Playing the Support Role in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about my experiences with playing the support role in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. We are all perfect in hindsight QB.

  2. Santiago Manuel Pellejero


  3. Can you please do another krangvan gameplay review

  4. Video on 430v2 please!

  5. They really need to upgrade the Leopard 1, been playing this tank for ages and seeing it getting bully make me feel sad for it

  6. Tier 8 AMX CDC
    Located as a supporting medium tank, but has a big squishy profile, resulting in a somewhat mediocre camo rating. The power to weight ratio looks good on paper, but balance out with worse ground resistance than heavy tanks, making the acceleration sluggish. Base penetration good in the past, but sucks after all those power creep, and the terrible gun bloom and aim time makes it even harder to hit weak spots.
    Although I aced it on my third game on this same map Westfield, I still think the AMX CDC needs a little buff. A little touch on the movement dispersion and ground resistance improvement would be good enough to make it a better second line supporter but not overpowered.

  7. #Quickybaby the Leopard 1 is hands down the best Tier 10 medium tank. Discounting the armor, it has everything.

  8. I played on the South American server recently, it was really fun

  9. The Leopard 1 has 410 meter view range which is better than a few tier 10 light tanks. The Leopard 1 is fast; 65 km/h which is one of the best in class. The armour of the Leopard 1 is at most 70 mm thick and sloped at most parts (can have more than 152 mm effective thickness) which don’t mean much but at least it is some armour (and that armour cannot be overmatched by any vehicle guns in the game). All of that is fine but what about the gun handling? Some variants of the Leopard 1 in real life had gun stabilization or accurate fire control system. When I compared 5 tanks (Leopard 1, M60, M48A5 Patton, STB-1, Centurion Action X) in World of Tanks armed with different variants of the same gun, the Leopard 1 had the worst gun dispersion when moving and traversing the tank. Wargaming, please make the Leopard 1 great again by improving its gun dispersion when moving and turning.

    • DPM is 2600. Shit for any tier 10 medium. It needs a buff seriously.
      Pen is average which is BAD add that you have to snipe with it and you have a disaster. It needs APFSDS
      Armor: Trollish but shit anyway.
      Viewrange? Use it in corridor maps.
      The Leopard 1 acceleration is sluggish, the tier 9 Leopard pta has better acceleration and a gun that on its tier is nice but on tier 10 becomes… meh.
      If anything it needs more protection and way way more accuracy and pen.
      It could use 290pen to 300 with 0.22 acc and the same dpm (an sniper) specialized to KILL heavies.
      Or the same 268 with 0.25 acc and more dpm (an sniper less accurate but with 3000 dpm base scary and imho the best)

    • You are right +White Runner. The Leopard 1 has a top speed of 65 km/h but I forgot that it cannot accelerate as quickly as medium tanks such as the TVP T50/51, Bat-Chatillon 25t, and T-22 medium tanks so it will take a while to reach its top speed (which is one of the best among all tier 10 medium tanks). However, I think the Leopard 1 can get into most positions quickly to spot or put some early damage into enemy vehicles it can catch by surprise. I like the two options you suggested about the Leopard 1’s firepower and DPM upgrades. I would prefer to have faster rate of fire (about 3000 DPM) and better accuracy for the Leopard 1 (that is just my opinion). As for protection, the Leopard 1A1 in real life has extra spaced armour on its turret. Changing the current Leopard 1 to Leopard 1A1 may not be a bad idea.

  10. On the NA server, it’s funny how people always wanna blame someone else for their mistake or for the team’s failure. I had that 2 times recently. O was playing my T 54 ltwt and spotting, but in one battle I was also doing damage using the bushes. Got told later because I didn’t spot 1 tank, another LT got between me and the enemy team doing the initial spotting and I was doing damage to the tanks that I had spotted I sucked as a LT player. The other one I spotted a whole line with only 3 tanks behind my against a larger number and higher tier tanks when I ran and got into another spotting location I soon had to retreat from that location also. When I got back to the only location I had left my teammates didn’t like the fact they picked a bad line and shot and ended up team killing me. No worries they will get theirs in the end. But I always try to use the bush trick to spot and shoot. That is one of the first things I tell people I got into the game, is how to use bushes to your advantage.

  11. why doesn’t anyone play the badger? it has the highest dpm in the game and it has great armour.

  12. Van and Solar Adventures

    Hey quick baby – can you please consider to post a video about WOT War Stories – maybe a difficult battle and how you control the team. ?

  13. Thanks, it was a helpful video for me. Peace!

  14. 4:28 what is this??

  15. I can see through your chest…

  16. It’s the inability of the 430ii to run away that got him killed

  17. Imagine that a German vehicle loosing the game. No Russian bias = No win…

  18. hello quicky i got 3 aces replays on this update…
    -leopard pt A
    i dont know if had upload one of this, if u want them make me know 🙂
    all 3 i played really active except for the first minutes of the leaopard replay….

  19. Sorry man, I already watched a Leopard video this week and Claus did a much better job of it. I’m out.

  20. I remember I left a flank that was getting overrun: 6 enemies vs 2 friendly tanks and myself. The two other tanks died and said some rude things to me for “running away”. I told them sometimes you need to fall back and reposition yourself and the response I got was “That’s coward talk”.

  21. Any idea about 112 and WZ-111 which one is better in this meta? it seems 112 have kind of better armor but bigger observe window, any comments?

  22. People seem to love camping in NA, you are very correct there, its difficult to get your teammates to push up

  23. Today i met RoyalScrewUp while playing…he killed me?

  24. Was there anything “supporting role” about that game? The first half he’s in front of all his teammates bullying tier 8’s, and the second half he’s playing his flank solo – neither of those are a “supporting role” even if he was racking up spotting damage.

  25. Is it just me that loves to be a scumbag in this game ? ? nuking your own team with some nice HE and just feed off the salt and tears ?? nom nom nom nom !

  26. QB have you ever tried playing on the asian server? 😀

  27. I was the FV4005 in your Team

  28. Let’s be honest here, if qb was playing a russian tank, he would have won.

  29. Classic wargaming leaving the super conq op far too long.

  30. QB defending Leo and saing it is good while plaing in tier 8…any other medium would do better.

  31. this is how i play my type 5 heavy

  32. Nah… it’s absolutely power-crept.

  33. Hey Quicky there’s an Object 430 II that gets angry at you in the chat at 5:49

  34. Qb I think you made a great video on these openmap types, but how do I support in my leo in citymaps like himmelsdorf?

  35. commander fairly fresh
    soooo….like only 5 skills?

  36. Thanks for this upload QB!
    I feel most comfortable playing these fast moving, sniping, lightly-armored meds like Progetto and Leo and I feel the guilt you left that guy die… He was meant to die and I know you made a right decision. I encounter that every 2-3 games when I play those tanks which is a pain when you do. Great evaluation of the battle itself and this was very meaningful for newer players and even for as I can say, more experienced in that role as myself. Thanks man and I hope you make more videos like this for other roles as well!

  37. Can u play the amx 50 b? its a support tank but it has no camo rating which is hard to change position

  38. Saw this in ur livestream you were mad af

  39. Definetly deserves a bigger gun.

  40. How i can get the top left dmg same as you have on my screen o.O?

  41. The reason they bitch is because World of Tanks is full with primitive and impatient fucktards. I am so glad I made the switch to War Thunder. The community there is much less toxic.

  42. Leo 1 or AMX 30 which is worse?

  43. We should put a 1mm gun on the kv2 as a nerf.

  44. The biggest thing I’ve noticed on my home server (NA) is a lot of players expect others to win for them… Klauss mentioned it in a video the other day about the amount of absolutely retarded “players” out there that straight up act like bots sitting in the back behind a hill or house. Like I wonder if there’s an ulterior motive to hit the battle button and go afk.. Are there faucets or ad revenues connected to this game? There has to be a reason…

  45. Quicky is so heartless… Editing software censoring the tank on his shirt is kinda funny.

  46. You sir, have to be one of the humblest gamers I have met. Not many will put up a video where they bought the farm. I salute You.

  47. all leopard needs is a dpm buff and gun handling buff, 7 second reload standard maybe less

  48. Wow. Brilliant effort there QB!

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