Playing the LEAST Popular Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing LEAST popular tanks in of Tanks!



  1. The T21 is quite good. I liked it when I played it for tech tree.
    But if I’m going to play a T6 light, I’ll take my filthy Type 64 out instead…

  2. 3 Mark it, before it gets popular! 😂

  3. That Type T-34 had better things to do than playing Wot

  4. Game carrier. Lmao

  5. T21 is really great, I kept mine.

  6. Lowest Win Ratio, Lowest Avg Dmg Blocked Heavy, Lowest DPM and Lowest viewrange T8-T10

  7. You should see gun carrier in WoT Blitz, its total beast in there, it actually has some armor and quite nice DPM, my best game was 3.500 DMG and I quite like it

  8. T21 and KV-13 are really great tanks, shame nobody plays them.

  9. Whh do you do this ???…….. becouse its fun for us !!!

  10. Churchill GAME carrier

  11. Dear QB
    Can you pleaseee make a review video or do a review gameplay of IS5? I am trying to consider getting it on the Bond store. You can setup some great equipment setup or some f2p equipment setup. Thanks for the daily vids.

  12. I want more open maps not corridor fire

  13. Милан Лесић


  14. I’m surprised the St. Emil wasn’t featured.

  15. T21 was my first tier 6 tank way back in time, and that tank has special place in my heart.

  16. I have the churchill gc, i was in the top 10 player list, i want 3 mark it, but is very hard. Now i have only one mark

  17. Rheinmetall Sheridan, new German tech tree coming out guys

  18. Super Chaffee is from serbia, dont expect any help. its a rat race, absolutely useless.

  19. To me it is more wierd that the Churchill gc is at the same tier as the hellcat.

    Eventhough the hellcat is far from the powerhouse it were at some point.

    But how much camo and view range I Wonder is it possible to get the hellcat at …

  20. If QB is in my team i will try my best not to pissed him off

  21. Hi there QB, playing on the console version and a lot off tanks already got reforged and the WZ-113G FT was one off them.. armor and a mobility buff..😏 .. reload increase but now 850 Alfa

  22. I actually really enjoyed the T21. I was so miffed that they removed it from the tree because it set me back.


  24. I don’t have a T21 but the players who stick with it are usually quite good and are bloody annoying when on the other team. It’s a good cleanup tank. QB you missed a beat with the KV-13 — its a bit like the T21 in that most people who had to get up that branch avoided it or grinded through as quickly as possible. It has its own benefits and hardly anyone knows how to deal with it now.

    If you want to play unpopular tanks try any tech tree arty…….. FFS …….For years WG said to beat arty don’t camp and everyone camped so arty’s low DPM could grind the enemy down. WG then nurfed arty to death at the same time the game speeded up so arty does less damage per shot and doe not have enough time to get damage out — double whammy for arty. Arty players leave the game or play TDs. First they came for Arty…….

  25. when i first saw the cgc 10 years ago i immediately thought it is a horrendous tank to play just by looking at it, well i am not wrong

  26. Churchill GAME Carrier!
    QB: Challenge accepted….

  27. CGC : I had 1 gunmark with 611 wn8, and once an Ace tanker 🙂 What an awful tank 😀

  28. Silvressa Aynth (Ry)

    QB… You say That tank On Wrong Spell
    Not Gun Carrier. But Game Carrier

  29. well i recently started 3 marking the t21 and this tank is incredible. u can easily get up to over 500m view range on tier 6 without binos, which is just wild. the gun is the same than the type 64 just less dpm and the accuracy is slightly different. the only thing that sucks about this tank is the shell velocity and the for a light tank bad camo rating. i’ve played around 60 battles so far with a wn8 of over 7000. but realisticly i see it drop down to 5000 after like 150-200 battles. but its crazy that such a good tank is so less played

  30. And there iwas, actually excited when i saw the KV-13 ranking third, expecting to see it played well in a video at least once. What do we get? Disgusting, dear sir, disgusting! 😉

  31. Quality content!!!!!

  32. Trần Nguyễn Thế Vũ

    Quicky Baby, Pls play the weakest tier-for-tier tank and play it like 100% f2p player ^–^

  33. No Gun no turret so it like a prototype of the Sturmtiget line on consoles. In some way it stuffer the same as the Ferdinand but the Ferdinand was put in the line so people have to play it

  34. I actually like playing the WZ-113G FT. Felt like it came with a lucky charm when I bought it seeing how I nailed an Ace on the inauguration battle on siegfried doing over 7k damage!

  35. Why did the m10 follow youoooo kill stealer and hellcat followed you as well your wife playing, oo you have your wife protection you in game cheater on this

  36. Isn’t it great at how many videos Quickybaby is producing at the moment. It’s the highlight of my day as I watch them during lunch.
    I’ve been following QB for years and I’ve learned so much about the game and hopefully how to be a better player.
    I never use Twitch so get all my content from YouTube – it’s like having the ‘old’ QB back and its brilliant – thank you QB.

  37. 15:48 It would be a nice idea to put hybrid tanks like KV2 have a artillery mod as special mechanic!!

  38. To me, those “Least popular” tanks may be fine but the next tier tanks are so good, they are generally fast-tracked..

    You should do a “Worst win rate” tanks challenge

  39. I love how much qb is talking. Because he has nothing else to do in that tank

  40. Hmm I am surprised the WZ 120 did not show up in the list, that tank you next to never see.

  41. I loved CHGC with the top gun.

  42. This is exactly what entire British engineering is all about. Beautiful, masterpiece, beautiful tank. When I get banned?

  43. I’m surprised wg don’t nerf this tank.

  44. Can you play a stock sturer emil? I’m tearing my hair out over that absolute trashcan of a a vehicle

  45. 5:07 get gnomed

  46. Churchill Game Carrier :))))))))

  47. I really like Churchill GC, it was my first tank destroyer in my WoT career 😀

  48. Mr Quickybaby, Can you try the AMX 30B in 2021? 😀

  49. Jingles moment: M10 RBFM = not a Panther M10 QB

  50. Meanwhile on wotb yes yes turn it as Fast as light with 105 mm gun

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