Playing the LOWEST Damage Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing the LOWEST Damaging tanks in !



  1. play the least played tanks in tier 10 😀

  2. Rhm Pzw would be actually enjoyable for me people would stop pressuring their drivers to yolo spot. I get that a lot on my HWK 30.

  3. Purple RNG. Purple MM. Rigged games at their finest brought to you by our “pals” at WarGaming.

    Also, Boomers… are nearly 70 years old. Not everyone that’s older than us… is a “Boomer”.

  4. The Earl of Sandwich

    When you were counting down the Kranvagn shot, as it bounced the ad started and it was selling me some Milo. I had a cup of Milo in my hand. I will tell my children about this day

  5. The phisosophy of WHEN to push in different games – make a series about this topic. Would be popular !

  6. I guess you’re right about gun rammer on the the FV4005. Reducing the reload by 10% while keeping the base accuracy just means you get to miss 10% faster.

  7. Peter Rosengren Wallin

    Lovely game with the Rhine. And agree totally with your comments about LTs nowdays. It sucks.

  8. Robert Bretschneider

    Darn, i thought we see QB play the lowest Alpa-dmg-tanks in tier 1. XD

  9. Saying his sad driving the shitbarn, after hitting a shot, shouts and celebrates. . haha

  10. Chuck Norris loads an arty shell by placing a shell in the chamber, commands it to sit still and punches the back of it to store the kinetic energy in the shell. The gun is fired when Chuck Norris gives the shell permission to move again.


  12. 17:13 when mom says no

  13. QB: I took Chuck Norris out of this tank cause he was so annoying.
    Also QB: I was just giving the enemy team a chance (Quoting what Chuck Norris says).

  14. Chuck should be in an American tank what did the British kidnap him

  15. Maybe the Kranvagns will handle the town…as he is following one toward field

  16. if you don’t want to play fv4005, then don’t

  17. Lol, his games are usually my experience: when I play an underperformed tank, I usually perform well and win, while when I play my favorite ones, usually the team just vanishing.

  18. stick_to_the_shadows

    That moment when the top 3 comments are about the swedish ship instead of WoT

    QB the historian.

  19. Rhm need an autoloader like yhe old sp1c, 3 shells of 360dmd

  20. I think the tank is nice or?

  21. Hi QB! Happy Thanksgiving. I just wanted to send you a seasons greeting. Thank you so much for the videos that you make. I’ve been watching you since middle school, so like 13 or 14 years of age. I’m 21 now and I’ve enjoyed countless hours of your content and for that I am thankful.

    Have a happy holiday season QB

  22. E100 nikcname means fire from ass im Polish

  23. I love this tank

  24. Plasticity, mate 🙂

  25. maybe try tanks regarding to their survivability? because sometimes it isn’t directly proportional to the average damage… but tbh there isn’t much else lol

  26. Being a German, i realy like QBs german accent

  27. Well surprise surprise, under performing tanks excel when driven by a unicum. Insert Surprised Pikachu Face here. Yawn.

  28. I am playing 11 years Atanvardo – greetings 😉

  29. How to change daily missions to such a more visible what to do 3 lines instead of mistic 3 ikons ?

  30. YEET is not a boomer word, its millenial:D So fitting right with your age:) And regarding bad win ratio: Unfortunately I have 21% wins in my Rheinmetall Panzerwagen….:(

  31. The FV Heavytank May be not the best but it looks cool.

  32. Good Lord Mr QB.. What were you on when recording this… Never heard you give such stream of consciousness verbal rubbish… you are normally so considered. Is this you first thing in the morning with a cappuccino? on the other hand, still a cracking vid! Dont stop!

  33. Same.. I also swapped account, so I dont get beta rewards either. >:c

  34. 490 viewrange for a heavy… sure we need that 😀

  35. I haven’t played wot in a couple of years what the hell happened to the T62a, it used to be the best medium tank

  36. ᛑᛆᚡᛂ ᚤᛆᚿᛌᛂᚿ

    Fv215b needs only 1 buff in my opinion and that is the gun mantle needs to be as strong as the one on the s-conq. Atm it’s only 150mm so standing hull down and rely on you’re turret is not gonna work.
    We don’t need the s-conq turret on it just the armour values of the gun mantle

  37. Brain plasticity.

  38. Wow power creep is real, can you imagine fv215b and t62a were decent tanks once?

  39. The ship Vasa is true but the brain think i don’t know about.

  40. getting Twitch mixed up with YouTube … is QB turning into Jingles.


  42. RIP AND TEAR!!!

  43. so many Swedish heavies in high tier make tier 9 and 10 so boring

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