Playing the Most Popular Tanks in World of Tanks!

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  1. I will be honest, I much prefer live play on YT, it shows that it can go wrong ever for very good players, it is encouraging for the rest of us (the sub 10K battles beginners). Personally I cannot attend all Twitch streams and I find this format far far better, would be nice to see them far more often than the cherry-picked great games. I get the reason why, really do, but it’s a bit demoralizing for learners such as myself.

    And yes, the chat in 2nd game was pretty insane :))

  2. Awesome to see some more live gameplay on YT.
    Now to play the least popular tanks!

  3. Thank you so much for playing the Leopard 1 QB. That tank has a special fondness for me. My cousin’s husband served in Canadian Leopards in the middle east years ago. (Leopard 1A3)
    I am a terrible leopard tanker but you do the Machine well. 🙂

  4. the problem is that i see you having the same live games like…most of us. Yet you have managed to finish your missions get all the marathons etc…I havent finished my 1st personal missions yet (last one is tds mission 15) for the obj260…chemaera ones are a long way yet! Is there a magic stick you wave around, a secret techinque you use? Perhaps make a video describing tanks and techniques for each mision especially for the last ones which are more difficult.

  5. Welcome to my world of tanks. This is *exactly* why I sold my Borsig. That b******* when WG nerfed the muzzle velocity on the German 128 a few years ago basically made the Borsig, JP2 and Ferdi derpy and unreliable.

  6. Love the daily videos too and its good to see that you get also this <=5:15 combats. The game is toften driven by pure luck.

  7. I’d love to see QB do commentary over other people’s crazy games. That’s what got me into this channel and this game. I still remember the T95 1v7 (I think) game. Got me really interested. Would like to see more of that again

  8. Dominik Maksimović

    Love your content!!! Thanks for these good videos bro😀

  9. This was NOT a regular game with the Leopard 1!

  10. QB, why do you have so many HE rounds in your tanks? On your prog you have 12, which imo I don’t think you would ever use more than 3-4.

  11. Leessss goooo…I love this period of the year when QB does daily videos

  12. Yay! More QB WoT content! Everyday! Live streams !!!!!!!

  13. Welcome to my world, loss after loss. WG REALLY need to implement skill-based MM to help combat this (They have the ability do this, but won’t)

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Steve Pritchett How is that going to change anything? Ever played skirmishes, advances or CW? Organized players with similar skill levels still end up with 15-0.
      “Lopsided” (15-5 is a very good result) battles are caused by the non-respawn type of gameplay, not by differences in player skill levels.

      So if equal skilled players play against each others everyone’s winrate will drift towards the average (~49%) and everyone will face everyone. So nothing changes.

      That’s like the worst idea I’ve heard all year.

    • @VioletStatPedder – Clearly we see it in different ways, you have you opinion & I have mine. I think it should be left at that.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Steve Pritchett You are trying to change something because of your opinion yet the change you propose doesn’t change anything. I don’t see how that has anything to do with my opinion.

    • @VioletStatPedder – It’s at times like these I find the block user option very useful!

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Steve Pritchett How about not making stupid comments in the first place?

  14. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    Please feature the VK 4502B. I think it still holds up despite all the gold rounds and all the new tanks in the game despite it being quite old

  15. I have a challange for QB:
    Challange is: Do at least 1 video of WOT blitz or an other game of WG???
    If QB sees this PLEASE DO IT DUDE!!!!!

  16. Are you making us suffer with terrible daily content because you got more tricks then treats?

  17. no life replays ty

  18. Regular players that always get strewed by rng- JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!

  19. I got the Borsig last week and this gameplay pretty much sums up my experience in that vehicle so far

  20. อนาวิล ดิษฐสม

    Love Live games. 🙂

  21. long videos and daily uploads? couldn’t be happier!

  22. They should make Grille turret fully rotatable and it would probably be fine

  23. arty_lover EBR_hater

    Man!! Don’t want to rub but these games made me feel like I m not the only one WG want to punish. I ve had my fill of these 2 mn, 3-15 games. To watch a CC getting them too brings a bit of sunshine. Sorry mister QB! 🙏 Your defeats made my day. Best of luck and thanks for the daily vids. 😋😍

  24. clad to see you have bad games sometimes i have them all the time

  25. Finally i see “normal” battles in WOT.

  26. Dave Asher Fabrigar

    Tank RNG God QB you have answered our wishes for daily contents <3 !

  27. 20:47 For some reason, I have that a lot when I play my German tank destroyers. I thought German engineering was supposed to be the finest in the world, dammit!

  28. Quicky – what is up with you? I can’t remember you putting up replays of the real world before! Replays in which you just die in a terrible battle like everyone else! Are you finally starting to take yourself less seriously and turn into a cool guy?
    This here certainly gets a thumb up from my side!

  29. Why is the PC version harder than the mobile version i tried so much and its so damn hard

  30. Why is it that I always find a Roomba (Rhmb.WT) in my games? I only play 8-10

  31. LESS GOO

  32. I like the live game play format. You could end the session by giving your session stats for those games. I’d like to see those stats. You also picked four weaker tanks of the popular list. That’s interesting in itself because it speaks to what people on different servers think is meta. I suspect that on other servers, you’ll see a different mix. No STB? That’s surprising. Edit. Checked NA server and STB is 6th and progretto doesn’t even crack top ten. And there are far more big gun TDs on the NA top ten list. NA players like their big one shot boomers, even if the tanks are generally not that good in the current meta.

  33. I want more live gameplay its awesome

  34. RHM Borsig is actually quite inaccurate with the 12.8 cm. 0.35 is rly bad for a sniping TD. I use the derp gun only because you can get its accuracy to be quite good with the advanced aiming gear and then penetrate everything with tier 10 heat.
    Rly 12.8cm has nothing unique to offer here, if I wanna play that gun I go with the Skorpion.

  35. Why is 49% the average and not 50% ? Someone wanna explain?

  36. play war thunder. u will love it mark my words

  37. Thanks QB! it was fun to see you have the same type of luck we all get sometimes.

  38. Greetings from Skelemersdale UK 😀

  39. T54 LT Turret 🤣

  40. first i got in here when i was searching which one is better OBJ 430u or obj 140,now I’m stuck in here and I cant escape your videos lol

  41. Tiger II: THE KING !!

    KV-2 was popular before the HE nerf

  42. how to play panther tank well 🗿?

  43. We’re did the thing of terrible context actually came from?

  44. Other challenge: use the most non popular tanks that will be hard (plz read this coment :c)

  45. I love your energy

  46. when i see his sheels in German TDs missing I say aha so we have same issue its simply not accurate

  47. Now play the least popular

  48. Always funny to see when RNGesus screws over QB. Makes him feel more relatable.

  49. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

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