Playing the Most POPULAR T9s in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing most popular Tier 9 tanks in of Tanks! Including the Prototyp A, T30, E 75, AMX 13 90 and Char Futur 4!



  1. I can’t make the T30 work. I gave it lots of primo gear, tried and tried but no dice.

  2. switch to warthunder before ur channel dies

  3. 5:29 as soon as QB said the G word 😂

  4. jørn stian olsen

    Leo PTA is just a shit tank, gun does ongly work when enemy standing still in front of you

  5. I still angry how I lost opportunity to get the T30 3d style last event by just 2 tokens, fff

  6. Still grinding my way up the Leo 1, even after 12 years, lol. But I got my maus and E-100 first, up the American line only have the E3 and art left to get at tier 10, got my M60, t9 Japanese heavy, jadtigersome Russian T10’s and T9’s along with Swedish and Italy at tier 8 as is, cause of work and has been for years now, I only play a few times in 2 weeks on average. Got the cent AX and tortoise and super conq also. So takes a long time to grind that many tanks when you barely have time to play, haha. I’ll get there eventually, but I got a feeling I’ll prefer my E50M over the Leopard, as I have an M60, basically the same with worse camo. Worse HE, but it actually has useful armor, and can ram lighter things pretty well.

  7. Yep, slowed it down, that shot went straight through the turret lol

  8. Id rather shave with a rusty razer than play more of the pta. Its a standard b without the auto reloader

  9. Last game was pretty, nice games

  10. Synthetic Danimal 90

    The t8 t-34 heavy tank is a t-30 with a 400 alpha gun.

  11. Imagine how bored your life must be to camp spawn in a Jageroo for 11 minutes

  12. And this is one of the reasons why prem rounds should go back to gold

  13. This is the reality in WoT. Fast battles, with no brain players. When we see a replay in youtube, looks like so easy.

  14. Quickybaby, your aggressive play style needs to change, I think you’re becoming less level headed. It’s a bit sad when you make the mistakes with the E75.

  15. Accurate German gun!… it’s actually the British L7A1 in the leo and leo p.

  16. Anyone else notice the greenscreen to yhe bottom left lol

  17. Great vid, but curious when will the 10.9 k dmg vid will be out?

  18. we need a video on the unnerfed version of the t110e4

  19. Yes, 100% ghost shell

  20. Qb i upload one replay of bct25t 1vs 7 and 9 shells left with your name in the title in Wot replays website. I won that game and i drown some players ,u will love it

  21. How do i send you a replay QB i have a great game that you should check out for a potential video

  22. you were kinda greedy

  23. e 75 one of my favorite tanks, I realized that he lost a little maneuverability and speed, I haven’t played for a while so I’m out, for those who know how to play e 75 becomes a terror for the opponent, tank has great armor and a fucking bad cannon, even against tier 10 the e75 is boring

  24. This game is only about the OP tanks you buy now.

  25. imo draw is better than a loss in these situations where enemy is full hp and you are one shot.
    like why should you reward that jagdpanzer a win if all he did was camp at the back of the map for 13mins. if he wants to win then he is the one who needs to push into my ambush

  26. “Tier 8 monster players” ?
    I only see normal WoT players though.
    Armor counts for shit with everybody firing premium.
    Thats one of my biggest complains with the game.

  27. Running2 StandStill

    ok m still at work, ill watch this later

  28. Wow , you sucked in all of them, gg.

  29. that jgpz e100 in the char futur game was such a bot, i hate losing my games against bots like that

  30. 20:38 9 out of 10 times people who use that badge are sucky xD

  31. Complaints Department

    17:42 GG well played to a bunch of gold spammers? No, QB. No. Just no.

  32. Ah yes, the plethora of gold-sucking wallet warriors definitely adds so much depth and enjoyment to this game. /s
    Christ, I wasted *so* much of my summer job earnings on this.

  33. you miss in war thunder: Skill issue
    you miss in WOT: unlucky

  34. @ 20:17 An example of the difference between American and British English: instead of: “F***ING CHEATER” try to say: “I cannot believe that marksmanship” 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Nice content. I refreshing change from always seeing boring top play.

  36. pls. uninstall

  37. Those were the days…

  38. @ 28:14 Yeah, at least you’re whining 🤭🤭🤭

  39. Laurits Tværmose

    what a video, well done QB

  40. You only get every other day to have good games… WOT is rigged.

  41. Sad story that Progetto 65, I wonder how many players are playing it nowadays. Maybe it will pressure WG to give the progetto the old statistics back

  42. quite mediocer play.

  43. 5:40 ofc it was the cobra spotting you… the char futur is even outside view range circle, why cant you admit you played stupid?

  44. I always get caught in that spot, likeyou in the E75. I feel like that corner is much stronger from the north.

  45. lor was tier 9 and 13 90 was tier 8

  46. Original french line was; ELC AMX, AMX 12T, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, Lorr. 40T and BC-25t

  47. You are not winning. Your team is winning. You’ve always had a weird relation referring to me/my team.

  48. Yup @23:27 that was definitely a ghost shell.
    Also watching at .25 speed is pretty funny. Its drunk QB

  49. It went through the middle of his turret LOL

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