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  1. This game is so beatiful

  2. Day 280: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  3. Day 365: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  4. Sergio Dominguez

    I’d like to get your opinion on whether or not you believe that in light of recent global decisions to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine if war thunder should also see the community join the rest of the world in boycotting Russian products and services.

  5. CredibleWhiteKnuckle

    Chat may be disabled but I’ve noticed radio calls went up in quality 150%

  6. The enemies pusssh from this way…… WOW really? LMAO

  7. Sergio Dominguez

    Some people spend ludicrously on this game. For vehicle packs, golden eagles and silver lions. That money is sent to a Russian company. Perhaps the WarThunder community should also take a stand and join the globe in solidarity against Russian actions. It would send a message that “Yes even the gaming community will stand with Ukraine and the world

    • Cringe?

    • @React Randurtle Mock as you might, you know it’s true

    • @Sergio Dominguez type whatever words you can – doesn’t change the fact that you are cringe 🤷‍♂️

    • @React Randurtle what’s cring about another community joining those like Apple that stopped sales of Apple products in Russia. Or the football leagues refusing to play Russia. Even Elon Musk showed his support by sending starling to Ukraine. The smallest gestures of unity right now matter

  8. Great, Now all my fav 5.3 Russian tanks are gonna be getting smoked by PzIVe’s for the next week or to. Thanks bro.

  9. Yaaaaaayyyyyy, thanks for uploading mr phlydaddy

  10. You’ve heard the M I G G E R

    now its time for
    K R I G G E R

    Or krigger idk

  11. The m4a1 way under br

  12. Day 98: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness.

  13. Alternate title: 5.3 matches get rekt by direct fire support from 2.0 self-propelled mortar launcher

  14. Can you make a video where you play as the vehicles that were removed the panther 2 flakpanzer 341 tiger 105

  15. I use the VI F1 at 6.3 😃Puma up to 5.3 but . I love to play Panzer 4 at 2.0 🤷‍♂I have 500 h in War Thunder on Pc😱 Sheize Hans load the Gun faster ! ✌✌

  16. Russian propaganda and war supporting Gaijin has disabled chat, so no chance russians could get the truth, very sad

  17. I’ve won against lv100 squad with only me left in the team with the panzer 4.
    This thing is disgustingly strong in 2.0

  18. Hey phly is ur chat working? because mine does not if urs doesn’t work then im not the only one that has chat problems

  19. Hey phily delete this when you see it if you do see it you can talk and custom matches with friends from other countries love you vids man finally able to play War Thunder again myself Dev’s because of the war will trip about this if they see this so please delete it

  20. FunnymanAintAfrican

    6:24 Phly’s mom must have sat down.

  21. CanadianGringo🇨🇦

    Is anyone else’s in-game chat not working?

  22. Sabrina Boisvert

    Day 1 phly play the bt5 rbt5 and the tu1 ok i wanna see you and do it with odd i sent him the challenge to

  23. Whaaaat? A German tank that is horribly imbalanced for all but new players? You don’t say… I just don’t know of the German tree having many tanks like that. The Puma, the Pak Puma before they moved it from 3.0 or whatever it was, the Panther tanks, the Tiger tanks, the Panzer IV F2 and G, the Jagdpanzer IV, the Jagdpanzer 38 (t), the Sturer Emil, the Panzer IV/70, the entirety of the Panzer II tanks, the Flakpanzer I, the 6/2 AA, the 251/21 AA, the Wirbelwind, those are just a small number of tanks that are far better than their BR rating. Not to mention the HEAT slinging short barreled Panzer IV’s. Honestly, the Panzer IIIs might be the only remotely balanced tanks in that entire tree til you hit later BRs and I only say that because I don’t play high BRs.

  24. Hey Phly, love the work. I have a video suggestion. Recently I’ve been playing the swedish trumpet at 7.3 with the strv 81. I’ve been playing it for overpressure and was wondering if you wanted to try it too.

  25. 11:42 один из самых невероятных выстрелов

  26. How’s da bebe LorPhukMuphen?

  27. Why is phly so good at every tank i play

  28. i wont feel bad i love clubbing baby seals

  29. how do you hide your hud i cant find any tutorials on yt can you please help me

  30. I don’t ever feel bad because there are other seal clubbers doing the same thing.

  31. Phly, “This thing is nasty!”

    My dumb ass, “Phly, the Nasty is a boat.”

  32. Why was the game chat and messaging system removed from Warthunder?

  33. Hey what is going on with game chats recently? Mine doesn’t work

  34. Did they remove the chat in game?

  35. Day 300 (bruh): play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  36. What is going on with War Thunder in game text chat?

  37. Requesting since Sept 2018. Please Phly I-16 type 10
    Thank you.

  38. the crater reminds me of the squidward flattened face meme.

    “Vladimir Putin is an existentionanomial threat to you and your kids! He’s even bombing schools! And kids go to school! And school is where they serve pudding. And I like pudding. Mmmmm! Pudding! Almost 3pm – Time for pudding! I sure like pudding. Kids go to school and they serve pudding there at lunch. I like pudding. I like kids too. Pudding and kids – Good times! Pudding tastes good and kids smell good! Almost 3pm – that means kids gettin’ outta school – and also almost time for pudding! Mmmmm… I like pudding…”

  40. Play the potato farming t34 1940

  41. I think you could do good with any tank in any rb

  42. Panzer 2 c is OP witk its 64mm pen hvap-t belts I was in domination poland the game ended and I got 16 kills 2 assists 1 capture and 1 death 17000 SL

  43. Just did a couple battles with the panzer 4e, up-tiered by my tiger 2 to 6.7 and it’s a beast just like you show.

  44. Ur soo good at this game i love ur videos by the way

  45. you let a guy get in behind you team

  46. Your grandpa is the maus and your grandma is the king tiger

  47. Didrik Hagelsteen

    Hello Phly, can you try to play gates to hell again?

  48. Philyy do more south african tanks plzzzz🤓🤓

  49. How the game is gonna work now? Russia is going to be set back to the sixties with the sanctions!

  50. I have PZKFZ 4 AUSF. F2 and T 34/85 ZIS-S-53 for 4 moon

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