. Kaboom 700 in the ass of T95. Its fun.

  16. World of tanks has no random, no balance and a matchmaker that has a bias towards premium and reward tanks.

  17. How about longest reload hehe aka arty

  18. samuel tschiderer

    great series

  19. you need more dissidents to the gulag for KV-2 to work

  20. The kv2 must be featured at least once a year

  21. Jonathan Vieira França

    QuickBaby, I have a replay where I killed 4 tanks in a hit kill, all of them full life, an AMD whelled T6, Cromwell T6, Stravan 74 T6 and a I don’t remember if it as a Hellcat T6 or if it was a Super Hellcat T7, but the team didn’t bother to defend the base.

  22. “A shell of American justice into the back of the Czechoslovakian heavy tank” a word combo that should be sung for ages LOL

  23. I laughed so hard lalalalalalalalal

  24. Now play tanks with the lowest win%

  25. Michael Plays World of Tanks!

    Take a shot everytime quickybaby says “is that E50M really gona come around that corner?”

  26. I still love the KV-2

  27. Hahahahahahahahahaha the chase on the hill with the WZ is hystarical and epic!

  28. Origami Paper Planes And Tanks

    t49 was fun to watch

  29. British person fpv

    Should have played the grille 15

  30. Type 5 Heavy has probably my favorite 3d style, its a shame its such a terrible tank.

  31. no caliban?

  32. wait, a max roll on the fv4005 is 2188? damn xD

  33. DUDE the hesh took a huge nerf with the changes . What are you talking about a 70 percent reduction in splash and you can straight up bounce now . You can splash tracks at all now . Pretty much made it oke AP without buffing anything on it expect a tiny bit more pen to spaced armor and most of the time it bounces tiny amounts of spaced armor . Hesh is the most balaned premium round less pen for more damage and a long long reload not to mention the tank is awful so useless . Next yes it maybe is as accurate as a 430u the aim time an hidden gun handling stats on the fv 4005 are so much worse , it has no armor , no mobility . The barn was actually good after the buffs but nope had to nerf it for all you whiners .

  34. Very Nice video quickybaby, really appreciate it. A suggestion for a new video: a bottomtier mix; playing all kinds of tier 8 tanks (HT,M,L,TD) in tier 10 battles. Cause of the current meta this is the reality for a lot of tankers

  35. What a numpty… what is the point of playing the LEAST ACCURATE and then buffing them with improved aiming, vents and directives that improve further…

  36. If you had shot underneath his tank around 4:22 which he was close enough and considerably slowed you would have killed him instantly.

  37. Wait I think I remember posting. Comment about saying the least accurate tanks. Did he see the comment and do this video or was it just by coincidence

    Do the least amount of dmg tanks after this 1.

  38. its only me who like quickbaby, but when he begin to say “The HE nerf!” I get frustrating …..

  39. Hi guys! What is the name of the programme or mode that shows where the shells hit me or the enemy? For example in the video at 5:27

  40. @25:47 i guess WG should provide ebr with wings.

  41. Why is no one talking about the fact that qb forgot to put the derp gun on the type 5?

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