Playing the Most Overpowered Vehicle in War Thunder | R3 T20 FA-HS

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Source: theScottishKoala

In which we play out a supposed Italian “anti-air” vehicle that doubles as an exceedingly destroyer.

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  1. 5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901

    i love how the italians literally just duct taped an Uzi on the top of a race car and called it a day

  2. Why are you trying to make a great vehicle worse? STFU about it. its fine. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. Alles Fechten M

    yes i would buy it

  4. the ostwind also can’t kill a lot of tanks at it’s tier, and it’s aa ability is no where near the R3. it definitely need a battle rating higher than the ostwind.

    • theScottishKoala

      Ostwind is an insanely effective tank killer actually, easily able to penetrate basically anything it fights from the side, and melting through the American teams, which are frequently made up mostly of M18 Hellcats.

    • @theScottishKoala well maybe i always face the kv and is, even pershin and such

  5. Anxiety disorders

    OP OP literally 1 kill per game OP OP

  6. And when I’m hating on this thing people tell me I should get good and that I should get my facts straight.

    Yeah sure.

  7. “A for effort” – yes, I am a grammar nazi

  8. dOnT eXpoZe It sO GajiN NeRfs It

  9. so, im quite new to the game, can someone explain why he fears so much the t34 while i get bodied on it by almost any other vehicle? i always feel the armour is so thin compared to other countries’ tanks, specially around the turret and front. that also applies to almost every soviet vehicle i’ve tried (my highest ranked tank is the t34 57)

  10. BuT iT hAs No ArMoR

  11. Have to shoot the t 34s in the turret ring. Easy kills

  12. I once vsed one of these in my M6. He did laps round me while I tried to kill him, then I remembered the hull mounted .50 cals and killed him. We both laughed

  13. I don’t know why everyone is complaining, the br thing really doesn’t bug me because most games you will be against non historically accurate opponents anyway. I also hardly ever see these and never really think anything of them.

  14. Hehe cybertrucc has pew pew

  15. This thing looks kinda op

  16. Play the falcon if you really want abuse an overpowered SPAA

  17. Zostałeś zGnomiony

    AA should be frickin AA

  18. 0:32 MUHAHAHAHHA

  19. Ah yes. A Cold War vehicle that can side shot a WWII Sherman because why not. Why call a game “historic” and “realistic” when this fucking vehicle did not exist in WWII? Yeah that makes A WHOLE LOT OF FUCKING SENSE. Also, no one talks about the fact that the M18 and the M36 are the same BR even though they are TWO DIFFERENT FUCKING THINGS. God this is why playing US tanks is a fucking shit show.

  20. Damn watching this gameplay almost make me feel that war thunder is actually fun, but we all know the drill

  21. strategicperson95

    Overpowered, yes.
    Completely overpowered, not really.
    Fun as all Hell, YES!

    T-34s require more precise aim to kill the crew. I prefer to aim at the area between the turret and hull to get the turret crew, other than that you aim around the track area below the sloping side armor but above the tracks to get at the crew.
    KV-1, yeah nothing to do against them, especially when they know you exist. They are more fun to annoy the hell out of when you get the jump on them by detracking and destroying their gun barrels. Nothing they can do but sit repairing, and possibly get killed by your teammates who are happy for an easy kill; when they actually notice it though.

  22. imagine an entire team with this lmao

  23. Ping spoils the quality of the game and the video. I have also suffered from this. Gaijin’s servers are pretty bad these days.

  24. Me: laughing
    Wife: what’s so funny?
    Me: This Scottish guy driving an Italian “tank” swearing in German .
    Wife: you’re such a child
    Me: hits replay laughs harder

  25. calm doon
    calm doon

  26. it’s a damn cybertruck

  27. 18:47 a drunk’n monkey with a broken ping-pong paddle and a squashed ping-pong ball could kill a ZIS-30 Koala.

  28. Honestly gonna rank the USH 405 at it’s BR for being more overpowered as well.

  29. Me usimg my outdated soviet I-15 biplane: …. It was over so fast that I didn’t even think about flying away
    The guy with the R3 T20 FA-HS: Ezzz clap

  30. I thought the amphibious capability was a glitch or something people put in the custom battles.

  31. …and you are not even using the 2/3 AP belts.
    Seriously I have already won games at 8.0 at first place without dieing in this thing. I actualy dont see a reason for this thing to not be 8.0.

    • theScottishKoala

      I mean I’ve won games at 10.3 in the M18 Hellcat coming first without dying… It happens… Doesn’t mean the M18 should be 10.3.

      This vehicle would suit up to around 7.0. Any higher and it’s redundant thanks to radar AA vehicles still being horrendously undertiered. However, I think at 5,0 it no longer “breaks” anything, so that’s probably about the battle rating

  32. u can pen t34 reliably if u go for the turret ring

  33. it’s a cyber truck with guns

  34. They really just need to revise the BR system as a whole honestly, that’s probably the biggest reason that naval died aside from the PG-02 if you ask me and seems to be a significant problem in ground and air for a long time. And that blatant pay to win sale to sealclubbers pretty much single handed killed late tier boat play.

  35. Captain Couchpotato

    i remember war thunder tanks when it 1st came out…and it`s never been so fun since…war thunder has gotten less fun overtime the more silly vehicles Gaijin adds and refuses to add more tiers and fix the compression is quite simple they`ve said it themselves..the whole system is design to frustrate people in to spending money which is fcking stupid cos i turn a game off when frustrate by it not beat it to death with my wallet, it such a shame that war thunder has the potential to be one of the greatest games in history but is owned and run by such small minded people with nothing but a vision for dollar signs there just as bad as EA games and Bethseda.

  36. You’re really complaining over a vehicle that can be killed when by a person that has less than decent skill.

  37. don’t do a nyancat style shirt, the creator of the meme is very litigious

  38. it’s a 7.7 vehicule. at 3.7

  39. I think these cars would be a lot more balanced if off-road mobility was reduced further

  40. the " no one cares " channel of " who cares "

    I would say the panzer 2 spam with the 20 mm of theirs is the most op shit, because you can do what this tank does but easier since it’s 1.0-2.3 at most br.

    • theScottishKoala

      The Pz.II has about a quarter the fire rate and no stabilizer however, and less than half the speed, with a slower rotating turret and less penetration… Essentially it’s worse in every way, and compared to the BT-5 or A-13… it’s not really even overpowered at all, just a respectable tier 1 vehicle that at maximum should be uptiered by one step…

      The R3 however is more like five steps away from where it needs to be.

    • the " no one cares " channel of " who cares "

      @theScottishKoala Fair enough to that friend. Fair enough to that. I dare say if it’s that high, it might as well have scout since it’s practically a light tank at that rate compared to the other light tanks of the tier but without heat/hesh. Since near that br all of them are very fast. Italian does need some sort of ‘buffer’ for the 3.7 to 6.3 gap, as it’s a pain to go from 3.7 to 6.3 with a lineup.

    • theScottishKoala

      the ” no one cares ” channel of ” who cares ” actually IRL, the R3 T20 has APDS rounds in real life, and is effectively a scout car or IFV, similar to the German Marder

    • the " no one cares " channel of " who cares "

      @theScottishKoala OK, If it can field APDS rounds, it should be resloted as a light tank, that ‘can’ aa but has trouble due to lack of radar, but can snipe helicopters, that would make it alot better I think since most things at the apds br can keep up with it. I would dare say around the 8.0 range, near the Centuro, if not higher.

  41. Nicholas Vaters

    lmao nyan cat r3 is hilarious.

  42. Didnt know this shit was 3.7, always see it at higher tiers

  43. yeah no, not over powered, just strong

  44. Ilyass Karouach

    What’s up with the brightness? are you recording in windowed mode or something?

  45. Its what the panzer 1 c is in world of tanks

  46. would buy shirt idea 10/10 idea

  47. Koala: R3 T20 is most op vechicle in the game
    Pakwagen: *Why i’m always getting forgotten*

  48. if u use this,10:05 i would do t to too the whole match ram ur ass into the enemy fire as meat shield…the only purpose ur meant for

  49. I don’t understand how you can complain about being rammed when you’re in one of the most disliked vehicle in the game and you also know it

  50. This thing CAN kill a T-34, by the way. Pretty easy to do, in fact – either side shots (shoot the bit below the angle) or just turret cheek. It’s fucking amazing, and I love it.

    Though in my eyes it should still be, like, 5.3-5.7.

    “This is ridiculous! I’m in their down already!” – *the entire Italian tree in a nutshell*

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