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Source: LemmingRush

Had a blast playing this vehicle. I almost never play tanks with more than 400 damage.. Im used to 320 in my russian meds. Playing this thing was an absolute blast 😉


  1. I love my Type 5 Heavy… In CW and Advances… I only played it once in pubs because while I may like cancerous tanks, that thing is a bit much even for me…

  2. that’s why kv2 is fav tank in the game to many…….lol

  3. Did not know that Stalin made an alliance with Tojo. Those shots were definitely guided by Stalin.

  4. I think the blind shot at the fv prolly hit tracks or front plate.
    Arty shot I’m guessing hit the gun.

  5. RoumanianWayTo PRO

    You hit the t92 gun. That is why you did only 200 dmg

  6. lol 5k plus damage and only second class badge…

  7. On the other hand I’ve totally derped type 5s and Maus to death in my t-49. Not 1 shot of course but sniped them so the same can be said about all HE shooters

  8. This is the Most passiv-aggressiv Video i have ever Seen xD but that makes it so damn good

  9. There’s a plethora of bs tanks in this game. And THIS is the one you whine about? I love the Type 5. It’s an exp pinata for my clicker. BTW your over hyperventilating laugh is annoying as fuck. Act like you have hair on your nuts.

  10. You convinced me, well demonstrated: it is indeed a crap tank 🙂

  11. Now that you played a “good tank”, you should try the 121. It is the best tier 10 tank, right now. Its very close to being op

  12. DrasticPurpleHippo

    thoughts on FL?

  13. You wrong the KV2. It doesn’t deserve to be compared to that OP-machine. It’s different in many aspects. You couldn’t do plays like that in a KV2 because the enemy would pen you every single time. Afaik also the reload is longer and acuracy on the move is virtually not existent.

  14. Oh, Heller *derps 705*

  15. Lol ok i need to point this out when lemming says the KV-2 or its like the KV2, he is referring to when it was the KV back when that was a thing (Tier 5), not how it is now post nerfs.

  16. This piece of shit type 5 along with type 4, 268 v4, super conqueror are breaking tier 10 and fucking up the game. Type 5 Massive mobile arty guns 1400 dmg so stupid

  17. Kylo Ren's Rage

    Sorry but it sounds like your havin way too much fun ha…

  18. This tank should be fun vs.tier 8’s

  19. OMG you did it

  20. I agree with everything you said LR regarding why this tank shouldn’t be in the game. But… it was fun.

  21. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you unicums cry about “oh, arty does too much damage…. Oh type 5 is bullshit does too much damage… Td that does 2k damage and one shots tier ten heavies without ever leaving spawn, So awesome…” fucking mind blowing what you all choose to cry about. Other than that, thanks for all your vids, have definitely helped my game play.

  22. Intescy Avenger

    I agree with people on the comments.
    Those small pew pew guns on mediums haven’t been giving you the proper amount of pleasure and you need to start playing jageroo, fv4005, type 5 etc.

  23. Enemy team dunno to play map lol

  24. Thibault Giesbertz

    What tank is more noob proof? Type5 or 268 4

  25. Thought u would use the quickybaby intro “if u don’t wanna play it, I’ll show u how to take them out effectively on the battlefield”

  26. No, this is way better than KV-2 tier for tier.

    KV-2 can be penned pretty easily by anything at its own tier with normal AP or whatever is considered default.
    This almost requires people to shoot premium rounds.

    KV-2 premium round is mostly a downgrade against armored tanks, this thing’s premium HE is straight upgrade.

  27. The most retarded tank line in the game …
    Maximum for trolling
    The other people that enjoy it at the level of saying it’s a good tank are just too autistic to aim/use terrain on normal tanks…

  28. well you can pen. kv2 with tier 6 non gold ammo. this tank is just bullshit, you can throw all your skill you learnd playing this game out of the window and fucking run when you see that think

  29. love how you call scumbag the camping prevention unit

  30. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    This has almost nothing in common with the KV-2, which has atrocious gun stats, 1.5 solar system accuracy and no armour whatsoever. KV-2 is silly memes, Type 5 is dumb bullshit.

  31. The FV4005 is more like the KV-2

  32. This is nothing like KV-2, this is triple cancer, it has armor with no weakspots forcing you to fire gold, it has the dirtiest pay2win gold ammo and it has a fucking derp at tier X.
    I hate the entire concept of that line, im in VK 100.01 on banana street himmelsdorf in the most dank fucking unpennable position and O-Ho is like herp derp and shoots me for 300 every time. Its bullshit.

  33. Think you need a shower or two after these games Lemming 😉

  34. Viktor Hamilton

    Are you high? Because u sound like u are

  35. yeah, shit tank, but while playing i only hear orgiastic laughter

  36. Couldn’t watch the whole thing, that laugh…

  37. LR the type is ur next tank to put 3 mark ?

  38. At least KV-2 requires skill

  39. At least the kv2 has no armour

  40. AMX 13.90 being penetrated by a Hot Sexy Unicum in Sight XD

  41. Long barrel, must have hit the gun.

  42. Wolfgang Walden

    It is for all the players with “special needs”

  43. They got their monies worth, great video. Full or your usual wit and sarcasm ….. awesome

  44. 02:15 Jizzed in his pants

  45. Alexandru Marcel

    That laugh???

  46. You really should play the KV-2. The Type 5 is obscene by comparison, and not only because it is at tier 10.

  47. Invisible Rubber

    Lemming hates Type 5 until 2:06

  48. that was fun 🙂
    tnx for share

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