Playing the MOST SNEAKY Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Ever wondered what the highest camo possible in World Tanks is and what you can do with it? Today I'm playing all the most sneaky tanks including the ELC Even 90, UDES 03, Manticore and E 25!



  1. Soldier From TF2

    My rhm borsig’s camo is 64.7% camo rating when staying still and can only be spotted by proximity range or an lt

  2. that jgpanther is so funny. If he could reverse himself on the rock beside him and not driving away into the open he could even kill qb.

  3. I’ll just get blind shot anyway.

  4. Silentwolf Sherman

    Sry, I luv my Even 90. Been getting most of my LT challenges done with it, and I’ve been able to split between passive and active scouting with it.

  5. Renato Picinini

    20:23 plz put this on best moments videos Peppidy!

  6. The UDES is probably one of my favourite tanks in the game, the way the hydraulics works is so cool.

  7. Sneaking is moving. If you’re not moving you’re hiding. Lol

  8. Btw, wich tank have the best camo after firing?

  9. The steven90 is the one light tank I actually like

  10. Viewrange and camo the most important stats on a tank. As is the rule of tank combat he who gets the first shot of is usualy the one who wins.

  11. WHY not put camo net on elc 90 and sit 3 meters from the enemies and laugh your ass off for not getting spotted LOL

  12. Cornrow QB lol

  13. Unless they finally did something to it and I missed it, doesn’t the E25 still retain its bush bonus even after firing?

    • Not bush bonus, but firing, what I was trying to suggest is that even firing in a bush with 26% is similar to other tanks moving into a bush. That’s how crazy it is.

  14. social3ngin33rin

    of course the pay2win tanks do well in this -_-

  15. Surprisingly, none of the sneakiest tanks are named after cats and mice.

  16. Love my ELC even 90!

  17. Love my armored cockroach with a six perk crew, Lol!

  18. I guess you mean Equipment 2.0. Crew 2.0 was the worst thing that WOT came up with to sell premium commanders like in warships.

  19. wtf is Ejector Tuning mod? never seen or heard about it.

  20. Ikv 65 Alt II, try this one.. But first lets debate SIZE, and HOW camo works.

  21. is there any possibility for lowest camo content?

  22. How stealthy can you make the M56 scorpion?

  23. Best ramming tanks?

  24. Its not weird match making… wargaming gives extra match making preferential to creators….

  25. “Crew 2.0” you meant Equipment 2.0 😉

  26. I followed your advice on the build for the ELC EVEN 90 and a couple battles after doing what I can of the build (didn’t have everything and my crew was trained for spotting), I managed to bring down a spotting damage of 3,383 in one battle. This is the best I have ever done for spotting. Thank you sir, I am loving this tiny tank.

  27. As a player with about 12k games that stopped playing years ago, I feel l get a double dose of enjoyment watching. First because i can apreciate the skill and second because l see so many things added to the game that I was lucky to avoid 🙂

  28. Maxime Vankerckhove

    If you like Elc even 90, check 06wallst videos! Best even 90 troll games, it’s been renamed Steven 90 in his honor! Big up to Honest gaming community 😉

  29. Hello QB, it would be nice if you’d play some of your least favourite vehicles and explained why are they not your favourite, probably the least favourite bcz of the tech tree line they are in or something 🙂 thx

  30. With field Mods the Object 416 beats all but the ELC 90 when stationery.

  31. there is an alternative directive for the exhaust system which gives +2% camo instead of the +1,7% you got from your directive. so the max is just a tiny bit higher

  32. Only thing holding back the ELC is that it needs a good team to influence games, I as a regular ELC player can say that most of the times you do everything right, but until your team can hit their shots, you will not influence the game in almost any way, you will only slow it down because enemy players will not be so aggresive knowing that there is an ELC in a bush.

    Edit: I actually hate LT432 way more, because it is reasonably stealthy, has a good gun, good armor. It is like a faster stealthy medium, able to influence games by itself

  33. QB on ebr 105 why don’t you have the vents on 2nd DMG slot ? at 22:40

  34. Was hoping the video would have Light, Medium, Heavy and TD. Maybe next video?

  35. obj 416 the forgotten medium

  36. i prefer bourrasque then elc even for sneak spotting

  37. Is the elc even good for learning light tanks? That is the class I suck the most at.

  38. Hi QB 🙂 On UDES 03 you can get 75,57% of camo – just use scouting slot from field modifications and put there camo net. And with bond vents it can even increase to 76.14% 🙂

  39. I guess I would like to see what you think is a vehicle that is a favorite of yours but is a lot of work to get a good final result in. One of my “guilty pleasures” is the Charioteer. I play it pretty well but it is work and I need the time/room to work so it is somewhat team dependent.

  40. John Michael Boy

    The E25 is indeed called “Cockroach” because of how this thing is really a big, pesky thing that you can’t kill that easily. Plus it has a really broken camo and preferential matchmaking, I absolutely hate seeing this in the matchmaker.

  41. i played a game the other day as leo pta. enemy team had an elc even 90. he gone afk in the middle of the map(like really middle, not in a bush or anything) prob. disconnected. while afk he did like 5k spotting. i managed to spot him less than 200mt or something. again he is not in a bush just sitting there in the middle. almost lost the game because of that guy. that tank is bs and should be removed or balanced.

  42. Try play the most highest gun depression QB

  43. K-91 PT can actually reach higher camo than the Swedish TDs because of the last field mod.

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