Playing the Most POPULAR T8s in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the most popular Tier 8 in World Tanks! Including the Indien Panzer, .-Borsig , IS-3 and Bat.-Châtillon 12 t!



  1. IS-3 is the ultimate nostalgia

  2. hi qb you are cool remember that!

  3. Nothing beats 703 2

  4. bro I hate the ”first” comments.

  5. Lol this is the 100th time you play the popular tier 8s

    • Its actually the first time he did it. He once played the best Tier 8, most popular in general and then most popular Tier for each other Tier and went through the premium tanks

  6. QB マスター

  7. It is I who Nuts to That

    I remember when the IS3 was this menace of a tank at tier 8. Now its just kinda underwhelming.
    Powercrept into oblivion.

  8. Have you noticed the WR for some of the tier 8 tech tree vehicles? Some have a 44% winrate. And I don’t think it’s possible for WG to balance those vehicles anymore, because there are so many premium tanks.

    • Tech tree tanks naturally have lower win rates because a significant proportion of games with them are played stock. The unpublished statistic of win rate when only considering fully upgrtaded vehicles should be closer to premium tank levels.

    • Indein pz is actually great tank but people play it as pure sniper which it really isnt.
      Combine it with being tech tree and top of the tree and you have even worse wr

    • World of Trolls (Justice for Tech tree tanks)

      Tech tree tanks deserve better match maker

      TT vs TT while PT vs PT seems like a good idea if I do say so myself

    • @李进步呀still, is 3 used to be one of the best t 8 heavy in the game. Now it’s kinda underpowered

    • have you noticed how they are starting to buff old premium tanks? Considering their efforts to make the game better now (while they are still clueless they are actually trying like with 279e and chief nerfs coming), i hope they will eventually nerf some of the OP premium tanks. If they only nerfed prem tanks sales would fall, but if they also buff the bad ones, people will be more likely to also buy not so OP prem tanks because they might get buffed. I also hope they will eventually buff these outdated tech tree tanks. But you must consider that tech tree tanks naturally have lower winrate because a lot of the games are played by bad players in stock tanks. For example i still managed 1700dpg and 60% wins in the indien panzer, while also playing some games stock. The statistics can be very deceiving. Indien panzer certainly isnt that bad to deserve 44% wins.

  9. Muhammad Afif Al Ghifari

    Ah… QB playing Indien Panzer, brings back a memory

  10. fancy shot at 9:20

  11. how is the indien so much played? the winrate shows it aswell, that tank is really not easy to play 😀
    also that IS3 game would have gone MUCh different without arty. both sides btw. imagine if the arty was still alive at the second half 😀
    12t for 3 lines was crazy.
    also now that I think about it, we players never got compensated for all the XP we already had used on these tanks that became collector verhicles :O

  12. Thomas McBass Kryger

    The first time we see the list of tanks, did anyone else notice, that the vehicles with the highest WR is ARTY! :O :O :O Not the real tanks?

  13. Starts video, notice Indien panzer with no turret camo!

  14. Btw story about IS-3 scaring the west during victory parade is a russian propaganda.

  15. 13:05 Borsig is actually 2.2t lighter with the 150mm (18.5t vs 20.7t with 128mm), so it’s almost 12% lighter with the 150mm than with the 128mm.
    Which is very significant, thats very nearly the same power to weight difference as running with a bond turbo.

  16. bruh I heard rumors that in september all moderators will be removed, and wot discord will be merged into one. and will be held by wot EU

  17. Is3 was the reason i quit playing the british mediums back in the old days. I got to tier 7 and was constantly in a match with 3 or 4 is3 and there is nothing a comet can do to it. Then got to centurion and realised that its not much better against the is3. Took a step back and moved on to sherman jumbo and kv2. I always loved to penetrate is3 roof with kv2

  18. awesome IS-3 game!

    • World of Trolls (Justice for Tech tree tanks)

      IS-3 is always best tank back in is prime days nowadays is BZ-176 and Skoda T-56 I spit on those tanks

  19. I actually really liked the Indien pz way more than I thought I would. It’s got a cracking gun and super trolly armor

  20. The “ammunition incomplete “ message every time he plays a vehicle got my ocd on edge 😂

  21. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Every time I looked at the match maker is always premium tanks rather than tech tree tanks

    If I see a stock tank I’ll invite him into a platoon because I don’t want them to suffer like me …

  22. 8:55 Waaa waaa such a losable game. Capture point?? Why are you like this, in a situation like this just cap.

  23. no one cares. play any tanks. not just tech tree.

  24. Indien Panzer,the most useless tank…

  25. That IS-3 game really displays your prowess at the game, i thought it was lost but your communication and awareness managed to soldier one and pull out a win. Outstanding! 🙂

  26. The Kv4 and Is-3 were such insane behemoths to deal with back in the day, just a puny shell of their former selves, just said to see.

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