Playing the Most POPULAR T7s in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the most popular Tier 7 in World of Tanks! Including the VK 30.02 D, Tiger I, SP and 13 75!



  1. hey everyone its quickybaby

  2. 2:59 also mine 1st t7 tank

  3. How ’bout the least popular vehicles? 😀

  4. T7 is the best tier in the game 🙂 Change my mind

  5. Please please play the most popular artillery.

  6. You should do the least popular tanks from T7, 8, 9 and 10 😀

  7. But the E-25 is op….

  8. Man, crazy I’ve been watching QB for ages and he’s still at it. Stopped playing WoT’s awhile ago, but it’s still nice to poke my head in and see how things are going. Plus enjoy watching the matches as well.

  9. You skipped arta, bad video…😢

  10. time forgotten prince

    The Tiger 1 is the only tank I have three marks of excellence on (9 stripes), without spamming gold ammo

  11. 7:46 is why exactly I dont play this game anymore, a tiger 88mm has missed a fully aimed shot at 200 meters, when skill doesnt matter and the game is controlled by a role of a dice

  12. “Now I have a Lion why would I play a Progetto….” Exactly why they nerfed the Progetto I think. The Tiger would have encountered Easy 8’s and Fireflys, that’s only +1 matchmaking.

  13. I Play CHI To Sp at Tier 7 ist so fun 3-4 k ist easy with this Tank

  14. But are they popular because they’re good tanks? Depending on how tank trees branch out, a tank that is used a lot might not be good, but is necessary in order to progress down multiple lines.

  15. VK 30.02 D is probably the most fun tank to play in the whole game.

  16. Why did you went to the frontline with a tiger I?! In a tier 8 game, on an open map. That tank is for sniping, not for brawling …

  17. I built my VK 30.02D for ramming and dpm on the side
    Because nothing is more fun then turning a light tank straight into scrap at the beginning of a round

  18. Tiger/Tiger P are the most enjoyable tanks i’ve played

  19. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Hey QB i know it is a hidden gem among turd

  20. that shot where arty killed vz 44 was extra nasty

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