Playing the MOST ACCURATE Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the most accurate tanks in World of Tanks! Including the 103B, Grille 15, AFK Panther and II!



  1. i gave up and sold this tank, the gun is too feckin unreliable despite its accuracy rating, i get better results on my meme cannons and my E4 over this thing

  2. Mikhail Jair Nisbett

    Great video! can we please see the least accurate tanks next? 🙂

  3. hey QB, i just would like to point out that when you were going over the most accurate heavies, you said the chieftain was one of the most accurate. The chieftain shown there is the unreleased chieftain, and not the same as the T95/FV4201 chieftain that is a clan wars reward

  4. Now, let’s play the most inaccurate tanks or tanks with the longest aim time.

  5. i have a 0.21 dispersion Grille 15, it also accurate when on the move

  6. German accuracy my 4$$.

  7. That tank is awesome, you played badly.

  8. Most accurate? If it still misses with a fully aimed shot it doesn’t matter that much anymore

  9. wait what he didnt choose the light tank with the lowest?!?! he even showed the tier 5 german more acurate light tank XD

  10. I played Grille yesterday… My session ended up after 3 battles with the alt+f4 combination. This game is a fckn joke most accurate my ass…

  11. Oh yes you’re right that tank (AFK Panther) was quite nice before it was removed! I would rather kept his older forme instead of the SP1C… Awful Panther was one of my 1st german tanks that i get an Ace Tanker very long time ago! Definitly this is a shadow of its former self!!

  12. The tank can be as accurate as it is, but when RNG says “NO” then the accuracy doesn’t matter

  13. I can’t believe people still playing this Russian biased propaganda game. Boycott WG! Boycott Belarus!

  14. Pointless Striker

    Quite sad that they nerfed german tanks so much and changed meta to be good for russian hulldown things

    • Russians don’t have hulldown “things” meta currently is british hulldown monsters and op clip tanks for heavies and leopard 1 for mediums

  15. That gun on the Aufklärungspanther looks like a Konish.

  16. i hate this map…and i get it yesterday multible times in a tier 7 light against tier 9!! stupid scam game!

  17. Play the lowest
    Lowest accuracy
    Lowest dpm
    Lowest winrate

  18. I was once in the OI. I maxed up concealment as far as I could go. At the start of the battle, I went about 40 metres before I was sniped and destroyed… in the first 15 seconds of the battle. I had barely left the base! That’s spotting and accuracy for you!

  19. These kind of videos are SO much better, when you don’t have to play at the same time you can become a little bit too cheerful for my taste! xD

  20. Now do the most inaccurate tanks lol

  21. Video idea: play all of the most healthy tanks in the game

  22. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    11:11 I tell my daughters I hate musicals because they break my ability to accept the story. Nobody just breaks into song in the middle of their workday – at least, not songs that are composed and written about that work day. By the end of “the Foch, the Foch, the Foch… B”, I was convinced I was about to be proved wrong. XD
    28:23 “How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…”

  23. The most inaccurate accuracy….Tier 9 WT is far superior with ‘worse’ accuracy!

  24. Ok so once iv got my udes I’m getting that 103B that thing looks awesome

  25. QB: “At least I’m not gonna be missing point blank, right? Not at all.”

    50s later: Misses at point blank range

  26. 34:38 Cockroach strikes again

  27. The Hallow Phoenix

    Grille 15: “Yes, I am the most accurate tank in this game! :D”
    Also Grille 15: “I also have been voodoo’d by WarGaming! T_T”

  28. fun fact: if the bat-chatillon had it’s historical transmission it’d go just as fast backwards as it does forwards

  29. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    I was so concerned that perhaps you would ignore the Tiger II and go play an E 50 M, but in the end you delivered 😉

  30. Wot Addict Global

    Is there anyone called SlowyMan? 😛

  31. hey, why don’t we stop playing WoT as a game from Belarus?

  32. Why do you do a series where you play the worst accurate or the worst dpm?

  33. uhmm quickybaby, I think that cheiftain in the 2nd most accurate is the cieftain from the Chinese server

  34. Actually the Badger has the lowest penetration among the Tier 10 TDs if we not count the 2 FV with HESH amunition.

  35. The reason for the Tiger II having a bad overall winrate, I reckon, is that it is quite awful stock and one of the first Tier VIII tanks for a lot of players. Players that are still learning a lot about the game having a really bad stock experience leads to them not carrying many if any matches.

  36. Hey QB uses his tanks as mobile platforms of destruction. I use mine to floss my teeth.

  37. Can u make a video with the most fun derp tanks: KV-2, FV4005, T49 and Caliban

  38. hey QB, i know it aint super meta, but can you play patriot? i searched it and not many people played it recently, i personally would like to see the build you use and some tips and tricks

  39. World of wanks, where you need the blessing of the RNG gods instead of pure raw skill.

  40. Ouicky finger koji je najprecizniji top

  41. QB with grille15:
    Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance, but not for me….

  42. I’m sorry QB, but you were wrong. If AMX 50B wanted to make a bold move, it’s his dicision. We are 15 players on each team, with 15 different mindsets.
    When your drive infront of his tank, as you did, you’re the one being a moron, not the 50B player. He got delayed, he might have taken extra damage, because of you delaying him, not the other way around.

  43. Strv 103B isn’t the most accurate tank in the game, the UDES 03 is with 0.24 base dispersion in the siege mode

  44. The Kunze Panzer also doesn’t show its great sniper mode accuracy either. I think it is more accurate than the Leo 1.

  45. With the Strv 103B you can get 0.18 accuracy

  46. That e25 trotting off like a small dog who found the biggest stick ever.

  47. Let’s see..2nd day of invasion..the defender goes on sale..I cannot support qb or wg..I will sleep tonight knowing that I’ve dropped this. Tell me I’m wrong..but over all you know..bye

  48. Again with the let’s say special equipment on tanks

  49. That leopard game is me lately…I go from 8 kills 4000 dmg to nothing. Kind frustrating eh.

  50. This leopard 1 load out is the most Frampton thing I’ve ever seen.

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