Playing the Most POPULAR T5s in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing the most popular Tier 5 tanks in of Tanks! Including the KV-1, VK 30.01 H, ELC AMX bis and StuG III G!



  1. yes spamming heat at tier 5 is the quality content i signed up for

  2. ‘the 122 howitzer is a filthy gold spam gun’. My brother in Christ, the KV-1 can fit the russian 57mm

  3. Uhh, why don’t you do reverse and instead play the least popular tank QB? It would be nice to see some less-played tank gameplay I think.

  4. More live video’s pls

  5. Hi uncle scrummybaby
    They r all jealous cause they r not all good lookin as u or can not be a model too like u. A lot of love from Canada 🇨🇦

  6. Last game was very cool

  7. I despise the stug, only played it to move up the tree tbh

  8. you forgot the artillery

  9. Funnily enough the StuG III has 20 meters more viewrange on Console but only carries 36 rounds of ammo … MUCH worse than PC!

  10. Nevermind the KV being nerfed to remove the 152mm, I miss the 107mm on the SU-85. 167mm penetration and 300 alpha at tier V was brutal.

  11. Please use colour-blind mode for replays.

  12. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    I love the Stug III, the view range is crap, but the gun is amazing for its tier, it can turn very fast, good cammo

  13. Vk 30.01 H Was the first tank I 3 marked. Stug III G was the second. I actually liked the Stug a lot. With 61% I got the highest win rate of all my Tier 5 tanks with it. So I wouldn’t say that the Stug is bad.


    That was some good baiting. I would go as far as to say you might be a master at it.

  15. i havent played in years, but the elc amx now has a fully rotating turret?

  16. You’ve got a new auto-focus camera… they suck. Fixed-focus RULES!

  17. The Stug III G is a really nice tank, but for whatever reason my favorite T5 in the game is the Russian T34. Played aggressively, it can be a total DPM machine.

  18. The Stug is popular because it has a really accurate 75mm gun (the PaK 42). It is also good free to play, you don’t need to spam a lot of gold to do damage. And, it is also low profile, so it’s kinda sneaky especially in maps like Studianki where there are buildings on one side and hills on the other.

    Also, this tank is also good for base defense since it is really sneaky and has a good rate of fire. It doesn’t need to be like a Hetzer or Sav 72 that has the derp. Just hold your line, move positions around the base, then shoot any stragglers with low hp from afar.

  19. Stug 3G is my fave tank. Just stay at a safe distance behind the front and SMACK anything that gets lit.

  20. Evidently YOUR top of the list SKIPS the first tank? M10

  21. I like dropping down to tier 5 sometimes.

  22. Robert Pettigrew

    Dear Sir I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about you spurious claim that everyone used the 107 on the old kv! in the same way I do not use the 107 on the KV2 I never used the 107 back in the good old days when HE was a very valid choice the 152 armed KV firing HE was the best! 🙂

  23. Robert Pettigrew

    Another card carrying member of the Stug3G fan club, used to love both derp and 75 now mostly the 75 and as pointed out a good tank for a non gold player(still try to be most of the time).

  24. I didn’t remember that QB is a racist.
    There are 5 classes in the game, QB. Five, not four.

  25. It usecto be a heavyvtank

  26. The stug and panzer 4 H reminds me of the anime girls und panzer

  27. Good things sir! Awesome series

  28. Why you face cam scrubbybabs?

  29. The Stug is definitely not “one of the worst tier 5 TDs you’ll ever play”. Your own gameplay proves the point I guess.

  30. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    I have my only Kolobanov’s in the AMX ELC, with a 90% crew and the middle gun 😛

  31. Loved and 3 marked my STUG!

  32. You forgot the Arty

  33. The gold round spam is why I and many others stopped playing all WG products.

  34. The success of the StuG during war made swedish engeneers thinking Strv S1 is a great idea. StuG was the most produced german tank during the war and results in a large fan base in Germany.

  35. “he’s spamming gold at me, I’m spamming gold at him, world of tanks wins” lol

  36. Why no arty QB!!!!????? Would love to see you play the bishop!

  37. I do rather well in the StuG III G, It’s not doing anything amazing or bad, it gets the job done if you know how to use it and that’s all it really needs to do.

  38. mathieu lapointe


  39. “I offended people with my appearance…” Its OK you are British so we got used to it… xD

  40. Mark Bridgewater

    Why did QB ignore the m10 rbfm as its the most popular tier 5 of all. Yes it’s a bond/premium tank but the title says most popular tier 5 tanks not most popular tier 5 tech tree tanks…

  41. if i recall correctly (don´t quote me on that i have memory of a goldfish with brain damage) soviets actually called it KV and just gave it namesakes KV small turret and KV big turret so this might be the reason why originally wargaming made it into a single vehicle

  42. I don’t know QB, that Stug is pretty accurate

  43. @17:53 They definitely have the 90mm gun, as indicated by the big muzzle brake. StuG was kinda surprising to see at the top. I would’ve thought that T67, or Wolverine were more popular, but I guess StuG is pretty iconic TD, compared to the others at that tier and while maybe not the best, is still decent enough.

  44. It is I who Nuts to That

    Stug feels less powerful ever since they changed its gun sound to that soft “puff” that all guns bellow 75m’s have.
    It used to sound like 90mm guns which i really liked.

    This is just my opinion on it though. I think that a sound of a gun is a really important factor to how powerfull it feels.

  45. Jesus wins / birdofmichigan

    July 20, 2023✝️

  46. did you see the tank stuck on its side at 4:27 lmao

  47. It’s rly weird that t67 didn’t make the most popular vehicle. Did ppl actually stop to statped?

  48. The Stug is fantastic at Tier 5. It has a great camo rating and the gun is one of the best at tier 5.

  49. A little bit protectshioon🇫🇷

  50. A guy who makes random things.

    People chosen by the stug life never regret it

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